26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch

So, you’ve been staring at the space above your couch and wondering how you can decorate it. The area is a blank canvas that’s just waiting to be spruced up. It may seem like a daunting area to style, but don’t worry, we’ll help guide you.

Collage of wall decors with sofa and throw pillows in a modern living room on the background, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch

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There are a few things to consider before hanging items above your couch: the size of the sofa, available wall space, ceiling height, and of course, personal style.

You can make the space as dramatic or as simple as you’d like! This gives you a lot of freedom with the items you choose to hang.

Keep the area balanced and cohesive. Whatever you do, make it a space that’s you and a spot that you enjoy looking at.

Continue reading to discover great inspiration for wall decor ideas for the space above the couch!

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70s style living room interior design, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch
Patterned pillows on gray corner sofa in living room interior with table and painting, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch
Modern and luxurious living room interior design, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch
Living room with stylish macrame, sofa, wooden accessories and doors open to next room, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch
Warm and cozy affordable Scandinavian style home interior living room design, 26 Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch

1. Pair Of Frames

70s style living room interior design with white wall and hardwood floor

Positioning two large framed photos above the couch zeroes in the focus. They anchor the space and allow you to mix in smaller items around the room.

The colors used in each frame complement the colors around the room, giving the space a cohesive look.

2. Faux Animal Mount

White modern living room interior with comfortable gray sofa, windows showing green nature scenery, concrete polished floor and rustic wooden coffee table

Using a faux animal mount is a fun twist to the classic animal mount. They make the space look contemporary and bold. You can find the mount in a variety of colors, making sure you find one that fits the style you’re seeking.

If the space above your couch is more narrow and limited, this is a great option. We’re sure it’ll even serve as a conversation starter!

Resin Deer Mount

3. Metal-Bordered Floating Shelves

Warm and cozy scandinavian style home living room interior with sofa, coffee tables and window

The solid wood shelf and metal frame make for a beautiful combination. In a way, it’s a 3D frame: outlining whatever items are placed on the shelf. Use this to your advantage and come up with an unforgettable display.

Position the standalone wall-mounted shelves into whatever pattern or design you want.

Fox & Fern Floating Shelves

Create your very own displays with these shelves.

4. Foliage Trio

Stylish home living room interior with wooden furniture, green sofa, top glass coffee table and hardwood floor

Using a trio of prints is an excellent way to create harmony in the space above the couch. The colors used in the prints complement the couch’s color and style.

A pair of wall-mounted lights flank the outer prints to sandwich the trio, putting stylish end caps on the pieces.

5. Shelving System

Scandinavian modern living room interior design with hardwood floor, two coffee tables and cozy yellow sofa set

A shelving system goes a long way in the space behind your couch. If you have pulled your couch and other living room furniture forward, you’ll have a walkway and empty wall space behind the couch.

Use a combination of a low-standing drawer unit with floating shelves. This gives you plenty of storage and decorating space.

6. One Large Piece Of Artwork

Scandinavian interior design living room with cozy gray sofa, parquet floor and furniture with wooden elements

By using one large piece of artwork, the space will feel simpler. Instead of having bustling pieces and making sure it all matches, the one-piece does the trick. It also helps that you don’t have to make a bunch of small styling decisions.

With neutral colors, it’s easy to incorporate a favorite accent color to help make the room pop.

7. Abstract Art And Abstract Spacing

Pillows on gray sofa in white living room interior with posters, lamp and coffee table

Keep things consistent. With your abstract paintings, you might as well utilize an abstract amount of spacing between the canvases.

It creates an intriguing appeal and will capture the eye. The woven basket also helps add more texture and color.

Handwoven Baskets (Pack of 3)

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8. Modern Art With Floating Shelf

Patterned pillows on gray corner sofa in living room interior with coffee table and painting

Prop a modern art canvas painting on a floating shelf with a few accompaniments.

The large painting serves as the focal point in the room, while the smaller items provide extra details and texture. Those small items also pull from the couch and pillows.

9. Colorful Books

Modern sofa and shelves in white living room interior

Do you have lots of books sitting around or hiding in an assortment of shelves and cases? It’s time to pull them out! Get great use out of the colorful book spines and display them on a floating shelf above the couch.

The colors and varying heights and thickness of the books create interest naturally.

10. Eclectic Pieces And Prints

Modern living room with gray couch and small home office

Create a gallery wall using a variety of prints and other items. With gallery walls, you don’t necessarily need to have a rhyme or reason for the order in which you display things.

However, if you want to make sure it’s balanced, consider laying out the pieces on the floor before committing to hanging them on the wall. Let your creativity flow and inspire you.

11. Animal Wall Mural

Modern home living room interior with cozy sofa bed, wooden table and beautiful painted wall

Using the expanse of an entire wall is a compelling choice that pays off. When you walk into the room, you can’t miss the lovely work; it practically commands attention.

