What To Do With Unused Front Living Room: 7 Ideas

The front living room of a house provides the first impression of your home to those passing by or through this space. You may be wondering what uses a front living room might have.

We have looked into this and found some creative ways to better utilize the front room in your home.

A front living room is usually considered the more formal living room. It may be larger than other rooms in the house. You'll want to fill this space without creating a cluttered appearance. Here are some ideas to get the best use of your home's front room.

  1. Turn your living room into a gym
  2. Use a front room as a showroom
  3. Create a game room
  4. Turn the front room into a lounge or bar
  5. Use the front living room as a formal dining room
  6. Extend your kitchen space
  7. Rent out your unused front room

We know that's quite a list! We'll break down each idea and what you'll need for each look. Keep reading as we discuss what is usually put in the front room, and differences between the living room and the family room.

Rustic and mid century inspired dining area with a huge chandelier and wooden tables and cabinets, What To Do With Unused Front Living Room: 7 Ideas

What Goes In The Front Living Room

Usually, a front room is an area for receiving extended family members and acquaintances. In the past, this was to keep more informal living areas away from the public eye.

In modern times, the use of the front room can be used in more practical ways that will suit your personal style.

When thinking of what to do with the front living room of your house, consider the needs of those who live in the house. If you plan to use the front room for entertaining or engaging in hobbies, plan how to use your living room accordingly.

1. Turn Your Living Room Into A Working Gym 

A room converted into a gym with carpeted flooring

If you have very little need for entertaining space or can accommodate guests in the kitchen or the family room, utilize the front living room as a gym. Design it to fit the type of fitness activities you love to engage in most. 

Install mirrors and mats to achieve that official gym look. Many find it easier to meet their fitness goals when they have a designated place in the home designed for that sole purpose.

2. Use A Front Room As A Showroom

A front living room makes a great presentation place. Set it up in a way that will highlight your product in its best light. If you have inventory install shelves and racks.

Whether you have a cooking show, furniture renovation, or home decor media channel, use the front room as a staging area. Set it up with the best lighting choices and background props so the place is always camera-ready.

Be ready to take photos, post on a blog, or film videos whenever you want in this space.

If you are an artist, transform this room into a gallery to showcase your talent. This works especially well if its an enclosed space where you can control entry and lighting. 

3. Create A Game Room

An expensive rustic entertainment room made from wooden paneling, hardwood flooring and an expensive wooden billiard table

Some homeowners like to use a front living room as a playroom. However, this can be limiting if you plan on entertaining from time to time. Design a fun room that all ages can enjoy; turn this space into a game or rec room.

Since front living rooms are often large, you may be able to set up multiple games such as darts, ice hockey, ping pong, or a pool table. These items come in many different styles. Find some that complement your decor.

Choose a multi-use game table that is an excellent fit for smaller spaces. Set it up in one area of your living room and a card table on the other side. You'll have an exciting room filled with a wide variety of entertainment.

Click here to see an example of a combination game table on Amazon.

4. Turn The Front Room Into A Lounge Or Bar

Luxurious condominium unit with beige painted ceilings, dangling lamps on the breakfast bars and small wooden bar stoll

If you wish to entertain adults in a classy way, you may consider turning the front living room into a bar or lounge. Set up a bar area and comfortable seating.

Some homeowners even set up a stage for karaoke or other performances. Add extra entertainment with a sound system and dance floor.

If you or your typical crowd don't drink, you could still set this area up as more of a coffee or juice bar type of theme. Set up stools and a counter and it could be a fun space to show off your mixing skills whether its a cocktail, coffee, or a smoothie.

5. Use The Front Living Room As A Formal Dining Room

A huge wooden long table matched with patterned fabric chairs

Do you love throwing formal dinner parties? A front living room makes an elegant space to entertain. Set up a large beautiful table as the main focal piece with multiple table settings. Use beautiful lighting and artwork on the walls to complete the look.

6. Extend Your Kitchen Space

Maybe your front room has an open layout leading into your kitchen. Extend kitchen counter space and set up extra space for dining.

Some home chefs like to extend their kitchen appliances into nearby rooms. Use the front room to house a second refrigerator or freezer.

If you share your home with anyone that has specific dietary needs or unique cooking style, this gives the option to set up a second kitchen with its own fridge and storage area.

7. Rent Out Your Unused Front Room

A huge wooden bed at a hotel room and carpeted flooring matching the tan color walls

Make money with an unused room. This option works well if the living room is a closed-off space with a private or semi-private entrance.  If you live in a scenic or convenient location this makes your space even more attractive.

Convert the front room into a studio hotel room with its own mini-fridge and microwave. Consider installing a simple private bathroom if one is not currently available. Great hosts are likely to make their investment back quickly.

A studio apartment could work as a private place for family or friends on an extended stay to come and go.

What's The Difference Between A Living Room And Family Room?

A living room or front room has traditionally given visitors a home's first impression. In the past, it was one of the least used rooms in the house, providing a buffer between visiting company and areas of the home reserved for family.

As its name implies, the family room is a space for the family to get together and use regularly. Rules and etiquette within this room are generally relaxed.

Today, depending on the layout of a house and the personality of its inhabitants, these two rooms are often interchangeable.

Does the TV Go In The Living Room Or Family Room?

The TV traditionally goes in the family room, which may also be called the media room. If your front room is quite large and you frequently host sports parties or movie events, you'll want a TV in the living room area.

What Do You Do With A Flex Room?

In some houses, there are rooms that are smaller than a living room that do not include a closet like a bedroom. There are many ways you can use a space like this. To learn more about suggested ways to use a flex room, see our article What Can You Use A Flex Room For?

Can A Flex Room Be A Bedroom?

Even if a room does not come with closet space, it can still be turned into a bedroom or nursery.  There are many options available to set up a portable closet or wardrobe. Feel free to install extra shelf space as needed.

Click here to see a wardrobe for a flex room on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Rustic and mid century inspired dining area with a huge chandelier and wooden tables and cabinets

After reading some excellent suggestions to utilize an unused front living room, it's time to make plans and execute! You may want to include others in additional research and assist with developing your ideas to transform your home.

Improving your front room to fit your lifestyle better could be a fun and rewarding project.

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