15 Captivating Wall Decor Ideas For Above And Around TV

It seems the best way to display your television in recent years is to have it mounted on the wall. Not only is this a great option to free up space, but there are limitless options available as far as decorating around it. A mounted TV can help minimalists eliminate the need for a bulky entertainment console. This also helps new parents alleviate the worry of a toddler potentially knocking it over.

Whether your television is mounted on the wall or displayed upon a stand, the question of how to decorate the space above and around it remains. You must decide your budget before anything else, as that will determine your possibilities.

If you feature an accent wall behind your television, it could require minimal decorating; perhaps shelving would suffice. If you decide to go for a gallery wall, that will take more time to plan out, and is much more intricate. Whether going for a minimal approach or packing as much personality as possible into your decor, it all comes down to preference and what your wallet will allow.

With so many things to contemplate, we’re here to provide you with all the visual inspiration you will need to surround your television. From accent walls to unusual color schemes, you’re sure to see something that you’ll love to achieve the vibe you’re looking for. Here are 15 suggestions for you to browse for ideas!

TV on the cabinet in modern living room on white wall background. 15 Captivating Wall Decor Ideas For Above And Around TV

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1. Using A Built-In Accent Brick Wall

The lighter bricks shown here provide an updated and modern take on a traditional exposed brick wall. It sets the tone for a light color palette for the entertainment center unit and surrounding shelving. This setup features floating shelves. These are perfect for storing a cable box and electronic accessories, along with a unit underneath with storage and some greenery displayed.

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modern interior living room with rock pile back wall, indoor plants

2. Pops Of Pastels

There’s no doubt you should have some kind of color scheme in mind when decorating any room in your house. This setup starts with a gray wall. White shelving and storage are utilized, with accents of black and white stripes, a pastel blush color, and some greenery.

[PIN id=”4996249571789899″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


The colors play well together, and the entire room is cohesive, with similar colors being found in each element. Continuity is important if you’re looking for a room to feel cozy and all-encompassing instead of segregating the viewing area.

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3. A Cozy Country Idea 

Completely different from so many modern ideas, this rustic setup is another excellent way to display a television. The wall behind is adorned with decorative plates and platters and is sure to be a point of conversation. It’s an excellent alternative to decorating without being too busy or distracting you from what you may be watching on TV!

[PIN id=”356910339229228956″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Check out these beautiful hand-painted display plates on Amazon.

4. Sometimes Simplicity Is Key

This simplistic layout features minimal accessories and allows the television to be the star of the show. The tv is mounted on a bleached wood-paneled wall, which is set in between two white walls. It perfectly ties together the white storage unit underneath. Minimalistic lighting and simple plant life complete this look.

Modern living room with tv equipment and sofa, simplicity is key

This beautiful white television stand is available on Amazon.

5. Make A Border With Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to display items in any room of your home. This idea creates a border around the entire television without actually boxing it into a space. By leaving enough room between all the shelves and the television itself, you still achieve an open and airy look.

[PIN id=”703756183499722″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


The cabinet below is a great spot to place all necessary electronic accessories, while the above showcases a beautiful library of books. The shelves on the sides aren’t too cluttered with plants and knick-knacks and add a perfect touch for framing the television.

6. Fancy Farmhouse Vibes

From the shiplap wall to the horizontal planter underneath the mounted television, this look screams rustic and all things farmhouse. The lanterns provide a cozy touch for a movie night in.  The greenery in the planter is the perfect way to separate the television viewing area from the subway-tiled fireplace beneath it. Farmhouse decor is currently very on-trend and provides a homey, inviting viewing space for your television.

[PIN id=”420664421451584965″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Check out shiplap peel-and-stick wallpaper from Amazon.

These candle lanterns from Amazon can complete your farmhouse look.

7. Play With Color

Perhaps you’re thinking of choosing a wall to paint to make a statement, but you’re afraid of committing to an entire blank wall. The wall on which you display your television is a perfect option. The screen breaks up the wall, and you can decorate it with floating shelves, light fixtures, or framed pictures and artwork. You can also consider accessories or storage with a coordinating color scheme to tie everything together.

Smart Tv With Blank Screen In Green Room

8. The Ultimate Gallery Wall

[PIN id=”425942077265633596″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This example of a gallery wall combines unique shapes, the perfect pop of color, and making the most out of wall space. The television stand is painted in a fun shade of Tiffany blue and matches various frames and decor on the wall.

The additional frames and signage on the wall utilize a black and white color scheme, resulting in a gorgeous combination of all three colors. The gallery expands beyond the television, making the most of the available space here, and contains plenty of personality.

9. The Perfectly Imperfect Layout

[PIN id=”9992430413378640″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


A setup like the one pictured here shows shelves, mirrors, stools, and the television all at different heights. It creates a sense of a frame around the television without being perfectly boxed in. The different heights at which everything is displayed adds dimension and plenty of interesting wall decor to look at. Although all different elements, the color scheme brings it all together, making it seem perfectly cohesive.

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10. Wood Accents

Instead of binding yourself to the thought of an entire wall of wood paneling, you can consider wooden accents instead. This display uses wood for the shelves and coordinating entertainment console.

Smart Tv in modern living room with wood accents

Because it is such a neutral wood, it doesn’t clash with the light-colored room, couches, or other furniture. The shelves contain decorative pieces and candles, and the top of the entertainment unit is adorned with matching accents.

Here’s a simple standing floor lamp from Amazon.

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11. An Open Invitation

[PIN id=”517562182186646563″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This TV nook is adorably adorned with dangling greenery and simplistic shelves. Instead of being hung, the art placed on the shelves gives this corner a relaxed and informal vibe. It’s instantly inviting, and all of the light colors keep it open and uncluttered.

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12. A Media Bookcase

[PIN id=”1055599902757559″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Complete with recessed lighting and built-in shelving, this media bookcase is a beautiful way to display all things electronics and books! There is not only adequate shelving for internet routers, gaming consoles, and cable boxes. There is also plenty of storage for books, any other entertainment necessities, and of course, some cozy home decor.

13. Life In Black And White

This chic and ultra-modern room showcases a television mounted at eye level while sitting instead of higher up on the wall. Because of this, there is plenty of display room above it. The custom shelving built around one side of the television unit leaves slight gaps for art or plant life while also showcasing books on the built-in shelves.

Black and white living room

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14. Try A Primary Color Wall

[PIN id=”16958936075407679″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Another example of a bold accent wall, this idea showcases how to utilize shelving and an entertainment center without overcrowding the area. The shelving is above the television, only dropping slightly on the sides. By not boxing the entire television in, it leaves open space and avoids the cluttered appearance that too much shelving can sometimes project.

The shelving unit underneath gives a framed look around the television, making it look complete, even without shelves on the side.

Here is a set of white floating shelves from Amazon.

15. Playroom Problem Solved

[PIN id=”2040762310273381″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


We present to you the perfect solution to a playroom debacle! For most, television is a welcome addition to a playroom and can provide plenty of ideas for imaginative play. This approach to integrating a television into a playroom keeps it out of the reach of children and eliminates the potential hazard of it being knocked over.

It’s a perfectly cozy area for children to play in while also keeping toys organized in the bins underneath. A fun area rug is a great way to add color. Being a playroom, an overload of wall decor or technology is unnecessary, and simple works best.

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Wrapping It Up

As you can see, there are countless ways to decorate around your television. We’ve only scratched the surface, and ultimately, what’s best for you depends upon your preference. We have also included some additional reading if you need more inspiration or help making decisions for an accent wall. Happy decorating!

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