How To Use Seam Tape On Carpet

When is the last time that you installed carpet? Many do-it-yourself type people rarely find themselves doing this project. This is because buying a new carpet usually comes with installation, but it also requires very specific tools. However, you may find yourself needing to know how to work with carpet one day. Maybe, you just need to know how to join two pieces of carpet together using seam tape. We have looked into the best way to complete this task so that the process can be as hassle-free as possible for you!

Using seam tape to join your carpet together isn't always the easiest job, but you can do it. There may be several different reasons why you might find yourself needing to use seam tape on your carpet. Regardless of the reason, there are steps to take to ensure that the job is done properly.

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Place the carpet
  3. Make measurements and cuts
  4. Place the seam tape
  5. Finish joining the carpet together

Knowing how to do a job is half the battle, but knowing how to apply what you've learned is arguably even more important. Before you make a trip to your local home improvement store to prepare for this job, you should know as much as you can about it. Make sure you keep reading below for an in-depth look at using seam tape on your carpet!

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Using Seam Tape On Your Carpet

Joining two separate pieces of carpet using tape may not seem like a huge deal at first. All you have to do is put down some tape and put the carpet on top of it, right? While that's one way to look at it, another is that if you mess up any of the measurements or cutting at all, then you're either going to have to start over or look at a poorly done job every time you walk into that room.

The result of this job is more important than many other home improvement jobs because of how visible the mistakes will be. So it's very important to do the job correctly. 

Installation of carpet

Why You Have To Join Carpet Together

Usually, when a carpet is cut, it's cut to the measurement of a room. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't instances where you may find that it's necessary to use separate carpet pieces. It's always possible that measurements get taken wrong, and the carpet ends up short in one room.

Perhaps your carpet also rips or gets an unremovable stain, and you want to put some new carpet down in that spot. These are just a couple of reasons why this project might come up. 

1. Gather Your Materials

There are some tools for this job that you likely already have and some specialty tools that you'll need to get. The simpler tools are a tape measure, pencil, straightedge, utility knife, and some objects to use as weights like books.

The specialty tools include a carpet seam roller, a carpet seam iron, and carpet seam tape. 

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2. Place The Carpet

The first step after gathering your materials is to lay down the two carpet pieces. Place the pieces down with the edge of one piece overlapping the other piece by two to three inches. This is important to ensure that there is not a gap between the pieces when you finish.

It's also very important during this step to make sure that the direction of the two pieces of carpet is the same. There are usually arrows on the bottom of the carpet if you are unsure. 

3. Make Measurements And Cuts

The first measurements you'll want to make are on the bottom of the overlapping carpet. Fold it back and mark one inch from the edge across the entire seam. You can then use a chalk line or just a pencil and a ruler to make a cutting line. Use your knife to cut the carpet all the way down that line.

Once this is done, place the carpet back over the other piece, and it should still overlap a little. Now, pick a spot where the carpets still overlap. Then, use your straightedge and knife to cut the carpet again along that overlapping line making sure to cut through both carpet pieces. The pieces should now sit snuggly against each other. 

The last measurement and cut will be for the seam tape. Measure the length of the seam that the tape will go under. Once this is done, carefully cut a piece of seam tape to those measurements. 

4. Place The Seam Tape

When placing the seam tape, make sure to place it under the carpet with the adhesive side facing up towards the ceiling. You'll also want to center to carpet seam in the middle of the tape. Keep in mind that using only one piece of tape will help to give the seam the tightest seal possible. Place the edges of the carpet pieces together on top of the tape as tightly as possible while heating the seam iron. 

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your seam iron with these next steps. Once the iron is hot enough, take it to one side of the carpet seam and gently separate the carpet so that you can get to the tape.

Now, use the iron to heat the tape, making sure to follow the instructions to know how long you should do this. Once it's hot enough, you can join the carpet tightly back together. Do this down the length of the carpet section by section. 

5. Finish Joining The Carpet Together

Once the seam is completely placed on the warmed tape, it's important to make sure the carpet is pressed down. Use the carpet roller over the entire length of the seam. This will help to press the carpet pieces onto the adhesive as much as possible to ensure the best connection and hold.

After using the roller, you'll want to take your weights and place them over the seam overnight. Doing this will also help to make the seam connected as firmly as possible. Now you can move onto the next job! 

For a look at how this process is done, here is a great video!


More Carpet Seam Installing Questions

It's important to know as much about a project as possible to avoid any possible mistakes. 

How Do You Hide Carpet Seams?

As long as the application of the seam tape is done correctly, then you shouldn't have to worry about being able to see the seam. If both pieces are placed up against each other as tightly as possible, and the seam is pushed down onto the tape well enough, then the naked eye won't be able to spot where the job was done. Making sure to use the carpet roller and weights also helps a lot with this. 

Does Double-Sided Tape Stick To Carpet?

Yes, double-sided seam tape does stick to the bottom of the carpet. However, it does have to be heated up first to activate the bonding glue on the tape. This is a good option as long as the ground under the carpet is also smooth enough to bond with the tape. 

Is Double-Sided Carpet Tape Removable?

Not all double-sided carpet tape is easy to remove. Many leave behind a serious residue and are not meant to be removed for a long time.

However, there is double-sided carpet tape that is easy to remove. These are mostly made for area rugs or outdoor rugs. You can use them on carpet seams; just be aware that they aren't meant to last as long as other double-sided carpet tapes!

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How Do You Use Double-Sided Carpet Seam Tape?

Many double-sided carpet tapes do not require a seam iron; instead, removable paper on both sides is taken off at installation. After deciding the tape placement, remove the paper on one side and apply it to the floor. Then, remove the paper on the other side of the tape before pressing the carpet down onto it. 

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What Is The Best Carpet Seam Tape? 

Instead of trying to find one carpet seam tape that's better than the rest, you should focus on what you need the tape for. Different types of carpet tape are better for different situations. If you are using the seam tape on interior carpet that you want to be as permanent as possible, you will use industrial-grade carpet seam tape. If you're using it on an area rug or an exterior carpet, then you'll want to look at a double-sided or removable carpet tape. 

Final Thoughts

When installing carpet seam tape, it's important to remember that you can do it yourself, but it's not as easy as some other jobs. Make sure that you have the proper tools for the job. Also, give extra attention to your measurements and cuts since one small slip-up may leave you with a very visible carpet seam.

Once the job is done, make sure to press the carpet seam down onto the tape as much as possible to ensure it holds. Now that you know how to do this job, your guests shouldn't be able to see any seams in your gorgeous carpet!

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