15 Types of Wallpaper Every Homeowner Should Know About

Choosing the right wallpaper for your home can be a challenging proposition. With so many kinds and colors, textures and application needs, it can seem downright overwhelming!

15 Types Of Wallpaper Every Homeowner Should Know About

To help ease the stress, we have compiled a comprehensive list of wallpaper types to help you make the best decision for our decorating needs and do-it-yourself skillset, whether you are new to wallpaper or an old pro.

Types of Wallpaper by Application Methods

1. Non-pasted

Unpasted wallpapers are slowly fading into obscurity because pasted variants are becoming more accessible and easy to install. Users who have experienced the simplicity of prepasted wallpapers will find it cumbersome to follow the extra steps that come with unpasted wallpapers. But as long as you have glue, the application process is simple enough.

Simply apply paste or wallpaper glue to the wallpaper using a roller or a brush. Next, fold the wallpaper in half and allow a few hours for the glue to soak into the paper. Then apply the wallpaper on the wall. Make sure to apply pressure with your hands to minimize creases and bubbles in the wallpaper.

Chalkboard Gray Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

The chalkboard design will create a sleek textured effect on your wall. Its gray backdrop provides a visually appealing contrast to the chalk design. This is both fresh and modern. You should be able to elevate your spaces with the captivating design.

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2. Prepasted

The process of installation for prepasted wallpapers has become simplified over the years, thanks to recent developments. All you have to do is soak the wallpaper with water. This can be easier said than done because most wallpapers can be large and bulky, requiring large buckets of water. It goes without saying that the process will get a little messy.

Once the water comes into contact with the pre-applied paste, it will ‘activate’ the paste and make the back ‘sticky’. At this point, it will adhere to just about any surface. The effect does not last long enough, so be careful to not leave the now activated wallpaper for extended periods of time. Also, do not flood the paste with too much water because the adhesive will be washed away.

Botanical Wallpaper by York Wallcoverings

The colorful palette should instantly elevate your spaces. This wallpaper is perfect for fans of floral art and gardens, and it will introduce a unique and crisp motif into your living space. It is simple in design, yet beautifully striking.

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3. Self-Adhesive

This wallpaper is the plug-and-play equivalent of computer software. Just peel and stick without the hassle of paste, glue, squeegee, heat gun, and water. Very little labor goes into such wallpapers. The only requirement is to have a smooth and flat wallpaper with no bumps on them. The only ‘bad’ thing about these wallpapers is the lack of experimentation. You can hardly re-position self-adhesive wallpapers without the paste losing its stickiness in the process.

Wood Contact Wallpaper by Timeet

If you want to create a rustic effect in your home and surround your spaces with natural textures, this wood wallpaper is just what you need. It can create an inviting and homely atmosphere. Its design is simple enough to work for fans of Scandinavian interiors or those who love to become creative with punchy designs. This wallpaper is versatile enough to appeal to both.

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 4. Removable

Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to install. Not all removable wallpapers are created equal, as some will require a sticky paste to apply. Either way, removable wallpapers are easy to reposition and endlessly experiment within different interiors. There are thousands of high-quality wallpapers to choose from.

The most popular brands for stick and peel removable wallpapers include Murwall, Roostery, and of course, Spoonflower. The best part is that it’s like you’re putting a stamp on an envelope. We recommend removable wallpapers if you live in rented houses.

Geometric Wallpaper by Spoonflower

This peel and stick geometric wallpaper by Spoonflower features an eye-catching geometric print that is sure to elevate your rooms. It is available in five different standard sizes, so make sure to order as much as you need all at once so as to avoid color aberration.

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Types of Wallpaper by Material

5. Vinyl

Vinyl wallpapers have become super popular over the years because of their innovative design, namely: a paper layer, backing layer, and a plastic layer on the surface. This makes vinyl wallpapers easy to wash with a wet cloth because of the plastic layering. They also soak up all the sunlight with no fear of fading, which is not the with non-vinyl types.

Developments in vinyl wallpapers allow them to be inexpensive, and if you choose the removable peel and stick variety, incredibly easy to hang on your walls too. Vinyl wallpapers are prone to attracting moisture and mildew since they are not made with breathable material.

