50+ Upcycled Furniture Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

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This Lane console table is gorgeous and rustic in style Constructed of solid maple with a Farmhouse White and @zarluxurystain Baby Grand stained top and just the right amount of distressing that can blend easily with other rustic, distressed, or farmhouse, looks. The table features 2 drawers for storage. The original hardware has a custom finish to complement the tables overall rustic and distressed look. Available for purchase at @lazydogvintage In Hamburg. It is a perfect complimentary piece to the coffee table that is also available at Lazy Dog. #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousetable #upcycle #reloved #recycle #vintage #reuse #diy #homedecor #vintagefurniture #antique #antiquefurniture #upcycledfurniture #relovedfurniture #repurpose #furniture #shabbychic #chalkpaint #upcycled #upcycling #repurposed #paintedfurniture #rustic #fixerupper #furnitureflip #thriftshop #reclaimed #signaturebluevintage

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‘Table Transformation’ . Hey #instafam, I have been meaning to upcycle these tables since long. I bought these two tables from a man selling them on a bicycle. So I brought them home along with some paints, sand paper, lacquer and other stuff. . For some reason they kept lying in my store room for about 4-5 months. But two days back when H was traveling for his work and kids were asleep I brought them out and started sanding them cuz the surface had some dents and was quite uneven. Couldn’t fill the dents but I sanded them well. . Used 2 coats of @duluxpk oil-based primer and then painted the legs a solid black color. . I used the #nippon spray paint in white for the table top. I applied 3 thin coats of it. Once it was completely dry, I used the masking tape/painters’ tape to make the stripes. . Then I sprayed the black color from @nipponpaintpk over the taped design. . I started removing the tape when the paint was semi-dry. And then sealed the table with a clear lacquer spray. Applied 3 thin coats of lacquer after every 10 mins. . For the second table, I followed the same steps and hand-painted the table top with the #warliart design using Marie’s black acrylic paint. . See ‘Upcycled’ in the story highlights for more on the table transformation! ✨☺️ . . . #DIYcrafts #interiordesign #tabletransformation #upcycle #upcycledfurniture #interiordecor #warlipainting #handpainted #momblogger #momlife #lifestyleblogger #instablogger #pakistanladybloggers #lahore #pakistan

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A throw back Thursday to a year ago, when we were preparing for our first show! It was the first time showcasing our work in person to the public and the feedback we got was unbelievable. It gave us the confidence to go on to present our work at the 100% design show in London, in turn, leading to our biggest achievement, being spotted by Liberty London! This notation was only joked about “imagine if....” and was quite literally a dream come true. I can’t quite believe how far our little business has come since I left my part time job just over a year go now. It's been a journey full of hard work but we have loved every minute of it, and that's what counts. It all started here, we will be at the Cumbria life home & garden show again this year, so do come along, see our work in person 🙂 13th - 15th March @rheged_centre www.patience-gough.com . @cumbrialifehomegardenshow @design.london @libertylondon . . #upcycledfurniture #interiorstyle #dreamsbecomingreality #furnitureartist #styleitdark #powercouple #furnituredesign #interiordesign #eclectichome #midcenturymodern #uniquevintage #oneofakindinteriors #vintagefinds #furniturerestoration #interiorinspo #oldtonew #recycle #sustainableinteriors #makeyourhomeyourhaven #internationalwomensday #luxuryinteriors #libertylondon #refurbishedfurniture #bedroomrenovation #thenewbohemians #luxeathome #chalkpaint #designdiscovery #ombre #darkinteriors

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TRASH or TREASURE? . . Our town has what they call bulk trash day, you can put out on the curb anything you want to get rid of and a trash truck will come and pick it up. This is for items too large for the trash bin, like an old mattress or yard clean up etc. . . The fun thing about this is, people know that their item might get picked up before the trash truck gets there, so they put out items that are perfectly good because they are to lazy to go to a donation store for drop off. So, once a month you can drive through neighborhoods in route to your destination and hunt for goodies! When we moved here I couldn’t believe this! Since I’m a junker I thought this was junk heaven 🤗 I have always dragged and rescued items from the side of the road or sitting next to the trash, but to live in a town where this is an actual day! WHAT?!? . . Picked up these two chairs, I did nothing to them perfect condition just bought new cushions. I do a lot of white and gray and contemplated painting them but I just love the pop of green, so here they are! (Need to do something about that block wall next!) . . Someone else’s trash is my treasure💰 #trashtotreasure #thriftythursday #decoronabudget #thrifythings #outdoorliving #green #recycle #upcycle #upcycledfurniture

