What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets?

Traditional style kitchens give your home a cozy and welcoming feel, and no other color conveys this feeling like cream colors. Your kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to use a cream color in your kitchen. The choices in wall color to coordinate with your cream cabinets are endless. We have combed several sites to find some of the best color choices for your walls to go with your cream cabinets.

Cream colors add subtle warmth and elegance to any space and give your space a classic intimate ambiance. Because it is so close to white, cream colors go with just about any other color. Although endless color pairings go with the color cream, some color combinations work better than others. The color combinations that we will discuss in further detail are:

  • Neutral beige
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green 
  • Sky blue
  • Navy blue
  • Yellow
  • Rust 
  • Red

Finding a wall color to complement your cream-colored cabinets is only a portion of the many choices you will encounter during your kitchen project. You may find yourself wondering if kitchen cabinets should be the same color, darker, or lighter than your walls. You may also wonder if white is a good color pairing with cream for your kitchen, especially for your walls and cabinets. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

Cream cabinets of a kitchen with white countertops and wooden flooring, What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets?

Wonderful Wall Colors That Go With Cream Cabinets

Neutral beige

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Modern kitchen with Neutral beige walls

Neutral colors are just a bit darker than cream. The neutral beige used in the example above gives the kitchen walls a look of depth and dimension. Natural wood countertops warm and brighten this space. This neutral color scheme is cozy and classic.


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Modern spacioius beige colored luxury kitchen, clean design, What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets?

While the difference between cream and white may seem too subtle to see, the contrast is significant when the two colors are placed side by side.

A warmer, deeper version of white,  the cream cabinets in the example above give this white kitchen a muted warmth that is soothing and appealing.

This color palette can be accented with several different brighter colors to add some character. The white kitchen trend has recently become very popular, and adding a creamy shade softens the stark, clean look.


Grey can be a great contrasting color to cream-colored cabinets. This cool neutral has recently become extremely popular when it comes to home decor. Grey is a versatile color with many different undertones that can add different looks to your space. The blue undertones in the example above give this kitchen a soft country feel.

Bright art deco kitchen design


Black may seem like an unlikely color for your kitchen walls, but it can work quite well when combined with light cream cabinets. The darkest neutral shade, black, is a classy, timeless color that pairs well with most other colors.

As shown in the picture above, consider black for an accent wall to keep the room from looking too dark. Using natural browns and whites makes this color palette looks sharp and modern.


Wood, marble island dining table, sink, pendant light in beige kitchen counter, cabinet, cupboard, polished cement floor, wood panel wall.

Because cream shades are white with slight brown undertones, brown is a perfect color companion for your cream cabinets. Shades of brown bring a warm and cozy feel to any room.

Consider using grey with deep brown undertones if warm shades of brown are not quite your style. Warm chocolate-colored accents such as the ones pictured above give this color palette some depth and detail.


Classic white and green new kitchen with cherry floor

Green is a cool color inspired by nature that can be a fresh contrasting color to your cream cabinets. Shades of green can add a tranquil feel to your space.

The green in the example above brings out the brighter shades in the granite countertops and backsplash. There are many different shades of green to choose from that can add a refreshing contrast to your cream-colored cabinets.

Sky blue

Another cool color option inspired by nature, blue, is a great color pairing for your cream cabinets. Blue tones are calming and serene.

The particular shade in the example above adds a toned-down splash of color that brightly contrasts the cream-colored cabinets. Stainless steel appliances add a cool metallic accent that coordinates beautifully with the sky blue and cream color scheme.

Navy blue

Mediterranean dining room with kithen on background. Navy walls and glossy marble floor. Served table for six person.

Another option in blue wall paint to pair with your cream cabinets is navy blue. Dramatic yet tranquil, navy blue adds an elegant touch to your room. Paired with cream cabinets, as shown in the example above, this rich hue is brightened and lightened so that it is not so overwhelming.

While navy blue may seem like too dark of a color for your kitchen, as you can see, with the proper color pairing and lighting, this shade of blue adds the perfect amount of deep, sophisticated color to this room.


Bright and cheery, yellow can add a sunny splash of color to your kitchen. Using shades of yellow for your walls can bring out some of the yellow undertones in your cream cabinets.

As you can see in the example above, the yellow walls make the cream-colored cabinets look pale yellow, adding subtle brightness to this kitchen. Shades of country blue are the perfect accent color for this room, giving it a rustic country ambiance.


A unique shade of muted red and orange, rust is a color that is sure to add some life to your kitchen space. Combining this remarkable natural clay color with your cream-colored cabinets creates a beautiful earth-toned palette. As shown in the example above, this color scheme is warm and welcoming. The copper pots and pans add an extra pop of vibrant metallic accent color.


Kitchen fitted with cream cabinets with a white countertop with a dark wood access door, red and white tiles on the walls and old brown floors

Another fiery choice for your kitchen wall color is red. Deep reds seem to pair well with cream-colored cabinets, as shown in the example above. Red walls seem to give the space a vibrant, bold look. The cream-colored cabinets help to prevent the red from being over-bearing and lighten the color scheme.

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Cream cabinets of a kitchen with white countertops and wooden flooring

Cabinet color is a matter of personal taste. If you already have dark walls in place, you may want to go lighter for the cabinet color to lighten your space. If you have light walls, you could go either way. Lighter cabinets against light walls will only add a more airy and expansive feel to your kitchen.

Should kitchen cabinets be the same color as walls?

Although there are no right or wrong answers for decorating your home, some experts recommend using different colors for your walls and cabinets. Using the same color for your cabinets as your walls can be visually confusing as it will be difficult to see the transition from walls to cabinets.

A strong contrasting color can make a statement in your kitchen and provide a splash of color. Using a color for your cabinets that is slightly lighter or darker than your wall color can give your kitchen some definition and a more detailed look.

Do cream and white go together in a kitchen?

Cream and white are very close in color, but there is a delicate faint difference. Shades of cream are slightly darker and warmer than white, but they can be elegant color companions.

A white and cream color scheme in your kitchen can look bright and give your space an expansive look. This neutral color scheme is bright and clean, and the subtle color contrast is just enough to keep the palette interesting.

Do white walls go with cream cabinets?

White walls are a bright, clean contrast to your cream cabinets. As discussed above, cream shades are just a bit darker than white, giving your space a bright, subtle color variation.

This color combination is very popular as white kitchens have become increasingly more in demand. Keeping the same warm undertones between the white and cream colors can help you maintain a cohesive look throughout your space.

Final thoughts

Luxury modern beige and cream colored kitchen

As one of the most used spaces in your home, your kitchen should represent your style. It should also feel warm and welcoming. We hope that the selection of color options to pair with your cream-colored cabinets has helped to inspire some color choices for you and your home.

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Modern spacioius beige colored luxury kitchen, clean design, What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets?

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