Blue Gray Peel and Stick Vinyl Wallpaper by Mullsan

There is a reason why minimalist interiors have become super popular over the years. The consistent design with uniform and neutral colors is the perfect way to stylize your room while retaining the feeling of elegance and luxury. This wallpaper boasts a neutral color palette that is both waterproof and fadeproof.

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6. Textured Wallpapers

Textured wallpapers are compatible with most rooms in your office or home and will create a visually appealing wall that will draw the attention of your guests. These wallpapers are superior to paint and other types of wallpaper. The biggest advantage is how they hide holes, rough spots, and crack. There are different types of wallpaper textures to choose from.

Popular textures include silk, bamboo, foil, metallic, linen, and grasscloth. Some of these textures are susceptible to staining and not suitable for high traffic areas.  In many cases, textured wallpapers contain a soft foam backing that can absorb the force of any collisions, which is perfect if you have many children around.

Grasscloth Textured Wallpaper by Glow4u

Bring natural grasscloth fibers into your design with this wallpaper. It adds sensational tactility to your room and spruces up your space. This tasteful non-woven textured wallpaper works best when paired with other home décor additions to your room, as it  s very minimalist in its aesthetic.

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7. Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpapers are a great way to make your room truly standout. The luster finish of metallic wallpapers looks like the work of an expert artisan.  Different types of surfaces such as gold, silver, and copper add just the right amount of shimmer to make your walls come alive. There is a wide range of metallic wallpapers to choose from, these include both patterned and painted metallic designs.

A good idea is to combine geometric and damask prints with the metallic finish. The end result is a wallpaper that updates your room quickly and easily.

Precious Metals by Arthouse

This metal wallpaper makes it easy to instantly enhance any wall with the chic copper finish that looks impressive. Some people prefer floral motifs with metallic finishes. This is a unique and effective choice that can add warmth and depth to your room.

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Types of Wallpaper Classified by Pattern

8. Solids (no pattern)

Solid wallpapers require very little creative input. Since the color palette is uniform throughout the length of the wallpaper, it is of little consequence how you choose to hang your strips of wallpaper. Since there are no visible designs or motifs on the wallpaper, you don’t have to worry about making wrong cuts into the wallpaper that could otherwise ruin the abstract.

Because of this, solid wallpapers result in the least amount of waste. There are thousands of options to choose from with different colors and color combinations.

Gray Contact Paper Wallpaper by CocoWind

Bring a contemporary look into your space with these muted, subtle tones of color. The sophisticated color can create an impact in your room and allow you to experiment with different decorative items to complement the gray color. This wallpaper will surely impress your guests. There are eight different solid colors to choose from, including pink, purple, gray, and blue.

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9. Floral

Flowers portray a sentimental meaning that creates a stunning feature wall in any room of your house. Developments in digital print have made it possible to create extravagantly elegant floral patterns that feature detailed, large illustrations with rich tones and saturated colors for a mesmerizing look. Whether you’re a nature loving person or a romantic, you can add sophistication to your room with floral wallpapers.

A good idea is to pair the room with classical furniture and dark colors to complete the overall look. Anyone who enters your room will be able to see nature without having to go out in the open.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper by Spoonflower

Add sophisticated and vivid pops of color into your room with Spoonflower’s wallpaper. It features bright red colors with green petals that are balanced out by a white backdrop. The wallpaper is available in five different sizes, including a test swatch.

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10. Stripes

Striped wallpapers effortlessly complement your room’s design, and they can be chic and contemporary, or traditional and elegant. Striped wallpapers can make a big impact if you use them right. They have become trendy over the years because they create a cool optical illusion that can make a room appear bigger or smaller. This makes it easy to give the room more depth.

Striped wallpapers come in different designs including vertical, horizontal, and blocked striped to create captivating and trendy interiors.

Synergy Striped Wallpaper by Vymura

This stylish wallpaper pairs up dark red strips with contrasting neutral colors that will bring something truly innovative and unique to your space. The fantastically bold strip design will transform your room, allowing you to play with neutral tones and add excitement with the bold red color.

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11. Geometric patterns

Without a doubt, geometric wallpapers make for an incredible choice for homeowners who want energy and vibrancy. Their unique patterns are often a combination of precision zigzag motifs and easily uplift a room’s decor. Like striped wallpapers, geometric abstracts can make rooms appear wider or smaller, depending on the type of wallpaper used.

