Victorian-Style Bathroom Accessories (Inspiration and Shopping Links)

The Victorian design is all about grand ornamental style. It may surprise you to learn that it can actually be applied quite well even in the bathroom! In fact, enjoying a lavish bathroom environment can be quite affordable – you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy it!

Victorian-Style Bathroom Accessories

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Need some inspiration? Let’s open with some photos of Victorian Bathrooms to get you going –


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Gorgeous bathrooms, aren’t they?

But what if you can’t afford a brass bathtub on ornate legs? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This post is all about affordable smaller accents that everyone can get in order to create a pretty Victorian-style bathroom!

Let’s dig right into our collection. These items are all available from Amazon, so you can order any of them easily, simply by clicking the image or link.

1. Victorian Wall Mounted Roll Holder by the King’s Bay

This roll holder captures the elegance that traditional Victorian décor is all about. The cast iron material was deliberately chosen to help the buyer make a statement. If you truly want to replicate Victorian Gothic art form, then this is one accessory you shouldn’t miss out on.

Click here to buy this toilet roll holder.

2. Victoria Bath by Creative Scents

To add a more authentic Victorian flair to your home, consider adding this elegant bath ensemble for all your grooming needs.  This  bath  set is both functional and aesthetic   without being super expensive. Whoever is responsible for the ornate design deserves a pat on the back. You’ll get a soap dispenser, soap dish, and tooth brush holder to help you organize your bathroom in style.

 Learn more about this bathroom set here.

3. Robe Hook with Bold Patterns by OutletBestSelling

To add a more authentic Victorian flair to your home, consider adding this elegant Vintage Antique Hook to hang your robe or clothes in style. It will definitely look cool in your bathroom as you organize your stuff.

Get this bathroom robe hook here.

4. Victorian Soap Dish Holder

This soap dish holder is a must-have item if you’re serious about achieving that true Victorian Gothic inspired bathroom. It features a dramatic, bold, and rich brown look that helps you capture that classic ‘haunted mansion’ look. The soap dish makes use of earthly elements that add deep natural colors to achieve a bold design.

Click here to buy this cast iron soap dish holder.

5. Vintage Bathroom Accessories by Creative Scents

This four piece bathroom set will help you redefine your room’s artistic direction, maximizing its aesthetic potential by using colorful details that bring sophistication and style. Furthermore, the design has an authentic vintage appeal that should give you a taste of the early 1700s.

In terms of durability, this set won’t disappoint. Constructed with extremely durable resin material, this set is engineered to stand the test of time. The white layer of shade on the bathroom accessories make them universally applicable to most interiors, so you can buy with confidence.

Click here to buy this highly vintage bathroom set.

6. Brass Toilet Tank Lever by Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass, (not to be confused by the electronic manufacturer Kingston), is a renowned name in bathroom accessories industry, popular for its highly durable and stylish plumbing fixtures that add a ton of flair to just about any interior décor. The golden look of the toilet tank lever should help you get one step closer to achieving that chic look.

Click here to buy this tank lever.

7. Victorian Wall Lamp for Bathrooms by Lexluy

Imagine an old castle from the 1800s. Do you think the bathrooms in these mansions had light bulbs? Of course not! These bathrooms had candles because they were cheap and could be partnered up with ornate carved wood and wrought iron candle sticks.

You don’t have to use candle sticks to illuminate your bathroom, but you can come close by using wall lamps that incorporate the same design elements. The wall should be inventive and flexible in terms of design. This brings us to the Vintage Loft Wall Lamp.

It is made with wrought iron brackets to help you bring the essence of the Victorian interior décor into your bathroom. The iron pipe wall is made of high-quality industrial material to ensure it doesn’t corrode or rust. Furthermore, this 40-watt cap bulb is easy to install anywhere you want. You will have to buy the light bulb separately.

Click here to buy this Victorian style light fixture for your bathroom.

8. Glass Lampshade for Bathrooms by Lexluy

Most bathrooms should take advantage of technological changes that combine practicality with decorative artwork. In this case, you have an elegant-looking wall lamp that gives off ‘Victorian’ vibes.

