Should You Upgrade Carpet In A New Home?

Deciding whether to upgrade the carpet in your new home can be stressful without some help. Do you plan to live in your home long-term, or is this more of a rental property, meaning the carpet will need to replaced in a few years anyway? We have done plenty of research to find you the answers you need. 

You should upgrade your carpet if you don't want to replace it every few years. Higher quality carpet lasts longer, at roughly ten years, than cheaper options, lasting roughly five years, and will save you time and money in the future. Regardless of what your plans are for your home, it's better to invest in nicer carpet now rather than need to tear it out repeatedly. 

As we start this post, we will share the best ways to make your carpet last and tag a few related products. Although nobody likes premium pricing, it is best to splurge on an upgraded option for your home's carpet. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

An empty bedroom entrance in new modern apartment with large windows and carpet, Should You Upgrade Carpet In A New Home?

Why Should I Upgrade My New Home's Carpet?

When choosing an upgraded carpet over a cheaper option, you essentially invest in your home's value. Typically, newer homes opt for cheaper carpet options to save money, but that choice will end up costing more over time than the initial premium carpet price. For example, a lower-end carpet will only last one to five years versus a premium lasting well over ten years. So again, this will come down to what you are willing to spend on your home's carpet and overall upkeep.

Empty bedroom entrance in new modern luxury apartment with large windows and carpet

Is It Worth Spending More Money On Carpet?

From what we found, yes, it is worth it to spend more money on your carpet. But, unfortunately, homebuilders and designers often make the mistake of installing lower-quality carpets to save money, only to replace them a year or two later. Material plays a significant role in how expensive your carpet will be and how long you can expect it to last. Although spending extra money on carpet can feel redundant, we suggest splurging now rather than later.

What Is The Best Grade Of Carpet?

When it comes to the best grade of carpet available on the market, wool and nylon come out on top. Higher-end carpets, like wool and nylon, have a luxurious fiber material and often weigh more than a standard carpet option. Although nylon is a synthetic carpet, it still outperforms polyester and other synthetic options because of its durable and high-quality material.

Typically, wool will cost you $45 to $85 per square yard, and nylon is usually around $40 to $50. Although this price range seems steep, wool and nylon will last three to four times longer than other polyester or synthetic options.

The Quality of Wool Carpet

Although there are a few great carpet options, ultimately, wool takes the crown. That is because of wool's resistance to stains, fading, matting, and overall wear and tear. Compared to a synthetic or polyester blend, wool will not age as quickly and keeps its, like new, look much longer. In addition, wool is a high-density carpet, meaning it can tolerate higher traffic without discoloring or shedding. If you can afford to splurge on wool, expect it to last ten to 15 years.

Is Upgraded Carpet Padding Worth It?

If you are torn between also upgrading your carpet padding, we recommend you do. Although carpet padding is not visible, it can make a world of difference for your carpet. Essentially, the padding under your carpet is what gives it a bounce and comfortable feeling, so it's crucial to choose a good one. From what we found, memory foam padding is the best option on the market and is a favorite among builders.

Can You Put New Padding Under Old Carpet?

When it comes to putting new padding under old carpet, we suggest inspecting your current carpet first. If your carpet is in good shape and does not have water damage of any kind, that is when this is a good idea. New padding is an easy way to make your current carpet feel new and help its overall cushion. Typically, carpet padding will last 20 to 25 years, so this is not a frequent thing you need to replace.

How Can You Tell Good Quality Carpet?

White wool rug

Whether you are an expert or not, there are a few ways to tell if a carpet is of good quality. A few details to keep an eye out for would be the density or thickness of the carpet and how soft it feels.

Although a carpet can be misleading, an easy test to check its quality is to bend it in half and see if you can spot its backing easily. Cheaper-made carpet will show its backing very obviously versus a premium option, so that will give it away. Another detail to look for is whether the carpet feels crunchy or not, and if it does, it is a lower-quality option.

What Should I Look For When Buying New Carpet?

If you are in the market for a new carpet, checking its material is essential. For higher-quality carpets, you should see and feel a difference in texture and fullness versus cheaper options. A few important things to look for in a new carpet include:

  • Thick, full fibers
  • Soft and fluffy texture
  • Stain-resistant material
  • A high density and quality rating
  • A ten-year texture retention warranty

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Removing stains from the carpet

To keep your carpet looking fresh and in good condition, you've got to clean it regularly. From what we found, you should deep clean your carpet at least twice per year. Although every home is different, getting your carpet cleaned regularly will help them last longer and look better. If you don't mind putting in some work, there are plenty of good at-home carpet cleaning products that you can use rather than hiring a company. 

This carpet cleaning machine from Hoover is perfect for a DIY clean. This cleaner has a 20-foot cord, power spin brush, and promises to freshen up carpets in areas with high foot traffic.

Check out this carpet cleaner on Amazon here.

There are other options available, too, such as this one below. 

This at-home carpet cleaning solution is from Bissell. This portable cleaner promises to remove stains and help prevent them in the future and comes with a stair attachment. 

View this portable cleaner on Amazon here.

Is It Better To Shampoo Or Steam Clean Carpets?

When it comes to whether you should shampoo or steam clean your carpets, steaming does a better job. Between the two, steamed carpets dry faster than shampooed and are a better option for regular cleaning.

Essentially, the high temperature and pressure of the steam break up dirt and removes it from your carpet without too much moisture left behind. Although a good carpet shampoo never hurts anyone, we suggest staying away from doing it more than once per year. The less water your carpet comes in contact with, the better it will hold up long-term.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you made it here as a carpet connoisseur or simply a curious new home buyer, quality means everything. From what we found, wool and nylon are the longest-lasting among carpet choices and won't need to be replaced every few years. When it comes to signs of a good-quality carpet, make sure to look for thick, soft fibers and one that promises to hold up in high traffic areas. Although higher-end carpet comes with a matching price tag, think of it as an investment in your home for the future to come. Finally, regardless of what carpet you choose, make sure to clean it regularly and support it with well-cushioned padding.

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