12 Vintage Inspired Kitchen Designs


Decorating your kitchen with retro products is the perfect way to inspire nostalgia and display your individuality. Besides, it’s boring to use the same old, tired, overused, and over-expensive pieces from high-end stores. Instead, it pays to be clever about placing different vintage design elements which are both stylish and eclectic. Each vintage product you place in the kitchen will bring its own aura and influence to the room.

12 Vintage Inspired Kitchen Designs

There are several aspects of the kitchen that need to be spruced up if you want a complete retro-esque design, and these include decorative dishes, chairs, tables, accessories, and cabinets. If you’re looking for a definitive guide on setting up a vintage kitchen or are simply looking for ideas, browse through our suggestions for the quickest route to a vintage kitchen design.

1. Printed Tablecloth with Vintage Flower Design

Using this one-of-a-kind floral printed tablecloth is as vintage as it gets. The tablecloth is manufactured with 100 percent polyester linen to increase the durability and lifespan of the product. This particular tablecloth ships in multiple dimensions ranging from 35.4" by 35.4" up to 70" by 70."

You can choose multiple shapes including round, rectangular, and square designs. The universal color allows the tablecloth to be used throughout the year for all occasions such as dining room parties, birthdays, holidays, and more. Click here to see more on Amazon.

2. Vintage Buffet Caddy Utensil Tray

The early 50s and 60s were all about compact design choices that put an emphasis on saving as much storage space as possible. Organizer trays were used to cut down on the enormous budget that was usually required to install full-fledged kitchen cabinets. While modern technology has made organizer trays slightly obsolete, they have lots of vintage value, especially due to their classic black metal finish.

Even if you don’t fancy this retro organizer tray's vintage value, you will find it incredibly effective at storing all your dishes. It can be used in both kitchens and dining rooms alike. You don’t have to worry about the organizer tray toppling over thanks to its four reinforced, surface-safe, balanced legs.

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3. Tache Country Farmhouse Rooster Tapestry

The second tablecloth on our list contains several vintage drawings of golden brown chickens snugly contained within individual squares. What makes this table runner so ‘retro’ is the fact that each chicken is facing a different way than the other. A cursory glance at the table is going to fill baby boomers with nostalgia, especially if they grew around farms that had their own chicken coops. The tablecloth measures 13” in width by 48” inches in length, and can go up to 90” depending on your choice.

The tablecloth is sturdy and will last for several years to come. It adds the perfect touch to vintage-inspired kitchen decor. Just make sure to complement the table runner with a suitable choice of kitchenware.

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4. Dosmix Wireless Stereo Retro Speaker

The Dosmix retro speakers are designed in the shape of vintage radios that perfectly capture the charm of the early 50s. Dosmix comes in several color choices, including black, blue, green, pink, and of course, wooden. What makes these speakers so special is the fact that they wirelessly connect with all your portable devices including smartphones and smart TVs. Their portable design allows you to place the ‘radio’ anywhere around the kitchen.

The built-in 400mAh lithium battery is designed for long use and can last up to 3 hours before it needs to be recharged again. If nothing else, you can charge it with your smartphone using the USB port. Dosmix gives a new spin to the 50s and will make you feel at home.

Interested in these Dosmix retro speakers? Click here to buy on Amazon.

5. Waltsom Retro Wooden Wireless Speaker

Waltsom hit the nail right on the head with their retro wooden wireless speaker that perfectly mimics the phonograph design of the early 50s. The lightweight wood, ingenious phonograph design, and perfectly round control knobs make this item a must-have for fans of retro art. Waltsom utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 for seamless connectivity across any devices and gives an extremely satisfying sound quality.

This wooden wireless speaker brings unparalleled aesthetic value and perfect sound quality for audiophiles - all in a small package. There’s even an SD card slot that allows you to bring a retro-esque ambience to your kitchen without having to connect your mobile device. To accommodate different tastes, Waltsom comes in two different colors; lightwood and darkwood.