You can install just about any 40-watt E27 light bulb to mimic the elegancy of a flickering candle flame. The only catch is that it’s not a candle flame, but an ornate modern lamp.

Click here to buy this wall lamp.

9. Ornate Embossed Wood Framed Wall Mirror by West frames

Most medieval churches and homes contain massive ornate wooden frames with giant mirrors that are arched at an angle. This carved solid wood frame mirror helps you capture that look, and the best part is that it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. It comes in a wide range of sizes, so make sure to do your research before ordering one.

Click here to buy this wall mirror.

10. 5 Piece Red Rose Accessory Set by Yalong

Red floral patterns are some of the most iconic decorating colors of the early 1900s. If you want to add authentic, vintage patterns in your bathroom, you will definitely love these accessories which will look like jewels in your bathroom.

This 5-piece set is easy to set up on your countertops, just buy and start using. The ceramic material is easy enough to clean using a moist cloth without damaging the floral pattern.

Click here to learn more about this bathroom set.

11. Decorative Waterproof Bathroom Shower Curtain by Emvency

This shower curtain managed to impress us with its brown gold floral design that features overtones of white and prominent shades of black. Emvency helps you bring elegancy to your bathroom without having to break the bank. The plastic ring hooks are included with the product, which makes installation as easy as plug and play.

The fabric itself is highly durable, built to withstand water and bacterial damage. It is easy to clean the fabric without damaging it. Simply wash it in a machine using cold water over gentle settings.  This bathroom drape emulates the fabrics of the 1700s which were designed to be both decorative and functional.

In this case, this shower curtain can be used to add a layer of privacy in your bathroom. Either way, this stylish shower curtain should easily make a glamorous addition to the bathroom.

Click here to buy it.

12. Wall Mounted Storage Rack by Quaanti

This elegant stainless steel basket provides a place for you to organize your dishes, brush, shaving cream, and other essential bathroom items. The material is made of non-porous stainless steel that can resist anything you throw at it. This includes water, bacteria, mold, and rough usage.

The surface has that elegant brass finish that enhances the aesthetics of the storage rack. It is guaranteed to embody the architectural elements of the Victorian Gothic style.

Click here to buy this antique holder if you’re interested.

13. Luxury Brushed Nickel Finish by Urban Ambiance

This light fixture should give your bathroom a quick makeover with an authentically recreated Victorian lighting – a perfect solution to complete your bathroom’s transformation. This lovely light fixture captures the decorative, lush style of the 1800s. It is adorned with a graceful canopy structure held together by sturdy handle. The impressive craftsmanship is durable enough to last a lifetime and resists moisture.

You will have to buy light bulbs separately. This product requires 60 watt Max G9 bulbs.

Click here to buy this glass shade.

14. Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly Included by Signature Hardware

We had to choose this product owing to the fact that it has the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Attesting to the fact this stylish looking bathroom faucet is durable enough to withstand rough usage without undergoing wear and tear. The brass material used to construct the durable body is built to resist corrosion and rust.

The stainless steel finish and elegant hourglass frame will definitely add charm to your bathroom.

Click here to buy this bathroom faucet.

15. Ornate Soap Dispenser by Crystal Collection

The Victorians favored patterns above all else. They just couldn’t do live with minimalism, preferring instead to liberally use patterns everywhere they could, from rugs to cushions and curtains to wallpaper.

If you want to imitate their geometric patterns, mostly floral patterns, then this ornate soap dispenser will make a lovely addition. This elegant soap dispenser comes with a shiny white finish and can be gifted to your partner.

If you like it enough, click here to buy it.

16.  Toilet Paper Holder by HMH

This toilet paper holder in the shape of a lion medallion should be a beautiful addition to any house. It should help you make a power statement that will impress your guests. The artisan did a wonderful job by carving the rather intimidating lion mane.  This item can also be used as a towel holder, although you’ll have to squeeze it slightly to fit in place.

If you’re not afraid of the lion mane grabbing all the attention to itself in the bathroom, then this paper holder should make a good choice

Click here to buy this toilet paper holder.

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