16 Vinyl Wallpaper Suggestions For Your Kitchen

Choosing just the right wallpaper for your kitchen can be very challenging. Vinyl wallpaper can be a great option, as it is usually made from materials that are durable and easy to clean. Varying patterns are widely available, in designs that will work with every design style imaginable.

16 Vinyl Wallpaper Suggestions For Your Kitchen

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Below is a list of beautiful examples to inspire you as you search for your perfect kitchen wallpaper!

1. Rust Faux Brick by Blooming Wall

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If you’re the kind of person who’s always admired the untamed and neat appearance of an exposed brick wall, why not bring it into your kitchen with this wallpaper. It boasts realistic brick effects that have been made possible due to a high-quality print. The grunge style becomes even more noticeable thanks to the whitewash effect on certain portions of the wall.

This wallpaper can be removed and reapplied elsewhere on your wall, but and you will need to find paste for activation. It is easy to clean the wallpaper without damaging its print.

2. Mosaic Wallpaper by Yoillione

Most people prefer tiled walls, especially the ones in the kitchen. This wallpaper allows you to twist their expectations by faking the design instead. The authentic design invites a very authentic kitchen aesthetic into your room, catching guests by surprise. This wallpaper is reasonably durable due to the PVC material.

Furthermore, the wallpaper is fully waterproof, making maintenance super easy. The best part is that you also get free shipping, which should help you save money!

3. Fleece Wallpaper by WENMER

This grey ornate wallpaper mural has a playful and stylish vibe to it, owing to the relaxing flowered texture and graceful ships. The painting features a neutral color palette, a unique combination of gray, dark, and glittery silver which should add flair to your room. This wallpaper should work great when matched bright colors because of how it will contrast with the place.

4. Marble Peel Vinyl Wallpaper by practicalWs

It looks like a kitchen countertop and can give your kitchen a stylish and sophisticated look. Adding this wallpaper to your room makes it possible to add complimentary accessories and frames on the walls, all of which helps to build character. The subtle marble details are delicate, allowing you to overhaul your interior’s appearance without looking out of place or unsophisticated.

This wallpaper is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean without hurting the aesthetics. It is simple in terms of installation, making it possible to reposition and remove. No sticky residue is left behind. Make sure to apply the wallpaper on a flat surface.  You can qualify for free shipping on orders above $25.

5. Zen Stone White Sand

Enjoy the outdoor beach the whole year round with this fantastic white sand view provided by the wallpaper mural. It features a creamy texture that is worth the investment. The stone adds a peaceful touch to the wallpaper, making it look vibrant.

An important selling point of the wallpaper is that it is easy to reposition without damaging either the wall’s surface or its texture. It is easy to install it on flat and smooth surfaces. Its print holds its ground against water, which should make it easy to clean.

6. Landscape Birch Trees by Stupell

This stunning mural captures the silhouette of birch trees against a bright green background provided by the lush green vegetation. Thanks to its bold colors and minimal decorations, the wallpaper takes you to a serene place.

This wallpaper is feature-rich, and it is easy to remove and clean. It does not damage your wall when repositioned. Its polyester fabric is designed for longevity and can withstand all kinds of weather damage.

7. Peel and Stick Tile Kitchen Wallpaper by BeNice

If you’re a fan of geometric shapes and want to become creative your interior design, check out this wallpaper. It combines the color with geometric shapes to add a layered tile effect that can create an intricate mural. The wallpaper is available in six different colors to match your interior theme, whether it is your kitchen, dining room, and more.

8. Vinyl Wallpaper Cream by Lenify

Open your kitchen to a stylish arrangement of utensils and shapes that incorporates shades of white and grey to transform your room in the best way. The elegant piece adds a new dimension to your room, becoming the center of attention.

In terms of application, this wallpaper is easy to apply on your wall and is fully removable. You will need paste for it to work, however.

9. Grey White 3D Brick Murals by Circloophs

This clean wallpaper incorporates a whitewashed brick wall design that should look incredibly fresh on your wall, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen. It is ideal for individuals who want to create a more contemporary atmosphere in their own home. It should be ideally paired with accent furniture to make the most significant impact.

Do make sure to buy enough rolls of wallpaper to ensure you get the products from the same batch. The wallpaper is fully removable and easy to clean. It is available in two different sizes.

10. Faux Dark Wood Grain by practicalWs

Create a rustic effect with this wood wallpaper to surround yourself with naturalness. The wood wallpaper can be paired with traditional decor or a more contemporary look to create an inviting and homely atmosphere. Whether you want to target a more vintage farmhouse feel or a Scandinavian design, this dark wood wallpaper can create a standout feature wall.

This product is designed to maximize both functionality and aesthetics, being both removable and easy to clean. It is available in four different color options and qualified for free shipping in the US.

11. Butterfly and Sunflower by Norwall

For fans of nature, this butterfly and sunflower mural should make the perfect addition to their room. As the name suggests, the motif is focused exclusively around the life of a butterfly that is flying around a sunflower. There are other flora and fauna, including flying locust sand falling leaves, that capture summer vibes.

12. Folded White Paintable Wallpaper by Brewster Home Fashions

If you’re the kind of homeowner who loves to experiment with his/her walls endlessly, then you will find this wallpaper to be particularly useful. It features a textured white print that is relatively bare bones, allowing you to imbue your motifs. One roll of the wallpaper should be able to cover about 56 square feet of your walls, make sure you buy accordingly.

13. Trellis Removable Wallpaper by EiCute

Geometric shapes have held popularity over the past few years, and for a good reason. They are associated with adorning kitchens and even children’s playrooms or bedrooms. They can also make great additions to living rooms. The wallpaper can become more rewarding when styled with tasteful and sophisticated furnishings. The neutral color palette should appeal to the broadest range of interior designs.

14. Peel and Stick Wallpaper by Heroad

Enjoy this rusted wooden wallpaper in your kitchen without having anything to do with the materials at all. The subtle driftwood details prove that there is luster in worn-out things. The details decorate your kitchen walls with a natural touch that should feel nostalgic. This wallpaper has a laidback quality that makes it perfect for kitchens, study, and living rooms.

15. Decorative Self-Adhesive Film by d-c-fix

This beautifully gray image will bring a new dimension of character to your interior décor. It is not bright and devoid of color, which should allow you to pair it with just about any accessory or accent furniture combination. Its rustic oak finish instills peace in your room that should inspire healthy conversations amongst guests.

16. Light Gray Wallpaper by Teemall

This wallpaper takes you into a faraway land with its dark colors and lackluster motif. Due to this combination, it goes well with a range of interior decors. It is particularly useful when complemented with accented furniture. In terms of application, the wallpaper is slightly tricky to install, requiring a heat gun and squeegee, so make sure you stock up on those before ordering.

Other than that, the wallpaper is waterproof and dust-proof. You can clean it with a damp cloth without damaging its overall design.

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