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Throwback to this beauty from this time last year - one of our first Art Deco Sideboards 🖤 Boy, this one was a game changer for us & has quickly become one of our signature pieces. Now one of my favourite styles to work on as they always turn out so beautifully which isn’t difficult as they always have such stunning details! ———————————————————————————————————————#upcycledfurniture #upcycle #homedecor #vintagefurniture #vintage #vintagefurnitureforsale #yesteryear #darkinteriors #instagraminteriors #interiorlovers #handpaintedfurniture #fusionmineralpaint #coalblack #earlshouse #upcycling #styleitdark #paintitbeautiful #redesignedfurniture #artdeco #artdecofurniture #fashionforinteriors #recycle #periodhome #antiquefurniture #homeinteriors #periodhomestyle #ecofriendlyliving #ecofriendlyhome #throwbackthursday #TBT

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Upcycled furniture brings fresh life to any space, whether it be the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any room in between. The process of converting old items into new ones is rewarding, and it can work wonders in terms of enhancing a space’s decorative appeal. Upcycle already existing furniture in your home or go on a treasure hunt for items. You won’t regret converting an old, unappreciated item into a decorative masterpiece.

To inspire you to begin your own upcycling project, we have created an extensive list of ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Follow along to discover over 50 fantastic upcycled furniture ideas!

Upcycled furniture wooden table on a spacious loft style living room, 50+ Upcycled Furniture Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

1. Crates And Plywood

Upcycled hipster flat with DIY wooden furniture and blackboard

Stacked wooden crates make for the perfect shelving system. Orient the crates both horizontally and vertically for extra dimension. Plywood adds natural texture to the room. You can also use it as a tack board or attach various shelves onto it.

2. Spool Table

Modern upcycled interior of spacious grey and white loft

A spool table is an ideal size for serving as a small accent table. It’s the perfect companion for an eclectic space and plays well off other styles.

3. Unfinished Shelf

Unfinished wood has become a whole mood. Incorporate unfinished wooden pieces to the design space for a laid back look. This circular shelf looks great in the hallway.

4. Wallpaper Design

Applying wallpaper to the back of a glass-front cabinet adds a zing of excitement to the furniture. Browse through wallpaper options to find the best for your desired aesthetic.

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5. Distressed Look

Distressing furniture gives the pieces a more distinguished appearance. It helps them look more aged than they actually are.

6. Console Table

New hardware automatically upgrades any furniture. It even has the ability to alter the style of it.

7. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. The sleek charcoal black hue and new hardware on this piece give it new life and an upgraded appearance.

8. Busy Bee

Give your furniture an immediate upgrade with a new paint design. These bees and flowers bring a new, fun element to the otherwise plain piece of furniture.

9. Table Transformation

If you’re artistic or just want to try your hand at some painting creativity, give a pair of side tables a makeover. Use stencils or freehand your own designs.

10. Emerald Green Coating And New Upholstery

Coat your old bench with a gorgeous emerald green hue for a bold, eye-catching style. Cover the bench with new upholstery and upholstery tacks for upgraded comfort.

11. Refinished

Refinish any old piece of furniture in your home to give it new life. You can stain the piece, paint it, then distress it to give it some character.

12. Soft Blue Hue

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do to the look of the furniture in a room. Maybe you have a kitchen table and set of chairs that simply don’t match your style anymore. Instead of getting rid of the set, refresh the look with a new paint color.

13. Feminine Transformation

Transform a piece of furniture to look more feminine. The sweetest pale pink paint can give a facelift to furniture and give it the feminine touch you are looking for.

14. Storage Bench

Use an updated storage bench in the hallway to hide away items that would otherwise clutter the space.

15. Eclectic Paint Job

Do you have a throw pillow whose pattern you adore? Replicate the pattern onto a dresser for a fun, cohesive look in the room.

16. Wash Stand

Refinish an old washstand to give it that well sought-after charm. Pastel colors do the trick.

17. Farmhouse Table

Give a farmhouse table a modern makeover with a simple coat of paint. Chalk paint gives off those cozy farmhouse vibes.

18. Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are an excellent way to get extra storage without sacrificing a whole lot of space. With different designs on each table, they’ll bring fun accents when you slide them out.

19. Decoupaged Drawers

Transform a set of drawers with the help of decoupage. This gives the piece a personal, unique touch.

20. Bright And Cheerful

Vibrant yellow and green bring a whole lot of cheer to the room. This dresser has decoupaged flowers, butterflies, and even a poem to make it more personal.

21. Make A Statement

Make a statement with your upcycled furniture. Give it a graffiti makeover to have a fun piece of “street art” in your home. Graffiti has started to become more recognized as a legitimate art form.

22. Tire Upgrade

For a 100% unique piece of furniture, transform any old tire into an armchair. Reduce, reuse, and recycle brings on a whole new meaning with this chair.

23. Knobby

An assortment of knobs adds a fun design element to this color-blocked desk. The knobs incorporate all the colors used in the desk to make a cohesive look.

24. Matching Shades

Match your outdoor furniture to the plants that surround them. This emerald green color on the chairs wraps up the area in nice matching hues.

25. Farmhouse Treasures

No need to let that old barn house wood go to waste. Turn it into a fun rustic rack for towels, jackets, or anything else you can imagine.

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26. Wallpaper Accent

Cover a bookshelf in black and white wallpaper. With this style of wallpaper, you can color what you want then brush a protective sealant on top.