Make sure the pattern you choose is simple yet effective. Cool and contemporary, geometric patterns help you add that wow-factor to your room. They come in varying sizes and colors to create eye-catching patterns. Make sure to complement the eclectic patterns with chic furniture and sophisticated art décor to complete the look.

Fractal Geometric Wallpaper by Fine Décor

You can now dress up simple looking walls with lackluster designs using the Fractal Geometric Wallpaper with its geometric shapes, edgy lines, and sophisticated gold luster. Think of the mural as a simple shortcut to liven up your décor.

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12. Wood

Wood wallpapers make it easy to surround yourself with natural texture. They feature unique designs that will reflect your interest for a cozy, homely space. Advanced digital printing technology now allows artisans to capture the brilliant effect of wood without ever having to pick up an ax. The end result is a wallpaper that has rustic vibes to create a raw feel that has become very popular with homeowners.

Nothing beats the weathered feel of the great outdoors, especially with wooden walls that have realistic details. You can choose from thousands of wood motifs to add an awesome backdrop to your home or office spaces without having to alter its original structure.

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Wallpaper by CocoWind

This charming wallpaper is perfect for people who love simple wall murals. It has realistic patterns with brown, rustic colors to achieve a striking yet simple look in any room of your house. Fans of nature will love the motif because of the textured wood which will make your guests think you actually installed real wooden panels on your walls!

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13. Bricks

Bricks wallpapers create a natural look that is different from other areas of the house. The idea is to add an industrial vibe using rich textured bricks. Some artisans use rough patches of paint to create a more aged appearance, an example is a white paint that is cracked and chipped in a way that looks retro. This results in a wallpaper that allows you to personalize your living spaces with minimalism.

Most brick patterns feature an uneven and rugged detail that makes for the perfect backdrop to both urban-inspired and contemporary home furnishings. Brick murals are a great way to create a unique focal point in your home, depicting age.

Faux Brick Wallpaper by artgeist

This beautifully textured wallpaper helps you achieve an industrial look into your room without breaking the bank. It features dark hues throughout, which manages to create a unique look by adding subtle bursts of color to your interiors.

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14. Themed Patterns

It is now possible to print picturesque themes on wallpapers, and these include beach themes, cosmic designs, movie genres, and a lot more. A popular theme that is currently trending online is the space theme.

Space is dark yet wonderfully colorful with twinkling stars and bright galaxies. Although it’s not possible to travel into space (for now), it is entirely possible to bring the beauty of the cosmos into your spaces. You can choose moons, planets, galaxies, and even supernova explosions.

Cosmic Space Glow in the Dark by RASCCH UK Limited

This stunning wallpaper shows a cluster of stars and galaxies with different constellations. The best part is that the space wallpaper actually glows in the dark, revealing constellations when the lights are turned off.

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15. Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are quickly turning into a trend that will stay for a long time to come. They are easy to apply and remove thanks to new developments and can create a unique composition in most rooms. You can use wallpaper borders to highlight a specific area in your room or simply contrast with wallpaper already present.

There are many different prints, coatings, and layouts that can be used to create a superior visual effect, highlighting your room’s walls.

Here are a few examples from Amazon.

Wallpaper Border by Concord Wallcovering

This prepasted wallpaper welcomes Star Wars Stormtroopers into your spaces. The skilled artist only used two colors, white and black in varying hues to create a simplistic yet dramatic design. Furthermore, this wallpaper border is fully removable and can be repositioned without damaging the print.

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Dark Green Yellow Sunflower by Norwall

Sunflowers are naturally simple and delicate. Despite being very common in nature, sunflowers are not any less special. Their elegant design brings happiness into your interiors.  If you look closely, you will find the local flora and fauna gathering around the sunflowers, making the motif even livelier looking.

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Vintage Wallpaper Border by Teemall

Bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen with this vintage wallpaper by Teemall. It is a stylish and bright design that looks eye-catching and impressive. The vivid colors with their detailing will uplift your kitchen without breaking your budget! Furthermore, this wallpaper is waterproof, so you can clean it with a wet sponge with ease.

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