What Wall Color Goes With A White Bathroom Floor?

Are you thinking of redecorating your bathroom? Do you have white tile floors and aren’t sure how to keep those but change the rest of the space? It can be a tough job to come up with and to match what you may be imaging with no further advice or information.

White floors in a bathroom look best with greens, blues, yellows, and neutral colors. White floors are a versatile choice for a bathroom. They can tie together nearly any color bathroom. Neutrals are great to keep the bathroom modern and add a pop of color. Bright yellows or blues can complement the white tiles and add a fun side while keeping it classy and modern. A sea green can bring the natural flow of water into the energy of the bathroom.

Keep reading; all the research is done, you just have to decide what colors you may want and if there is a theme you may be following.

Ultra modern bathroom painted in white tiles, round mirrors, white gray cabinetry in the vanity section, and small lamps on the walls, What Wall Color Goes With A White Bathroom Floor?

Considerations When Selecting Wall Or Accent Colors

One note that should be made is that a color pop or theme in a bathroom does not absolutely need to come from the color of the walls. Other options are changing the color of the towels and other textiles, changing the color of the fixtures, or painting the vanity. Another note is that you should not be shopping for anything without samples of your tiles with you. It is important to match your tiles with colors and fixtures before buying.

When selecting color changes, you should consider what color the fixtures are and if the lighting is yellowish or white. Gold fixtures may clash with some colors more than silver would or vice versa. Another thing to consider is the look you want for the room. For a sophisticated look, you may want to complement the white tiles with darker hues versus softer colors for a relaxing look. Giving your bathroom a color pop will be much easier with white tiles because white will create a higher visual appeal with said color pop.

Sea Green Bathroom

A small sink inside a green toned bathroom

Colors that match the sea, such as greens and blues, are compatible with many other colors. They are relaxing to the eyes as well, making them perfect for bathrooms. If your aim is to make your bathroom seem larger, using a sea green, white tile floors, and stainless-steel fixtures will help with that.  Adding glass features and brushed chrome fixtures will add a whimsical look to your bathroom. For other colors to complement, look for white, yellow, or other shades of blue for the shower curtain, bath mat, and towels.

Soft Blue Bathroom

Ultra modern bathroom painted in white tiles, round mirrors, white gray cabinetry in the vanity section, and small lamps on the walls

Using soft blues can add the natural connection to water that a bathroom deserves. Also, using softer, lighter colors makes a small bathroom look more open and larger. When looking for other colors to complement, you will want to look for dark blues or mossy greens. If you want to contrast your soft blue color, look for purples or yellows for textiles.

Bright Yellow Bathroom

An arched entryway of a bathroom painted in matte yellow and a small bathtub on the side

Any shade of yellow will complement the white tile on the floors. A sunflower or golden yellow would contrast just perfectly, though. A tip for fixtures that match is to find gold fixtures to make the yellow pop even more. When looking for textiles, choose citrus colors such as oranges, pinks, and limes for towels and bath mats.

Black Bathroom 

Luxurious and breathtaking interior of a large mansion with contemporary design

Black bathrooms are becoming more popular. They leave a clean but modern look that sometimes white bathrooms lack. Black is a great color for an accent wall or an accent piece such as a black stone bath or a black vanity. Another option instead of a solid black wall or piece is a black and white striped wall or a black stripe running horizontally to break up the lighter wall. Textiles once again have more freedom, either a pop of color or stick to the neutral theme.

Adding dark and dramatic colors to a bathroom or any room creates a demand for attention. It is eye-popping, impressive, and bold, but done right, it can be absolutely gorgeous.

Other Neutral Colors For Your Bathroom

Modern interior of a contemporary bathroom with gray tiled walls, white bathroom, and a huge window on the side

White bathrooms create a space that is free of any boundary. It is a blank slate that allows for freedom with color choices for towels, shower curtains, and bath mats. Grey also gives the same freedoms with textile choices, but grey is known to make a quieter impression than white. Accent colors are amazing when choosing neutral colors, although some people will decide to keep the neutral scheme going and choose those colors for textiles instead of a pop of color.

Should The Bathroom Floor And Wall Tiles Match?

Bathroom floor and wall tiles can absolutely match if that’s what you prefer. By no means do they have to, though. It is all up to preference and style that you are choosing. You can choose to match completely, making your floor tiles climb all the way up the wall. Another option is matching the color and style but playing with the patterns. The main thing is to create a coordinated and compatible design for your bathroom. There is more information on matching tiles at this link.

Can Bathrooms Be Too White?

As far as bathrooms go, all-white or majority of white is a classy look. There is no such thing as too much white in a bathroom, especially because it is all based on your opinion and what you want in your bathroom. However, there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration before choosing to go all white.

One main consideration is making sure all of the whites match, and there are no off-whites or other colors because the difference will be noticeable. Also, water damage and sun damage can cause whites to yellow or darken, which will cause a noticeable difference as well.

Check out this link to see what type of paint is best for bathroom cupboards. It is important to pay attention to this, so your white bathroom stays classy. Another thing to consider is that all white bathrooms can become dull and boring rather quickly. 

How Do You Add Color To A White Bathroom?

White bathrooms, as mentioned previously, are classy, but there are so many aesthetic ways to add color to your white bathroom. Some ideas are adding an accent wall or some colorful wall art. An accent wall can be any color you choose, matching the rest of your bathroom, of course, and can completely change the feel of a room. They can make a small room seem bigger, or a dark color can make the bathroom more sophisticated.

You could also paint your vanity a bright color; that is a great way to add color. Another option is choosing colorful textiles, like a bright towel set, bath mat, or area rug. See a royal blue bathmat set on Amazon.

Also, adding décor on the countertop can add color. Décor options include candles, baskets, or a display shelf. See flameless, waterproof candles on Amazon.

And finally, the easiest color pop is adding plants. The natural green color of plants brings out the beauty and simplicity in the white of the bathroom.

To Conclude

Choosing the right color can completely change the space of your bathroom. It is important to look at all aspects before choosing your color scheme. By reading this article, you have given yourself the necessary information to make that decision. Hopefully, you found this helpful in bringing your imagination to life in your bathroom remodel.

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