11 Wall Decor Ideas For The Guest Bedroom

Deciding how you want to decorate your house can feel like an endless task. Are you currently stumped on what wall decor will work best for the guest bedroom but have no idea where to begin? What should you hang in a guest bedroom? Lucky enough, we have 11 great ideas to share with you below!

There are plenty of options for those wanting to add some flare to their guest bedroom. Whether you prefer a simple, modern theme or something more eclectic, it's always nice for your guests to feel comfortable.

Generally, you want to have color and personality in a guest space. Of course, it's not always good to be too personal, as this bedroom isn't yours. Therefore, we don't recommend hanging family portraits or items that may be awkward for others.

Instead, choose neutral colors and items to display on the walls. Perhaps a large abstract piece of artwork could do. Additionally, you might want to have a cool neon light on the wall somewhere. Again, the options are truly endless.

As we begin, we will cover all things guest bedrooms and discuss how to decorate the walls in yours. Whether you have family coming over for the holidays or need to finish your home's renovation, we're here to offer some inspiration. With that said, let's dive into this list!

Bedroom Interior In Beige Color With Wicker Bed Furniture, Pendant Lights, Balcony And Posters On The Wall - 11 Wall Decor Ideas For The Guest Bedroom

1. Simple Yet Quirky

Female hat on bed in hotel room

Our first idea is a neutral set of frames on the wall in the guest bedroom. As we mentioned, sometimes, you want to keep the wall decor in a guest space as simple and neutral as possible.

Here, the blank frames work as an empty canvas, allowing new memories to be made in the space for each new guest.

In addition, the wall light is perfect next to the bed if your guest wants to read while adding that much-needed warmth and charm to the bedroom. Again, this can be very simple.

2. Big Yellow Artwork

Guest bedroom with green tropical bedding and yellow artwork

Next, we have a fun and bright wall decor idea for a guest bedroom design. Even if you aren't a huge yellow fan, this hue does tend to be neutral for all tastes.

Considering that many expecting parents use yellow as a gender-neutral color, this can also work nicely in a guest bedroom. Notably, the accents of yellow on the night table and flower arrangement tie this room together well.

The green and dark blue bedding also add some contrast here, all without being too overpowering for future guests.

3. Mirror, Mirror

Guest bedroom with white bedding and a blue blanket

Third, we have a modern, chic guest bedroom concept that uses large mirrors. Although some may say that mirrors near the bed can be bad Feng-shui, this design has an open, inviting feel to it.

Considering that your future guests may need to check their hair or outfit before leaving, adding in a mirror or two can be a life saver.

The many lamps in this bedroom also make a big difference and give your guests sufficient lighting for darker hours. Remember, everybody needs light, even if they're on vacation!

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4. Simple Framed Prints

Bedroom Interior In Beige Color With Wicker Bed Furniture, Pendant Lights, Balcony And Posters On The Wall.

Another guest bedroom idea we have is this modern print-filled option. Although we don't recommend going overboard, adding a few framed prints into the guest bedroom can add much-needed personality.

Like our previous example, this bedroom also has a large hanging mirror because there can never be enough mirrors or lighting in a space.

Moreover, the super welcoming basket on the bed filled with towels and toiletries is a nice touch. Even if your friends/family are staying with you for a few days, it never hurts to surprise them with a gift.

5. Boho Chic Guest Space

Rustic home design with ethnic decoration. Bed with pillows, wooden furniture, plants in pots, armchair and curtains on large windows in cozy bedroom interior, nobody, flat lay, panorama

Fifth, we have this picture-perfect Boho guest bedroom idea that is very charming. Typically, more Bohemian design schemes fall into a neutral color palette, which is always good for a guest space.

The fun wall art makes this bedroom feel like home without making anyone uncomfortable.

Also, the white and cream bedding helps create that hotel vibe, assuring whoever stays with you that they're in for a great night's sleep.

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6. Floating Wall Shelf

Study Desk, Gaming Chair, Bed, Ice Hockey Stick And Ice Skate In Teen Room With Turquoise Wall Background

Next up, we have this modern farmhouse guest bedroom that is very charming. Although using a hanging shelf can sometimes feel overpowering in a smaller space, the contemporary design of this example fits in nicely.

