11 Unusual Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are both functional and fashionable. You want a piece that's the right height and size for the space. It needs to be visually pleasing and match the rest of the decor. But it also needs to be functional - whether you use it to store books or hold a glass of water, every table has a job. So how do you pick one that's unique and stylish but useful? We've compiled some great and unusual ideas for everyone's perfect bedside table.

Any of the choices on this list won't look like your "standard" table. We all know the type - that very average wooden, rectangular table everyone has by the bed. There's always one drawer that slides out, with a top big enough for a water glass and maybe a lamp.

Want something different, something new? Keep looking here for some distinctive choices. Somewhere on this list is the ideal table that can be yours and yours alone. Don't worry; you can still keep the water glass.

A trendy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with washed linen gray pillows and wooden nightstand with bucket of flowers and candle, 11 Unusual Bedside Tables

1. Storage Barrel

Creative storage can be a key in a small bedroom. This table does double duty - it's both an end table and a storage barrel that can hold several throws or pillows. Just pop the lid off. You can then fill it with items that you want to keep near the bed - but neatly out of sight. This stylish piece has a copper finish and hammered detailing to complement your casual-chic decor.

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2. Bedside Cabinet

Another option to save space is to install something right on the wall. With no legs taking up floor space, this can work in nearly any room. If you need both a tabletop surface and storage, consider a cabinet like this. It has a hinged door to hide the clutter inside, but it still offers a flat surface beside the bed.

Wooden cabinet furniture with drawers on a white background

3. See-through Table

A clear table like this one can make the area beside the bed seem less cluttered. The transparency of this stand makes the space seem light and open. It also offers several different nooks for storing your items. If you are looking to display, rather than conceal, your bedside treasures, then this is the piece for you.

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4. Nesting Tables

The great advantage of nesting tables is that you can pull them apart when you need the extra furniture. But you can still stack them back together whenever you need extra room. A piece like this can go from two tables to one whenever you need it. It also makes for a fun and simple vintage style for a retro bedroom.

Vintage Danisch furniture isolated in white background

5. Nailed Trunk Table

This trunk-style table is a great decor piece. The quilted visual made by the nail design is interesting and quirky. The lid opens for storage, making it extra functional. And the brass accents add to the warm, classic style.

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6. Simple, Scandinavian Style

If your bedroom is a bit more minimalist or earthy, then try this table. It might seem untraditional - but in some ways, it's the most traditional. It looks like a piece you could have made yourself. That is, after claiming the wood slab directly from the forest itself. It is simple, it is trendy...and it is perfect.

Trendy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with washed linen gray pillows and wooden nightstand with bucket of flowers and candle

7. Ultra-Efficient Storage

Need a lot of storage, but without taking up a lot of space? This simple bedside table manages to look refreshing and basic. However, it can hold a TON of stuff. If you are one of those people who wants a place for everything, then this is your dream. After all, someday, you might need those bandaids, Tylenol, three extra phone chargers, spare keys, and cough drops. But at least with a table like this, you can keep it all, and keep it neat!

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8. Vintage Dream

Vintage furniture is such a unique way to add your personal flair to a room. If you manage to get your hands on a classic piece like this, consider making it into a bedside table. With just a little work, you can have an individualized style to complete your decor. Plus, vintage pieces tend to be well-crafted and long-lasting.

Vintage wood table isolated on white background

9. For Your Reflection

One of the best ways to make a small bedroom seem bigger is by using mirrors. Or, you can kill two birds with one stone. Use a bedside table that is like a mirror instead!

The reflective surface here gives the room the illusion of having extra depth. It also reflects light. As a result, this opens up the room and makes it look brighter.

Need more tips for a small bedroom? Try this: How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom [5 Actionable Ideas]

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10. Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are a modern and stylish way to add extra space to any room. They are useful almost anywhere and just as practical by the bed as any other room. They tend to be great with a minimalistic style. Maybe most importantly, they are aesthetically pleasing. These trendy shelves leave floor space available but still offer a way to store your stuff. 

Modern wooden table on isolated background

11. Farmhouse Fashion

If your personal style is more rustic or country, consider this unique farmhouse piece. It is made of galvanized metal with a removable wood lid. The distressed whitewash finish adds that extra touch of charm.

You can store items inside the metal bin for extra space. The legs are also adjustable, which means you can make it the perfect height no matter what. 

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In Closing

If you want a piece that is a bit different for your bedroom, then there are lots of great options for unique bedside tables. Bedside tables are a way to incorporate your own personal style. This is because a variety of furniture pieces can also be used beside the bed.

Consider something that isn't a table at all, such as a cabinet or a floating shelf. Vintage pieces are also another way to make a bedside table that is fun and functional. For a more modern and distinctive style, then try an uncommon material. For example, you might select a see-through or reflective table. Another final option is to use something repurposed, such as wood or galvanized metal.

Pick something that reflects your decor and personal style. While storage is an important consideration, don't be afraid to be creative. Most importantly, have fun!

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