Can I Use Candle Wax For My Pool Table?

Filling the seam is necessary for assembling the slate pieces into a full pool table. And whether it's a pool table for your house or office, waxing is the best option. Want to know if you can use candle wax for this task? We researched this question, and here’s what we found.

Using candle wax on a pool table is possible but will make the slate more brittle and breakable. The ideal wax to use won't crumble under pressure, preferably beeswax.

In this article, we’ll discuss applying wax to a pool table. We’ll share some kinds of wax suitable for this job and the step of waxing and removing it. More information is ahead, so keep on reading!

Pool table set up for a game, Can I Use Candle Wax For My Pool Table?

Can I Use Candle Wax For My Pool Table?

You might think of candle wax when considering applying wax on a pool table. The texture feels silky, and it is simple to put on. In terms of hard shots, it also means that the wax won't crack.

However, it appears that you are mistaken about candle wax.

Candle wax is simple to put on a pool table, but it increases the risk of fracturing and cracking. The candle wax's fragile nature makes the table slate unsuitable for intense gaming.

Snooker ball on snooker table

The possibility of the ball landing in the waxed region exists even when making strong shots. But it can't withstand these powerful shots and breaks instantly.

In the middle of the game, barriers may be created through candle wax, which would hurt the game's playability. After applying candle wax, the seam-filled region quickly disappears.

However, candle wax does have a positive side. Because putty has many more chances of breaking due to hard shots, it is a better option than rock-hard putty.

What Kind Of Wax Is Used For Pool Tables?

Professional work on a pool table installation

Wanted to have a certain wax that you can apply on a slate for a pool table? Then, there isn't any substitute for beeswax that can be used on it.

Any wax will work as long as it is thick and has a high melting point. However, beeswax's texture is its most favored feature.

Here are the reasons why it is a better choice:

  • Beeswax is a natural product that is safe for you and the environment.
  • It is a hard wax that ensures a smoother playing surface without adding to the weight of the pool table.
  • Despite its hardness, it is flexible enough to prevent the table slate from splitting or shattering.
  • Even once the installation process is finished, the user can level the table slate due to the flexibility of the beeswax.
  • To repair chips and cracks in the pool table slate, beeswax is a great alternative.
  • After applying wax to seal the table slate's seams, it guarantees a flat playing surface.

What Is The Best Beeswax For Pool Tables?

The best beeswax for pool tables is essential because it keeps the table clean and gives the balls a smooth surface to roll on. Also, it is simple to use and persists for a long time without requiring frequent application.

Beeswax comes in a wide variety of brands and varieties, but not all are the same. Below are some of them.

Tiger Pure Bees Wax

It is a premium beeswax that is produced in the United States. Although its primary function is to fill in spaces and cracks between your slate, you can also use it on a pool cue to polish the tips and the shaft.

It's much smaller than you think it is, which is the main complaint from many customers. To put it into context, this product isn't much bigger than two quarters.

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DB Entertainment Company Blue Beeswax

It is the ideal product to use to seal the seams on your slate like a pro. This wax, a unique combination of beeswax and resin that solidifies like a rock, works well as a seam, hole, and chip sealant.

Additionally, one wax stick can be used again and cover numerous tables.

See this DB blue beeswax on Amazon.

Stakich Yellow Beeswax

This premium, triple-filtered beeswax is ideal for filling up gaps and cracks in the pool table slate. The company Stakich has a lengthy history and a solid reputation.

For over 90 years, they have offered high-quality beehive-related products.

One of its best features is that this wax is available in blocks varying in size from 1, 2, 5, and 10 pounds. This makes it very simple to complete many tasks by determining how much wax you will use.

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Game Room Guys Beeswax

It is the best choice if you're seeking a high-quality item created in the USA. This beeswax is ideal for lubricating and rust-proofing instruments and filling increases in your pool table slate.

Additionally, it can be used to wax wood and weatherproof leather goods.

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EricX Light Beeswax

Each of these packs has seven beeswax bars, each weighing 1 oz. These wax bars are only considered cosmetic grade due to their low quality. Due to the quality, this beeswax is probably not the best on your pool table.

Numerous users have also expressed their displeasure with the wax's offensive odor before and after melting. However, it is advisable to use this because the price is unbeatable if you are not against putting beeswax of poorer grade on your pool table.

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When choosing beeswax for your pool table, you must first consider the climate in your area.

You choose the mold and mildew-resistant beeswax if you reside in a region with significant humidity. For the dry region, choose beeswax that won't crumble or crack.

Next, the type of pool table you have. You'll need to use a different kind of wax on a slate pool table than on a wooden one. Some waxes can harm slate since it has a porous surface.

Although wood is less porous than slate, some waxes can still harm it.

Lastly, the frequency of pool table usage. If you use your pool table regularly, you should pick a beeswax that requires less frequent application.

If you just seldom use your pool table, you can pick a beeswax that requires a more frequent application.

How Do You Wax A Pool Table?

Slate slabs on a pool table on a maple wood frame

You should wax a pool table to create a flat, smooth playing surface. It creates a full slate for the pool table, preventing any distractions from the game. Waxing a pool table involves the following steps.

1. Make sure that the table is straight/level and in its stable position.

2. Cold slate does not hold wax very well. So, pre-heat the seam with a propane hand torch.

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3. Drizzle wax over it with the same torch. On each side of the seam line, you can typically spread wax 1” to 2” thick.

4. Allow the wax to cool for about 30 seconds. However, don't let the wax cool down too much. It will immediately solidify, making removal exceedingly challenging.

5. Smooth it out evenly with a scraper to remove the excess.

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6. Check the seam for any irregularities using your fingertips once the wax has been removed. The wax's primary purpose is to make the seam appear as though it never existed.

There shouldn't be any edges, dips, or bumps on the seam that you can feel.

7. Clear the surface off as much wax as you can. Extra wax will find its way into the cloth's base, where it could subsequently result in a line or discoloration.

8. Wipe off the surface with a damp cloth.

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9. Sweep the entire area with your bare hands because you can easily detect any discrepancies on the slate with your hands.

10. You can now prepare to place the tablecloth on it.

This simple step is essential since nothing is worse than finishing your table only to find a tiny shard of wax or wood underneath your cloth. A video on YouTube is shown below to visualize how the process is done.

How Do You Remove Beeswax On Your Pool Table?

The pool table must be disassembled if you need to move it. And so, you will need to remove first the beeswax between the slate.

There are different products you can use to remove beeswax. One of them is turpentine, manufactured from pine sap. The beeswax will be safely and swiftly dissolved in this way.

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Another one is lacquer thinner. As a mixture of solvents, lacquer thinner may easily remove beeswax from slate surfaces of the pool table. This won't work on wood surfaces, so don't use it there.

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Make sure you take the table slate to a room with good ventilation. You must use a cloth to apply these products to the seams. After that, scrape the slate completely to get rid of the wax.

To Finish Things Up

A pool Table, set up for a game

Candle wax is not a soft material that would work well for seam filling. Instead, the wax's rough feel produces a strange condition that has a negative impact on the gameplay.

Therefore, a better kind of wax is necessary, and hoping the discussion above helps you with what wax is ideal for your pool table.

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