15 Great Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

The ceilings in our home can make for quite the statement without even having to work too hard. When dealing with a vaulted ceiling specifically, there are plenty of ways you can make your space feel perfectly you. Are you looking into a modern industrial vaulted look or maybe a rustic and charming design? Lucky for you, we have done our research and have plenty of great vaulted ceiling ideas to share.

When working with a vaulted ceiling, we suggest not overdoing it with your lighting and design. This specific style of ceiling is already a statement and rarely needs a ton of embellishment. Vaulted ceilings are often found in luxury homes and loft-style apartments and genuinely have a unique look and feel. When in doubt, less is more when working with this style of architecture. 

We will cover our top 15 vaulted ceiling ideas in this post and share some helpful related products. Vaulted ceilings are such a structurally important design, and we are dying to show you our favorites. With all that being said, let's get the list started!

Four season porch addition in residential home, 15 Great Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

1. Bright Sun Room

Modern sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden with a featured brick wall

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First on the list, we have a beautiful and cheery sunroom vaulted ceiling that provides a ton of extra light. Choosing to go with a vaulted ceiling in your sunroom is a great way to add height and natural light to your space. This vaulted ceiling follows a simple design and does not include the classic wood beams that we often associate with a vaulted design. 

2. Rich Warm Wood

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

Another vaulted ceiling design idea we are loving would be a warm, rich wood beam option similar to this. This vaulted ceiling design has a classic and woodsy vibe that feels extra homey and charming. We also like how this space chose to use very similar wood throughout to create a theme. 

3. Opulent Rounded Design

Home great room with vaulted ceiling and grand piano

Here we have a more luxurious vaulted ceiling idea that feels expensive and grand. This rounded design using a vaulted technique is a great way to open up a room and add a ton of soft lighting. You can see how this room chose to add spotlights and ambient LED lighting behind the beams. 


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Here we have a 24 pack of LED soft white 60 watt light bulbs that will work great in a room with vaulted ceilings. These bulbs promise to last over 15,000 hours versus the standard 1,500 hours a regular light bulb will typically last you. View this LED light pack on Amazon here.

4. Modern Wood Cabin

Luxury property home interior living room with large mirror windows

Next, we have a modern wood cabin vaulted ceiling idea that is the perfect mix of outdoorsy and upscale interior design. This home has a natural wood beam and spotlight design that complement each other very well. When working with windows and a vaulted ceiling, adding small spotlights to brighten up your space is an easy and stylish way to get the job done. 

Aisilan LED Adjustable Ceiling Spotlight

Here we have an adjustable ceiling spotlight that will work well in a vaulted ceiling. This light comes in multiple finishes and even a dimmable option. Follow this link to Amazon to view this spotlight.

5. Grand Foyer 

Interior of expensive formal home

Sticking with a luxurious theme, we have this stunning vaulted ceiling idea that works great in a foyer. Adding a vaulted design to your home's entrance is a great way to set the tone and make a statement for anyone walking through the door. This ceiling design chose to match the beams to the window and floorboard color, which is a great touch. 

6. Low Ambient Ceiling

Luxury living room with fireplace, brown leather chairs and parquet floor

Next, we have this ambient vaulted ceiling option that feels super cozy for anyone working with a lower ceiling. Just because your ceiling isn't 25 feet high does not mean your home can't enjoy a vaulted ceiling design. We like how this room went with a warm wood theme and made sure to match the vaulted beams to the other wood elements. 

7. Bright Elegant Kitchen

Open concept elegant and spacious kitchen with marble countertops, chandelier, and two-toned cabinets

Moving into the kitchen, we have this bright and elegant vaulted ceiling option that looks straight out of a magazine. This vaulted ceiling design is a bright and white color with a glossy finish that we are absolutely in love with. Adding a low-hanging chandelier or light fixture is another excellent way to light and decorate a room with a high vaulted ceiling. 

Rust-Oleum Perma White Semi-Gloss Interior Paint

Here we have a semi-gloss white paint from the Rust-Oleum brand that will brighten up your vaulted ceiling. This paint promises to be mold and mildew resistant and is a water-based product. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

8. High Narrow Ceiling

Four season porch addition in residential home

For those working with a high, narrow ceiling, we have this vaulted design. Designing a narrow space can feel challenging when it comes to a vaulted ceiling, but you can see here that it is possible. We suggest choosing a bold light fixture or light/fan combo similar to the one shown in this example. 

Honeywell Royal Palm Ceiling Fan

Here we have a bold fan design from Honeywell that will look great in a narrow room with a vaulted ceiling. This fan has a royal palm design and is ideal for spaces up to 18 by 18 feet. View this fan on Amazon here.

9. Different Shades Of Wood

Interior of a loft, wide living room with view of the kitchen

Another way to design your vaulted ceiling would be by using different color woods similar to this room. Here, you can see how the designer chose to use a light cream wood base and then dark accented wood beaming throughout that looks fantastic. This style of vaulted ceiling has a Mediterranean feel and incorporates a ton of extra hanging lights. 

10. Studio Apartment

Kitchen cabinets with black appliances and white tile wall trim

Here we have a vaulted ceiling idea for anyone working with a smaller apartment-style space. This design is on the more basic side but still features painted beams and makes this space feel larger than it probably is. The best thing you can do in a smaller area makes it feel larger using design tricks like this. 

11. Italian Farmhouse

Another great way to design a space with vaulted ceilings would be a farmhouse style like this. This room features large wooden beams and a statement chandelier that bring us back in time in a perfect way. For those looking for a classic vaulted ceiling look, a design similar to this is a good place to start.

12. Gorgeous Arched Beams

Next, we have this stunning vaulted ceiling idea with arched wood beams that we are obsessed with. Going with an arched beam look will make your room feel high-end and well designed, which is always the end goal. We want to note the use of large chandeliers that make this room feel even more classy and ready to be photographed.

13. Light Rustic Bedroom

Here we have a light wood rustic bedroom vaulted ceiling idea that makes us feel anything but tired. Choosing to have a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom is a great way to make your space feel fit for a king or queen. The light timber beams add just the right amount of drama to this space and blend in very well with the surrounding decor. 

14. Beachside Patio

Next, we have this stunning vaulted ceiling patio idea that is just the right color and style for this space. Choosing to have your patio include a vaulted ceiling design is a great way to add height and style to your ceiling and help with the airflow. We even suggest purchasing a low-hanging fan to add a cool breeze in the hotter summer months. 

15. Dark Dramatic Beams

Last on our list, we have this super dark and dramatic vaulted ceiling option that uses black painted beams. This room has a modern yet rustic feeling to it and is very on-trend with recent design patterns. The black painted beams work to frame the vaulted ceiling and draw the eye in the very best way.

The ONE Black Water Based Paint And Primer

Here we have black paint that will add the perfect amount of drama to your wooden beams. This paint is environmentally friendly and promises a gloss finish when dried. Follow this link to Amazon to check out this paint.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that having vaulted ceilings in your home is an added advantage when it comes to architectural beauty. Choosing the perfect design for your ceilings can be as easy as a fresh coat of paint and a few extra spotlights. Adding as much natural or artificial light to your vaulted ceilings is key to keeping them bright and inviting. You want to make sure that your ceilings have just the right amount of style and design without becoming too busy. From Italian farmhouses to modern wood cabins we all wish we lived in, having vaulted ceilings is only going to make your home more memorable. 

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