Click here to buy the retro wooden wireless speakers from Waltsom.

6. Cosco Retro Chair/Step Stool

For fans of vintage art, this chair brings the ideal vintage vibes to the kitchen. You will have to set up the chair yourself though. The instructions are clear enough for you to easily set it up in no time. Just make sure you keep your pets away from the chair because it is prone to damage from scratch, and this could take away from its retro design.

The next time your grandparents show up for dinner, they will be pleasantly surprised to see the modern, deconstructed, version of the original step stools that were a staple of the 50s. It’s like a trip down the memory lane, plus, it’s extremely comfortable to sit on. Just make sure you don’t put too much weight on the stool because the soft metal will give away.

The Costco chairs are available in three different colors, green, black, and red.

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7. Vintage Compost Bin

The beautiful retro design of this compost bin makes for a good choice if you frequently compost your food. The bin offers plenty of storage space that can go up to 5 liters. It is coated with carbon steel, which ensures that it stays durable for several years after you’ve bought it.

This vintage compost bin does more than bring aesthetic value to the kitchen, however, and can store your food for ages. The handles are a little study though and require a little force to pry open, but that is a small trade-off because you’re getting an extremely stylish, rustic looking composter that will snugly fit in your vintage kitchen.

Get the vintage compost bin here.

8. Old Dutch 1843 Canister

This set of 4 antique copper kitchen line contains 4 items. You can either purchase the whole set (recommended!) or choose whatever picks your fancy. Old Dutch utilizes their proprietary technology called ‘Fresh Seal’ to ensure all your food is stored fresh and without the fear of pests.

The copper look of each canister will look extremely dated, adding aesthetic value to a vintage-centric theme. The airtight seals can store all your food stuff and preserve their freshness for long periods of time, this includes sugar, coffee,  and flour.

Click here to purchase the Old Dutch 1843 Canister.

9. Nostalgia Countertop Microwave Oven

This red retro countertop microwave oven will look cute with any color combination and themes. Aside from the 'vintageness' of this microwave, it combines just about every modern feature you can expect from any state-of-the-art microwave. It features a simple turn and push program dial that lets you easily choose your required program setting without worrying about spoiling your food.

The LED display is the only modern deviation from the otherwise retro design of this adorable microwave oven, but it doesn’t distract too much. Your grandparents and senior friends alike will definitely appreciate the microwave.

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10. Retro Stoneware Salt and Pepper Set

They look cool, are easy to use, and are the perfect shade of green that is so reminiscent of the early 50s. While this particular salt and pepper set isn’t the be all and end all kitchenware when it comes to vintage themes, it definitely brings its own charm to the kitchen. We recommend this set for all the completionists out there.

Word of caution though, the holes on the top are large, so we advise using larger pepper flakes. To be fair, this is the style that was predominantly used in the 50s.

Find the product here.

11. Vasagle Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack

This kitchen baker’s rack is a must have if you want to stay more faithful to the 50s look. The fake wooden texture doesn't distract too much from the retro vibes. It is not real wood but is textured perfectly, which doesn’t distract from its retro vibes. Vasagle has added plenty of functionality to this kitchen rack. For instance, it can store a microwave oven, several utensils, and a large assortment of utilities.

The iron frame is durable and strong enough to provide a loading capacity of at least 176 lbs. This means you can stuff the rack to your heart’s content and never have to worry about the structure collapsing. The best part is the pull out wire basket that can store recipes and cutlery of different shapes and sizes.

Vasagle’s baker rack is easy to assemble, extremely beautiful, and full of functionality.

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12. Nostalgia Retro Toaster Oven

This retro toaster has an adorable turquoise design. Even the logo does justice to the vintage era. Just because this is a retro toaster oven doesn’t mean it lacks functionalities. It provides enough space for two 12 inch pizzas and can fill a variety of roles including baking, roasting, and broiling.

This is the final touch needed to make your kitchen truly look classical.

You can get the retro toaster here.

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