11 Unique Living Rooms With Plants [Design Inspiration!]

The living room is one of the most important spaces in any home. As such, it's important to ensure that it is decorated with some unique flair. And one of the best ways to do so is by incorporating plants into your design scheme!

Want to add plants to your living room but have no idea where to start? We've got you covered! This article is full of design inspiration, ranging from minimalistic succulents to jungle dreams. We hope you gather new ideas for your home and find just what you're looking for. Enjoy!

Modern Scandinavian living room with gray sofa, armchair, and lots of plants, 11 Unique Living Rooms With Plants [Design Inspiration!]

1. Sunshine And Rainbows 

A living room with a rainbow suncatcher creating a colorful centerpiece.

This beautiful living room takes advantage of the space to the maximum. There are hanging plants, draped plants, and standalone plants.

With a delightful blend of modern design and natural vibrancy, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with sunlight, framing the verdant outdoor scenery and illuminating the indoor greenery, which adds a refreshing pop of life. The room's playful spirit is captured in the bubble-like chandelier and the rainbow-hued wall sculpture, injecting a sense of whimsy.

Sleek, white furniture provides a chic contrast to the room's colorful accents, such as the vivid orange pillows and the art pieces. The smooth hardwood flooring complements the natural theme, while the subtle interplay of light and shadow across the room gives it a warm, dynamic feel, creating an inviting atmosphere that celebrates light, color, and life.

While there doesn't appear to be a couch or television in sight, alterations can be made to create the best living room for you. Keep that in mind for the remainder of this post!

2. Ivy Accents 

A living room with hanging ivy plants, artwork featuring plants, and a fresh design in green, pink, brown, and yellow.

This unique room uses a mixture of green, pink, brown, and yellow to create a fresh design. The plants featured in this image are hanging ivies in the corners of the room.

Elevating the plants and placing them on a different level or on the wall is a great way to showcase them. This eliminates the risk of pets or guests knocking over any plants they didn't expect to be there. 

The plant that is on the floor by the couch may be a tripping hazard, so we recommend avoiding floor plants that are in front of furniture. Instead, place tall floor plants, such as a dragon tree, on the sides of the furniture.

This will open up the room while keeping it stylish. Or, for smaller plants like the one pictured on the ground, try using hanging planters. Here is an example of different sizes of hanging planters.

View this five-pack of hanging planters on Amazon here.

The artwork on the wall is also of plants! While we aren't encouraging faux plants, we encourage plenty of artwork throughout the house. This particular plant piece ties the back wall of the living room together.

It connects the plants that are in the corner as well as the matching poster on the other wall. There are many styles of plant artwork such as pastel, textbook/diagram, charcoal, etc. Choose something that will complement the room, not work against it. 

Click this link to view gold and black plant artwork on Amazon.

3. Bookshelf Buddies 

Modern office at home

One cool way to showcase an ivy or draping plant is by placing it on a bookshelf! This is an amazing idea for any living room. Not only will it reflect your interests but it is extremely practical.

This image may not show the whole living room, but think of all the possibilities for this bookshelf. It could be placed under the window or across from the window on another wall. The plants that would be good to show off on a bookcase include devil's ivy, string of pearls, and spider plant. 

4. Earthy Entertainment Center

A living room with plants on top of an entertainment center, draping down to create a personalized and unique design

Similar to the bookshelf buddies, the entertainment center is a practical living room piece. Plants can sit on top of the furniture piece and drape down, just like the inspiration picture.

Alternatively, a smaller plant could hang over the corner of the TV. There could also be succulents or air plants on the entertainment center shelves. This design is unique because you can tell it is personalized. 

5. Fun Shelves 

Three decorative metal rectangular and square shape shelves

Another way to place plants in the living room is by giving them their own little shelves. The ones pictured are hexagons, and they create a nice dynamic look, especially when you place them over the couch.

This allows you to create different shapes and space out the plants however they need to be. Beside the couch, there is a standing plant, which is a great end cap for furniture! The best plants for that would be dragon trees, tall ferns, and butterfly palms. 

Other kinds of shelves work well with plants. If the geometric look isn't your style, there are plenty of other options. There are floating shelves, shelves with ropes, and even shelves that look like books! For example, here is a more rustic-styled shelf that still serves a beautiful purpose. 

To view these floating shelves on Amazon, click here.

6. Jungle

Green living room

There are so many plants in this living room! We know this may not be everyone's style, but some of us seek that maximalist look. The couch pillows match the color of the planters. There are also gold accents hidden around the room that give the room a hue of warmth.

Something that is special about this living room is the potted plant on the wooden piece of furniture. It isn't quite an ottoman or a coffee table—to be frank, we aren't sure what that exactly is. But that is what makes it unique!

7. Boho Flow

A boho-themed living room with a unique tree trunk table as a centerpiece.

Something that makes this living room unique is the beautiful, strange table in the middle. Using a centerpiece that ties into the theme is a great way to make sure the whole room flows together smoothly.

This table appears to be carved from an old tree, possibly an oak tree. Running nature throughout the house keeps you connected to the earth. The plants used in this room are very leafy, but feel free to swap out some of the larger plants for succulents. This will help if the room feels too stuffy or crowded. 

8. Pretty In Pink

Living room in pink with velvet sofa

Look at that gorgeous blush couch! The plant in the background is a marvelous complement to the pink around the room.

Don't be afraid to go bolder with the colors of your living rooms—it adds personality! One suggestion is to add fun pillows to the couch. It should match the couch as appropriate, but it should be unique! If the colors are not enough, try finding a pillow that is a different shape. Like a heart! 

View this cute heart pillow on Amazon here.

9. Cactus Craze

Modernly designed room with cacti decorations

Cactus is a plant we haven't seen too much of in living room decor so far. However, the cactus is an extremely low-maintenance plant. We encourage more people to have cacti in their homes! In addition, cactus is a plant you don't have to worry about dropping leaves everywhere.

It hardly even has to be watered. This home looks very neutral; there aren't too many pops of color—just enough. The blue and gold accents play off each other nicely. There is also a contrast between the dark wood floors and the black and white rug. 

10. Cat's Corner

A cozy living room corner with a cat, an armchair, and a pilea plant, combining shades of gray, green, and orange.

A cat, an armchair, and a pilea plant. What more could you ask for? This living room is certainly smaller than the other ones featured in this post, and that's okay!

The focus colors here are gray, green, and orange. The pillow, armchair, and throw go well together. The grays and greens are similar shades that make the room feel peaceful. 

The star of this living room is the fact that there are very different plants paired together. There is a pilea plant (sometimes called the UFO plant), and a tall potted plant, an ivy.

This combination of plants is just right! Nothing is too crowded, and the room feels balanced. Pilea plants are also nontoxic to pets, so that cat is purrfectly fine!

11. Craving Citrus

A living room with orange walls, massive plants, and colorful round pillows, creating a vibrant and inviting space.

Orange is a gorgeous color to paint your living room walls! This is a unique room with different shades of orange and peach all around. There are a couple of potted plants on the shelves, and there is one beautiful, massive plant beside the couch.

The contrast between the leaves and the orange wall is stunning, which again is a great way to enhance your room. The pillows are also colorful, and the different shades of brown ottomans are a great addition! 

In Closing

We hope you enjoyed the fantastic living room designs just as much as we did. Inspiration is everywhere, especially in nature. Here is a recap of some great tips we covered in this post: 

  • Combine different kinds of plants in the room

    • For example, air plants, moss, succulents, indoor trees, and ivies

  • Layer or stack your plants appropriately with shelves 
  • Experiment with suncatchers or paint to introduce more color

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