How To Unlock A Saatva Remote

One of the Saatva products that include a remote control for convenience is the bed base or adjustment base. The lock icon on the remote makes it easy to grasp that it is for locking the controls on the remote, but how do you unlock it when there isn't an unlocking icon?

Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answers below!

It is simple to unlock the Saatva remote, just like how you lock it. You only have to press and hold the lock icon for about five seconds, and it is functional again.

In this article, we'll thoroughly discuss the Saatva remote's control features. We'll also show you how to set up the remote, put the bed base together, and more. With that said, let's dive right in!

What Are Different Controls On The Saatva Remote?

Lineal Adjustable Base Review

The Saatva company has an adjustable base, a simple solution to upgrade an existing mattress's comfort and use. You may operate every aspect of this adjustable base with the remote control.

You have the choice of what position you want for your head and foot to reach your ideal level of comfort, just like most adjustable bases.

Furthermore, positioning yourself is simple because it is prominently marked on your remote. Here are the specifics for the Saatva remote's various controls:

Lock & Unlock Mechanisms

It is an aspect of this base that parents with children running around, especially young children, may find quite helpful.

You just need to hold down the lock button on the upper rightmost for five seconds until the rear legs flash three times.

After that, once you try to press your remote, none of these buttons will do anything except the flashlight button, which will still operate in lock mode.

Of course, all you have to do to unlock it is hold down the same button for five seconds, at which point it will flash three times, and your base will work again.

Full Range Of Motion For Head And Foot

You can raise and lower the head and foot of your bed with the most adjustable bases to reach the ideal level of comfort.

You can easily change your position by pressing the "up" or "down" arrows on your remote control, which are both marked "HEAD" (left side) and "FOOT" (right side) in between arrows.

Never forget that you don't have to pick one or the other, so experiment with several positions!

It takes roughly 35 seconds to go from a flat position to a maximum elevated head position and around 23 seconds for the foot. The bed can be put back in its original position by pressing the "FLAT" button.

The base's rate of change from one position to another may seem slow, but it is quiet while transitioning and gives comfort.

As the Saatva's adjustable base changes positions, you could notice that there is a small gap between the mattress and the base if no one's using it.

There is nothing to worry about because it only implies that there isn't enough weight on top of the mattress itself.

Lighting Features

This base has other features outside just position switching. Two tiny flame icons on the remote serve as lighting features of the base.

Your tiny flashlight is the first flashlight icon between the "SET" and lock buttons. While the second one, which is just below the first one, is for lighting the underside of the base.

This under-bed light feature has both practical and aesthetic uses.

It is a helpful tool if you need to leave your room in the middle of the night to use the restroom or if you drop anything under your bed and need to find it without turning on the bright overhead light.

Besides being functional, it also offers a pleasant, warm glow for ambiance.

Memory Presets

The three pre-programmed buttons on the Saatva remote are as follows:

  • ZGRAV: This means zero gravity. This option raises both the head and foot slightly to relieve the maximum pressure from any portion of the body. The goal of this is to achieve the floating feeling.
  • TV: This is a factory pre-set head-up feature for watching television.
  • CUST means custom, where you can access or save any position you want aside from TV and zero gravity. 

It's simple to override or customize the setting and create your favorite position, which you can then save as custom ZGRAV, TV, and CUST settings.

First, you must get the base to the position that suits you.

Second, press and hold the "SET" button until the base of the bed vibrates. Then, press any of the three pre-programmed buttons you want it to be.

Next, it will vibrate three more times quickly, indicating that it's perfectly done.


As you can see, the lower portion of the remote of the Saatva adjustable base has buttons for head and foot massage.

Each has its own intensity level, which you can change by simply pressing the arrows, and a "WAVE" button lets you switch between the head and foot massage in three-speed levels.

You would need to manually turn off the massage features because there is no timer. Just press the power button at the center below.

It's important to note that the massage motors did make noise and vibrate. That is why it is advisable to place rubber pads under the legs or use carpet underneath the bed to lessen the vibration.

For a visual, here's a YouTube video explaining how this works:

How To Setup Saatva Remote Control

You will need assistance if you want to flip the Saatva adjustable base to set up the remote control because it is too hefty to do it yourself. Here are some easy actions to take.

You can use this process not just to set up the base but also to reset it.

  1. Turn the base upside down.
  2. Plug the power box into the device.
  3. Find the port four reset button on the control box.
  4. Sync the remote control using a tiny object, such as a bobby pin or anything that fits the hole. Click it twice or press it until the lights come on.
  5. To program the control box, remove the remote's battery cover, then push the top-center button to turn off the lights.
  6. Finally, check the remote control. Play around with the remote's settings/buttons and see if it is functioning.

Below is a video that shows you these steps in action:

How Do You Assemble The Saatva Adjustable Base?

Lineal by Saatva

Having an installer come and set up the product for you is a convenience that Saatva offers its customers. Delivery and setup are free of charge once you purchase them.

Therefore, you don't need to worry about this assembling matter.

Whether or not you order a mattress for the adjustable base at the same time, Saatva offers free white-glove delivery. You'll be grateful to have someone transport and put up the base because it weighs close to 300 pounds.

Saatva's adjustable base simply slides into any full-frame bed, such as a sleigh bed, without requiring additional hardware.

Regarding returns, they are used to seeing 100-night (occasionally longer) return terms for mattresses but not for adjustable bases. You cannot exchange or return the adjustable base.

A 25-year total warranty is provided with the Saatva adjustable base.

However, there are certain restrictions. The base is guaranteed for the first five years against flaws, and the company will replace or repair it at no cost to the customer.

Also, no additional shipping or pickup fees to pay.

Owners pay a part of repair expenditures based on the months they have owned the property from 6 through 25 years. Additionally, owners will be liable for any related delivery or pickup fees.

Why Do I Need A Bed Base?

Saatva is a privately held mattress company, based in New York.

It is easier to get in and out of bed and less likely that you will come into touch with dust and mildew from the floor when you place your mattress on top of a sturdy mattress base.

Perhaps more significantly, a solid bed frame guarantees that your mattress will give you the best possible support.

What Are The Benefits Of Saatva?

Saatva is a privately held mattress company, based in New York. Since 2014, Saatva has grown exponentially whose revenue exceeded 500 million in 2020., How To Unlock A Saatva Remote

Below are some of the benefits you may acquire in purchasing the products from Saatva:

Premium Quality


They can acquire the best materials at scale by handcrafting their mattresses and other materials, such as bed bases in America at factories spread across the country.

Thus, top quality will be more affordably priced.

Always Made To Order

They never make sales based on stock. Instead, they produce the product as needed, saving them money on warehousing and allowing them to pass those savings to you.

No High Markups

They don't have to deal with excessive markups or third-party retail sales pitches to get good-quality products.

Every area of their company is under their complete control, so you will always receive the highest quality, value, and service.

Faster Delivery

Your factory-fresh products will arrive at your house faster due to their extreme nationwide network of 19 manufacturers and over 150 delivery partners.

To Finish

We sincerely hope this article has benefited you, particularly regarding your concern about how to unlock the Saatva remote control after locking it for whatever reason. Enjoy the comfort that your Saatva will provide!

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