How to Use Your Phone in the Shower [Inc. Pocketed Shower Curtains Ideas]

Have you ever missed an important phone call or text message because you couldn't hear your phone over the loud shower? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could somehow use your phone in the shower?  Well, as it turns out, you can do just that!

If your phone is waterproof, you'll be able to use it in the shower with no issues — place it in a phone holder. If your phone isn't waterproof, you'll need a way to protect it. One of the best ways to protect your phone in the shower is with a pocketed shower curtain. Another great option is to put your phone in a Ziploc bag.

Keep reading for some helpful information and cool products that will allow you to use your phone in the shower!

How to Use Your Phone in the Shower [Inc. Pocketed Shower Curtains Ideas]

Can Steam From The Shower Ruin My Phone?

We've probably all placed our unprotected phone in close proximity to the shower — as long as the water doesn't get on it, it's fine, right? Actually, no. The steam created from a long, hot shower can damage your phone as well.

Steam is simply water that has been heated and converted into vapor. When it comes in contact with other surfaces and cools, this water vapor then condenses, which means it turns back into liquid form. This is why the bathroom mirror is foggy after a long shower. The fog on the mirror is a thin layer of water that has condensed onto the mirror's surface.

So what does this mean for your unprotected phone that's sitting a few feet away from the shower? Simply put, it means that your phone can still suffer from water damage even if it isn't in the shower itself. If enough steam condenses on the phone, those little water droplets can potentially get into the cracks and crevices of the phone and cause damage.

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Water-resistant

To determine whether or not your phone is water-resistant, dunk it in a tub of water and see if it still works— just kidding, don't do that!

The good news is that many modern phones are water-resistant, which means they are virtually waterproof when submerged in small amounts of water down to a certain depth. Water pressure increases with depth, so past a certain point, the water will begin to seep into the cracks of the phone and cause damage.

It's quite simple to determine whether or not your phone is water-resistant. Check the manufacturer's specifications for your particular model online. If a phone is waterproof, that will be one of its key selling points, so it won't be challenging to find.

Some of the most popular water-resistant phones are the iPhone 11 series, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, and the Google Pixel series. Be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications for your particular phone.

Pocketed Shower Curtain Liners

Pocketed shower curtains are one of the most innovative solutions for using your phone in the shower. Another great thing about these curtains is that you can still use a decorative shower curtain (in addition to the liner) to match your bathroom's style and aesthetic. You can even get both function and beauty!

We've made a list of some of the best-pocketed shower curtains on the market.

Cedmon Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with 9 Mesh Pockets

This waterproof shower curtain liner has nine mesh pockets installed on it. These pockets can help you with your bathroom organization as well as a place to put your phone or tablet. If you want to use your phone in the shower or bath, make sure to use a waterproof phone holder (since pockets are mesh).

This material is very durable and, as a bonus, is easy to clean. Customers who have used this product say that the pockets are well-placed.

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Mrs. Awesome Fabric Shower Curtain with 9 Handy Mesh Pockets 

Maybe you don't need your phone directly in the shower, but you want it handy and close by. This water-repellant shower curtain liner has nine mesh pockets that you can use to organize shower and bathroom items or place your electronic devices! Save space in your bathroom when using a shower curtain like this one.

Consider placing your phone in a waterproof phone holder then in one of these pockets if you plan on using your device in the shower. The curtain is made from breathable 100% polyester material.

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iPad Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner 

Enjoy the use of your devices in your shower or bath with this 100% waterproof shower curtain liner. The 12 pockets make sure you can get the angle you want when using your device in the shower. The liner is constructed from a heavy-duty EVA material.

The top hem has been reinforced to withstand pulling and tugging, the bottom has magnets to improve stability, and it has rust-proof stainless steel grommets for easy sliding of the liner. It comes with 12 stainless steel shower hooks.

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BUNKERWALL 17 Pocket Shower Curtain Liner

With 17 pockets to choose from, you'll have no shortage of options in the shower! Pick whichever height or size that works with yourself and your device. The extra-thick, heavy-duty material ensures that your device(s) will remain protected from the water. You'll be able to use your touchscreen through the shower curtain so that you won't miss a beat.

The varied pocket sizes allow you to use a variety of devices: tablets, phones, or anything else you may use in the shower. Customers who have used this product enjoy the utility it provides. There is no need to leave devices aside when you're showering.

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Waterproof Phone Holders

Another great option for using your phone in the shower is with the use of a waterproof phone holder. A phone holder like these is a must for the mesh-pocketed shower curtain liners we mentioned. Enjoy the mobility that shower phone holders give you. You'll find some great options below!

Shower Universal Waterproof Phone Case & Wall Dock

No need to worry about your phone being damaged beyond repair when you use this waterproof shower phone holder. The case is waterproof, scratch-resistant, touchscreen-friendly, and features a secure locking seal. Use it handsfree or attach it to its wall mount.

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Shower Phone Holder with Waterproof Pouch & Adhesive Wall Mount

With both a lanyard or magnetic mounting option, you'll have a couple of ways to utilize your phone in the shower. The mounting base will stick firmly to your shower, ensuring it won't fall! Strong, durable material also allows you to have touchscreen capability. The bag secures and locks well.

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Use Ziploc Bags To Waterproof Your Phone

If you aren't sold on any of the waterproofing methods we've discussed, there's another solution that's simple and timeless — the Ziploc bag. Just stick your phone into the bag, squeeze the air out of it, zip it up, and your phone is effectively waterproof. The advantage of using this method is that you can pick up your phone, place it anywhere, and use it like normal even when you're standing in the shower.

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Final Thoughts

Pocketed shower curtains, waterproof phone holders, and Ziploc bags are great products that can allow you to use your phone in the shower.

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