What Wall Color Goes With Brown Bathroom Tiles?

Replacing or painting brown bathroom tiles can be expensive and time-consuming.

But don’t worry—we’ve researched to find the perfect wall colors that will make your brown bathroom tiles look amazing!

Luxurious bathroom with a stand up shower and brown marble tiles, What Wall Color Goes With Brown Bathroom Tiles?

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And here’s the short answer:

Brown bathroom tiles are versatile, so you can use any wall color that matches your home’s style. However, each color will have very different effects.

Choose wall colors that open up the space or complement the brown’s tone, like:

  • White
  • Gray or black
  • Brown
  • Green or blue

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. White

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Luxury bathroom in an expensive new home

White is the most popular choice for walls because of its flexibility and ability to showcase other colors. Its reflective nature makes spaces feel more open, which is great for smaller bathrooms.

The high temperature of white will also agree with the traditional warmth of brown tiles. However, since both are neutrals, this combination can sometimes feel a bit boring, especially in smaller spaces.

How do you lighten a brown-tile bathroom?

Luxury white bathroom in modern house

Adding more white surfaces and decor will always brighten a brown tile bathroom. You can also use colorful decor like red, orange, and yellow to add personality and complement the earthy tones of brown tiles.

To lighten the room further, increase natural or artificial lighting. For more natural light, use thinner or no window curtains.

If natural light is limited, add mirrors and reflective surfaces like silver faucets, knobs, and rods to improve lighting.

Artificial lighting, such as recessed lights with dimmers, can also help without making the space feel smaller. For more tips, check out our post on decorating bathroom walls with mirrors.

2. Gray or Black

Modern bathroom with gray walls and wooden floors

Gray and black are flexible neutrals like white but have cooler tones. While white reflects light, black absorbs it, which can make a room feel smaller.

However, black and gray are also great ways to contrast the style of brown bathroom tiles.

Brown often brings to mind natural elements like wood or sand, which can limit your design options. Gray and black can help you move away from that, softening the warmth of brown for a smooth, modern look.

How do you modernize a brown bathroom?

You can modernize a brown bathroom by adding cool neutrals like gray and black. Brown is only a near neutral and is too warm for modern designs.

Gray and black offer a clean, subtle vibe that fits modern designs. Gray, for example, often reminds us of sleek silver.

Avoid nature imagery in your decor, as it’s too spontaneous for a modern look. This might mean replacing natural stone countertops or wooden towel rods and cabinets.

You may also need to repaint or replace brown tile floors unless the surroundings balance the natural feel.

A modern bathroom should feel cool, organized, and clutter-free, but you can still add an accent piece to keep it unique.

3. Brown

Lovely tiled bathroom

This can be a risky option because balancing brown walls with brown flooring is tricky, but they do complement each other.

Just make sure the walls and tiles are two to three shades apart to avoid an overwhelming look. This approach works well for unique designs aiming for a cozy cabin or farmhouse feel.

It can also suit homes with lots of wood decor, like Japanese or Amish styles. And if you want a more contemporary look, you can go for smoother designs.

4. Green or Blue

Dark green rustic bathroom

Blue is a cool color that can soften the warmth of brown tiles without being overwhelming. Green, while warmer, isn’t as bright as red or yellow, so it can liven up the space without being too intense.

Both colors are flexible and complement brown’s natural look. They’re also associated with nature, such as lush forests or the sky.

However, it’s important to remember that the bathroom style should still agree with the rest of the home.

Is it OK to paint bathroom walls?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to paint your bathroom walls. In fact, it’s ideal because the right paint finish protects against water damage.

Bathrooms are full of stray water from sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs, making them prone to leaks. While the floor is tiled for protection, the walls need guarding too.

Without it, water damage can break down walls and encourage mold growth. Mold looks bad, smells worse, and, according to the CDC, can harm your health.

Do I need to prime the bathroom walls before painting?

Yes, you need to prime the bathroom walls before painting. Primer helps paint stick, which is crucial in a bathroom where constant moisture can affect the paint.

While some paints have built-in primers, they’re not always reliable. Luckily, there are paints and primers made specifically for bathrooms that resist moisture and prevent mold.

Click here to find this bathroom primer on Amazon.

Can you paint bathroom tiles?

Yes, you can paint most bathroom tiles, like ceramic or natural stone, but vinyl tiles don’t hold paint well and may deteriorate over time.

Painting tiles is a budget-friendly alternative to remodeling. For details, check out our post: “Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted? [Here’s How].”

It’s important to remember that the grout between the bathroom tiles must also be painted. You can even use a different color to make your tile design stand out.

In Closing

Neutral brown flooring opens up countless options for your wall colors. But they will each produce very different interior designs.

It’s important to understand how to plan for a unique bathroom and the temperature or style of brown bathroom tiles. Making sure your bathroom is just right the first time you style it will save you money and effort.

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