27. Zebra Painting

Paint an intense scene onto a dresser. These fighting zebras are in the midst of an explosion of color. Use the same colors over the whole dresser for a cohesive look.

28. Rolling Sofa

Build your own sofa with materials laying around the house and garage. Gather old pipes, wooden blocks, wheels, and even those old pairs of denim jeans you no longer wear.

29. Tea Trolly Reimagined

Turn an antique tea trolly into the perfect bar cart. Paint the cane material a chic shade of black to make it that much more elegant.

30. VW Bus

Nothing says fun and vintage quite like the classic VW Bus. So why not bring that type of design into your house and onto a piece of furniture?

31. Art Deco Sideboard

A fresh coat of stain, black paint, and new hardware reinvigorate the furniture. Line the drawers with a fun, whimsical pattern.

32. Bed Frame Makeover

Transform a French-inspired bed frame into a lovely little bench seat. Instead of purchasing new furniture, think of unused pieces and how you can repurpose them.

33. Boeing 737 Wheel

This is the perfect addition to your sleek, modern room. The wheel from a Boeing 737 airplane provides a very unique look.

34. New Paint And Finish

New paint color, finish, and distressing may be just the right formula for giving your room that updated look you’ve been wishing for.

35. Meaningful Decoupage

If you have special maps or other meaningful paper items, consider decoupaging them onto a dresser in your room. It gives the piece more character and holds a special meaning.

36. Kitchen Upgrade

Lemons exude the sense of freshness and cheer. Their sunny hue animates everything around them. Use a stamp for the perfect blue and white pattern.

37. Country Chic

Turn those unused wooden scraps into a playhouse kitchen. Create a fun play kitchen for the little kids in your life. What a great way to reuse materials!

38. Watermelon Fun

A boring old brown chair doesn’t have to stay boring forever. Use a good fabric marker or paint on your upholstery to bring new life to it.

39. Minty Green Nightstand

Turn a nightstand into the ultimate play kitchen area and use a minty green paint color to completely sell it.

40. Retro Barrels

Give new life to those old metal barrels that somehow found their way into your garage. The first thing you’ll need to do is clean them up. Then, cut them into a chair shape and re-fix the top of the barrel to the middle to serve as the seat. Paint, upholster, and put on the finishing details!

41. Wine Rack

Get a new wine rack out of that old dresser that’s just sitting around the house. Repurpose the drawer fronts into nifty decorative hooks.

42. A Door No More

Make it look pretty and serve a purpose at the same time. This door has been transformed into a mudroom bench with storage and hooks to hang things.

43. Chalk Paint

Coat your wooden accent chair in a fresh coat of chalk paint. Chalk paint has a beautiful chalky, matte look to it. Paint the nooks and crannies of the chair with different colors or create a pattern with the way you paint.

44. Upcycled Sewing Machine

If that vintage sewing machine just sits in a corner, maybe it’s time to find a new use for it. Consider upcycling it into a neat chair.

45. Writing Bureau

Turn that writing bureau into the perfect bar area! One great thing about this upcycle is the ease with which you can hide away the bar contents: simply close the drop-down desktop. When the desk is closed up, the piece will look just like any other writing bureau.

46. Chicken Wire Hutch

Instead of a glass panel front on the doors of a hutch, replace it with chicken wire. Chicken wire is an exceptional addition to any farmhouse, rustic design. Don’t miss out!

47. Card Catalog Unit

What a stunning vintage find! Upgrade a library card catalog unit by adding some metal legs to it. It’s a fun piece of furniture that won’t go unnoticed.

48. Color Makeover

Spruce up an old piece of furniture with a color makeover. Though woods like finished oak are a bit outdated, you can give the piece new life by coating it in a bright hue. Consider lining the inside with a fresh, fun fabric.

49. Stencil Work

One part of furniture that’s often overlooked is the side of the drawers. Since that part of the furniture is almost always hidden (when drawers are closed), it typically doesn’t cross one’s mind. One way to make it more amusing is by using stencils on it. Bright tones are a welcome upgrade.

50. Red Wagon Coffee Table

That old red wagon that’s hiding in the garage picking up rust can see a new day with a little help. It doesn’t have to remain a hidden childhood treasure. Instead, upcycle it and spotlight it in your living room as a coffee table.

51. Dresser Drawers

Prop up a set of dresser drawers vertically and add some legs to them to turn them into small accent shelves.

52. Red Wagon Cart

Back to the old red wagon. Turn it into a unique cart! Whether you use it as a bar cart or an outdoor flower cart, it’s sure to provide a fun look.

53. Bed-To-Bench

Upcycle that old bed headboard and footboard into a bench. Coat it in a fresh coat of paint of your choice to give it a polished look.

54. Suitcase Desk

There’s something so fun and trendy about vintage suitcases. Hang onto that attribute and turn it into a desk. Add some little storage shelves and drawers and you’ll be good to go.

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