The simple white vases and other neutral decors on the shelves create a nice theme. Like our Boho example, this guest space has printed artwork above the bed, so it's an in-style choice.

When in doubt, keep your wall art and decor as neutral and clean-looking as possible.

7. Super Fun Accents

Interior of a feminine bedroom in the Northeast of England. There is a pink ceiling.

Adding some color, we have this super friendly and vibrant guest bedroom that is sure to start a conversation. Although being "too" personal in a guest space can sometimes backfire, this bedroom tackles the topic well.

Specifically, the wall lights and festive artwork around the room give it a more welcoming, one-of-a-kind energy. Also, the pink ceiling is a huge standout, so if you're up to a challenge, we think that could be an excellent idea for your bedroom's design.

8. Large Hanging Statement Piece

Still life details in home interior of light bedroom in bohemian chic style. Breakfast on the bed

Coming in eighth, we have this nautical guest bedroom featuring standout wall art. If you want to grab people's attention, use more oversized wall art and decor.

Even though this hanging piece is white, it has plenty of texture and individuality.

Furthermore, the blue and white nautical-themed paintings on the side of the bed match the sheets perfectly, which helps create a cohesive theme throughout.

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9. Sign Above The Bed

White bedroom interior with a white bed, a lamp and a framed horizontal poster hanging above the bed.

Coming in at number nine, we have this custom above-bed sign that fits this space perfectly. In recent years, signage and printed art have become standard in home design.

Although too much of this type of decor can be tacky, choosing just the proper wording can become a standout piece within any room.

Furthermore, if you're feeling even more spontaneous, you can try adding a neon sign above the guest bed, which will be a great night light. As we mentioned, no lighting is bad lighting.

Be Our Guest Wall Decor

This wall sign has a thick, cursive design, is wood material, mounts to the wall, is perfect for the guest bedroom, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

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10. More, More, More

Real photo of a botanical bedroom interior with wooden shelves, tables, double bed, plants and empty wall next to a window with blinds. Place your painting

Next up, we have this above-bed wall shelf with plenty of decors. Generally, you don't want to "fill" a guest bedroom with items, but the fact these accessories remain neutral help.

Furthermore, the green plants give this bedroom character and liven the area up. Even if you don't want to water a plant and care for it, adding a faux one can be a great idea.

The blank/simple artwork also creates a theme without becoming too busy.

11. Hanging A Wreath

Modern Decoration Concept. Smiling casual young woman putting hanging handmade green wreath on wall above bed. Millennial female decorating her modern apartment and bedroom or living room with grass

Last on our list; we have this simple yet charming wall decor idea using a wreath. Whatever time of year, a wreath can work for your guest space.

Here, it works more in a rustic aesthetic, which ties the room together nicely. Moreover, we love how this designer chose to place the wreath on an old window frame, further bringing the space together.

Sometimes, you don't need tons of color and texture to make a statement, but instead something unique.

How Do You Accessorize A Guest Bedroom?

A guest bedroom with a queen sized bed and nightstand at a short term rental small cottage style house.

Now that you have some inspiration, it's best not to go overboard. As we mentioned, it's generally better to keep accessories and decor neutral and not too personal.

For example, choosing white or cream bed sheets with similar colored pillows is a good idea. However, using a quilt your grandmother made is not a good design choice.

The less specific your accessories, the better. Try sticking to printed art, modern sculptures, and even catchy signage for wall decor.

Furthermore, lighting is everything in a bedroom: guest or not. Specifically, give your future overnighters a big mirror and lamps nearby, so they can check their outfits before leaving the house.

You can also try to plan your guest space similar to a hotel room. Modern and clean are always winners for those staying overnight.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you need to redo your current guest bedroom or build one, it's always nice to have some inspiration. From what we found, you want to keep a guest bedroom neutral and clean looking.

Suppose that means white sheets and neutral wall art or something a bit more charming, don't be afraid to showcase some of your design skills inside the guest spaces.

Also, don't be afraid to throw in a mirror (or two) and plenty of lights. You can't go wrong with a bright guest bedroom, and we're sure anyone planning a stay will agree.

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