How To Update a Bathroom Vanity? [Six Actionable Ideas]

There's nothing quite as satisfying as updating a living space in your home. Bathrooms, in particular, are a great place to turn a stale look into something fresh. With a few changes, like paint, new lighting, and an update to your bathroom vanity, you can turn something blah into something bazinga! But how do you update a bathroom vanity?

White modern bathroom with huge windows and large rectangular mirror in the vanity area
There are several ways you can update your bathroom vanity.
  • Install new hardware
  • Give it a fresh coat of paint
  • Get new faucets
  • Paint over your sink
  • Choose a new countertop
  • Replace the old vanity with a new one

Some of these things you can easily do yourself. Others may require a professional. But once you set a budget and start getting into the project, you'll know the best direction to head in for a fresh new look. But most importantly, have fun as you refresh and update your bathroom vanity. Keep reading to see our suggestions.

An Easy Update For Your Bathroom Vanity: New Hardware

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do for your bathroom vanity is to swap out outdated knobs and handles for something more stylish. With a couple of screwdrivers and a bit of elbow grease, you can have this quick project done in an afternoon or less. There are so many great styles of knobs out there; the problem won't be doing the work but choosing your favorites.

These aged bronze pulls from Franklin Brass will complete your farmhouse or transitional look. These pulls are 4" in length and are sleek iron with subtle pewter undertones. This is a pack of ten (that are packaged individually to prevent scratching), so there may be more than you need, but you could use them in all of your bathrooms.

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Like a little color in your life? These retro ceramic knobs are lovely in off-white and sunny yellow. The floral design adds a finishing touch, and the bronze finish pulls out the warm tones. They are 1.3" in diameter and come in a  pack of six.

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Give Your Vanity A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Another way to update your vanity is to give it a new coat of paint. Because cabinets are used frequently, painting a cabinet is slightly more complicated than painting a wall, but it can be done and done to last. And it's such an easy way to give your space a whole new look.

How Do I Paint A Bathroom Vanity?

Your first steps are to take off all the hardware. Take off the doors and hinges (labeling them, so you know where to return). Take out the drawers and set aside. Tape off your countertop and walls and anything else that doesn't get paint and could be at risk for getting touched.

Give every painted surface a light sanding with a sanding block, including the doors and the drawer fronts you've removed.

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Then prime all painted surfaces with an oil-based primer. The reason for choosing oil-based is to reduce any risk of bleed through. It does have fumes and odors, so be sure to ventilate your space.

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Then paint over all of your primed surfaces. Generally, you'll want to do two coats for even coverage. When everything is completely dry, including your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, reassemble with hinges and hardware and remove any taping you've done to protect your walls and countertops.

Can You Refinish A Bathroom Vanity?

This is all fine and good, but your vanity isn't painted. It's a finished wood cabinet. Can you refinish the vanity if it's made of wood with a finish? The simple answer is yes, you can. Pretty much following the same process as working with paint, you start by removing all hardware, then by using a sander remove all of the old finish.

At that point, you can choose to restain it in a new wood tone or keep the natural color of the wood. You can finish it with a polyurethane sealer in matte or a sheen. If you want a more rustic look, you might consider using a wax product. These waxes are also available in stain colors.

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What Is The Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color?

It probably comes as no surprise, but neutrals remain in for the bathroom. In 2019, the most popular bathroom vanity colors were white, grey, rustic grey, and black.

Get New Faucets To Update Your Vanity

Another relatively easy update for your bathroom vanity is to switch out your plumbing fixtures. Depending on your handiness, you may need to hire a plumber to come to swap them out for you. However, a qualified professional should be able to get it done in short order. Like new hardware, picking out faucets can be daunting or exciting. We've chosen a few here we think are great.

This affordable beauty comes complete with water supply lines and a pop-up drain. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Modern, farmhouse, industrial - this faucet set can go in a variety of design directions. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Can I Paint A Bathroom Sink?

Maybe you are in a house that dates back to the 1970s and sure you can do all of these updates, but it won't help with that avocado green or flamingo pink sink basin. What can you do?

It is possible to paint a bathroom sink. It will be cheaper than replacing it, but it's not going to give you that brand new porcelain sink feel. Here's a quick ">YouTube video on how it can be done.

Choose A New Countertop

Now that you've taken care of your vanity base and your hardware, suddenly, your old countertops seem tired and dated. Replacing your countertop does require more extensive work. You'll have to remove the sink and the plumbing fixtures, tear out the old one, possibly repaint if the damage is done to the walls during the process, but if you want a new countertop, it's worth it.

There are great options out there from granite to quartz, to concrete, you could even choose copper sheeting or a leather product. If you're on a super tight budget and can't afford to deconstruct and reconstruct, then you might consider a simple peel and stick paper like this marble look type.

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Replace Your Old Vanity With New

Recently we've seen more and more the rise of the all in one vanity. These are like pieces of furniture for your bathroom and come complete with base, sink, faucets, hardware, and countertops. Pulling out the old vanity may leave you with some cleanup, and you'll still need someone with plumbing knowledge to unhook and rehook your fixtures, but this is a quick and easy way to get a whole new vanity look in your bathroom.

This beautiful fully-assembled 30" vanity comes in two colors, weathered oak as shown, or white. Each unit comes equipped with an integrated countertop and sink, though you'll need to buy your plumbing fixtures separately. The single door slides on a barn door style track, and the two baskets are included for whichever side you choose to leave as open shelving.

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Need something a little wider? Check out this gorgeous 42" vanity with Italian Carrara Marble Top. Nine drawers and a center cabinet give you plenty of storage and are finished with brushed nickel hardware. Faucets are sold separately, but the under-mount rectangular sink is included. Also included are a matching backsplash and wall mirror. Free curbside delivery is available by appointment.

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If you need double sinks, you might go for this 60" wall mounted minimalist vanity in white. Four hidden drawers pop open with a simple push for plenty of storage. The top is made of white acrylic with two integrated acrylic sinks. The entire piece is a high-gloss modern white. Faucets will need to be purchased separately. Some installation is required.

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From Least Time Consuming To The Most

It's easy to update that vanity. Whether you're going to go for a simple hardware update to a whole new look, the choices are there. We hope the ideas presented here will spark your creativity. And if you want even more sparks, check out these other posts on bathroom ideas at Home Decor Bliss.

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