It’s also a great way to incorporate more texture and color into the room.

12. Complementary Pieces

Modern gray themed living room interior with cozy sofa, wall art decor and hardwood floor

Whatever you do, try to make sure that art isn’t hung too high above the couch. When frames are hung too high, it may look like the couch, and the art is very separate from each other rather than complementary.

Traditionally, frames have just a few inches of space between the next frame, but use your creative liberty to achieve the look that you desire.

13. Wall Clock

Modern bright living room interior with cozy white sofa and brown throw pillows

If your couch is positioned against sprawling windows, the chances are that the wall space is limited. That’s an excellent problem to have since you’ll get an immense amount of natural light!

However, you can still use the area well. Position a large wall clock in the space! It’s a great style element and will keep you and your family running on time.

Large Wall Clock

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14. Pop Of Color

Modern and luxurious living room interior design with black, red and white colors

Make a statement with the artwork you pick to display behind your couch. A spark of color amidst a neutral palette will stand out. Having one neutral piece of art and one colorful piece will create an unforgettable contrast.

15. Plants And Art

Luxury home interior with white walls, green sofa, parquet floor and wall art decor

If the space directly behind your couch is rather small, consider using small items like hanging plants. Plants easily liven up any room and add great natural texture and color.

Hang a large piece of art perpendicular to the couch since there’s expansive space there. The colors in the painting perfectly pull from the colors used throughout the room.

16. Industrial Wall Mount

Loft interior living room with leather sofa and deer skull

Since industrial style is all about organic materials, metal features, open spaces, and simplicity, a wall mount is an ideal item to hang above the couch.

The accents will bring life into the room, making it a truly remarkable living area.

Painting the antlers black and gold gives the mount the perfect industrial makeover.

17. Country Chic Wall Paneling

Living room of a chalet with forest and mountain view

If your house has rustic, chic paneling, take advantage of it! It’s an incredibly stylish design element. Nearly anything will look good mounted on the paneling, and wall clocks are always a welcome addition to a wall.

18. String Lights

Decorated cozy house living room prepared for coming christmas

String lights are known for providing a warm, inviting glow. Drape them in a swooping pattern for a whimsical effect.

If you think string lights can only be used around Christmas time, think again. The lights provide a cozy ambiance for any time of the year.

Globe String Lights

Add that warm glow to your room with this 10 ft strand (or with multiple strands).

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19. Small And Simple

Cozy living room interior with fireplace, corner sofa, throw pillows and painting on the wall

Speak volumes even with the most minimal of design elements. If you want to keep your design minimal, mounting a single canvas is an excellent option. Pick a piece that’s visually stimulating and interesting.

20. Hazy, Symmetrical Collection

Cozy brown sofa in domestic living room

Symmetry creates balance— a highly sought after aspect of interior design. Simple framed photos with a strategic color scheme can transform a space into a well-balanced masterpiece.

In this room, these design elements seamlessly tie everything together.

21. Shadow Box-Styled Shelves

Cozy bright living room with fireplace, white sofa and wooden interior design

Shadow box-styled floating shelves are very versatile in design. The shelves themselves are works of art.

Take advantage of an added bonus from them by placing items inside each cubby and on the very top. Enjoy both utility and aesthetics.

22. Sunburst Mirror And Colored Accent Wall

Contemporary lounge living room with sofa, curtains, table and vases

Go bold with your choice of decor above the couch. A sunburst mirror or a similar statement piece adds significant beauty. Additionally, painting the wall behind the sofa a different color draws extra attention to this focal area.

Sunburst Mirror

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23. Simple Macrame

Bright living room interior with stylish macrame, sofa, wooden accessories and doors open to next room

Macrame is a hallmark piece if you favor the boho-chic aesthetic. Make great use of organic fibers, patterns,  plants, and other soft features. The simplicity of the macrame wall hanging won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

You can find a variety of styles and sizes of these hangings to fit your spacing needs.

24. Design Duo

Bright living room interior with brown leather sofa and metal rack with decor and books

Mirrors are the perfect accessory to open up a space and make it appear larger. Their reflective surface brings in additional light. Pair a mirror with another decorative item, like this macrame-style wall hanging, to add more variety to the wall space.

Round Mirror With Strap

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25. Multiple Frames

Black and white living room interior with TV, sofa set and glass coffee table

Sleek, simple, and modern, the trio of vertical hanging pieces balances the space above the couch.

An excess of items doesn’t need to be used to design a beautiful space above the sofa. The indoor bamboo plants complement the wall pieces, too.

So, whenever you’re creating the area above the couch, ensure that you keep the aesthetic of the overall room in mind.

26. Country Map

A small living room with a partly finished mural of Africa and Rwanda on the wall

Pay homage to your country of origin or a place that’s dear to you by dedicating an entire wall of decor to that place.

Even though a mural covers the whole wall, you can also hang other pieces of art on the wall for additional interest. It can help the mural pop.

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