21 Wall Decor Ideas For Hallway

The hallway may just be one of the most overlooked areas in a house. Even though it’s not considered a room, it shouldn’t be neglected.

No matter where the hallway is located in the house, it’s an excellent area to decorate. Complement the style and aesthetic of the rest of your house. Add in some personality. Show it off!

Spacious and stylish home interior with white glass door and wooden parquet, 21 Wall Decor Ideas For Hallway

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The hallway’s decorative design should be sensible and functional yet alluring. There are lots of options for how you can decorate your hallways. Follow along to discover 21 excellent wall decor ideas for your hallway!

1.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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Travertine house interior with hallway, stairs and entrance

It’s no secret that a mirror can open up an area and make it appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, all of which add to their aesthetic appeal.

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2. Vintage Treasures

Suite entrance with clothes hanger, white wall and white door

Turn your vintage finds into eclectic treasures in your hallway. Use recycled wood as a hook hanger; screw on various vintage items to serve as intriguing wall hooks.

Create a hallway shelving system with recycled goods, too. The more you look at the piece, the more you’ll be impressed. Upcycling is an excellent way to employ items that would otherwise no longer be used.

3. Bright Foliage

Spacious and stylish home interior with white glass door and wooden parquet

One easy way to brighten up a hallway is with the pairing of a long mirror and a planter full of bright foliage. Find a gorgeous indoor plant that will thrive in those conditions.

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Woven Plant Basket

4. Console Table

New design home hall with decorative mirror and brown front door

A console table is a narrow table that fits wonderfully in the hallway. Find a table whose height and width fit into your space well. Consider decorating it with a lamp, pictures, books, plants, and other decorative objects.

5. Collage Of Mirrors

Modern hallway with white glass double door, decorative mirror and console table

What’s even better than having a single mirror in the hallway? You guessed it — having a gorgeous collage of varying mirrors.

Enjoy a wider-looking space as well as visual depth. Situate these mirrors above a console table for an even more appealing look.

6. Expansive Artwork

Luxury mansion entrance with marble floor and decorative mirror

One way to make a statement in the hallway is with the use of a large piece of artwork.

Whether it’s a canvas print, metalwork, or anything in between, the art will speak volumes in the hallway. Supersize your style and let your guests know your taste.

7. Wooden Complements

Large old luxury house entrance interior with art and yellow walls

Ensure that your home’s aesthetic remains consistent by incorporating similar wood tones throughout.

The console table matches the trim and some shades of the wood flooring. Even the frame around the art matches!

8. Modern Art

Large home hallway with beige carpet, art and furniture

Capture the gaze with the installation of a modern art canvas piece. Positioning the artwork above a console table brings cohesion to the space. Ensure that all the items used in the display complement each other.

Nolan Console Table

9. Spotlight

Interior of modern hall with hardwood floor, two doors brown and white

Spotlight a nook in your hallway with the installation of a light fixture. The light casts a warm glow to the area that may not otherwise be noticed. The rolling chest brings a touch of personality, too.

Dark Bronze Wall Sconce

10. Unforgettable Statement

Interior of a hall with large mirror, white double doors and turquoise sofa

If you want to make an unmatched statement in your hallway, look no further than this photo for inspiration.

The mirror takes up the space of the entire wall, making the room appear quite large. To add some more glamour, place a long bench along the mirror.

11. Patterned Rug

Interior design of modern hallway with white doors, hardwood floor and large mirror

One of the easiest ways to add texture and color to a solid-colored hallway is with a rug. Get creative and let its style transform the area.

White And Black Zig Zag Rug

12. Console Table Decor

Interior design entrance hall in a studio apartment in modern minimalist style

Don’t allow your console table to stand alone in the hallway. Position a floral-filled vases and other decorative pieces on top to create an attractive display.

Note that it’s important not to overcrowd a tabletop to prevent it from looking cluttered.

13. Decorative Mirror

Hallway interior of a brand new custom home residence with antique mirror and console table

For instant glam, install a decorative, elegant mirror in your hallway. It not only adds style but also provides the perfect spot for a quick check before you head out.

14. Minimal Aesthetic

Hallway entrance to a mud room area

Keep things minimal in your hallway. Install a floating shelf to keep storage baskets up high and out of reach from kids.

Position a trunk underneath for more storage and as a place to sit. Hooks and a coat rack are perfect for tossing things onto in a pinch and for ease.

Metal Standing Coat Rack

15. Pair Of Mirrors

Hallway corridor of a modern apartment with framed decoration, mirror and console table

Let creativity flow throughout the hallway. Pick out two different mirrors that ultimately complement each other.

They don’t even have to be the same size. Hanging mirrors opposite each other does that much more to brighten the space and pull in more light.

16. Built-Ins

Hall furniture set with white handbag and jacket

Don’t underestimate the power of built-ins in a hallway. They give the hallway a seamless appearance while also providing plenty of storage area.

Pick out hardware for the built-ins that match the style of the rest of the house. Built-ins also serve as an awesome area to throw your jacket, keys, or purse onto as you walk through the door.

17.  Accent Wall

Front door entrance to house with tiled floor, white walls and round mirror

Create textural contrast in the hallway with an accent wall. As seen in this photo, strips of lightly-colored wood are used to create a vertical accent wall.

The console table provides additional hallway storage to keep unsightly things hidden.

18. Black And White Elegance

Entrance foyer with an extra long built-in bench with storage drawers facing white console table with three round wicker baskets

A black and white color pairing is truly remarkable. It’s a timeless pairing that can go with any home style or aesthetic. All you have to do is find the pieces that match your envisioned style.

Another fun thing about this color pairing is that any color looks excellent as an accent.

19. Color Blocking

Cosy hall with black doors, gray walls, framed wall art decor and entryway shoe rack

Color blocking doesn’t have to consist solely of bright hues. Consider blocking your hallway with a gray, black, and white palette with a bright accent color utilized in various decorative objects.

Incorporate a metallic sheen for additional interest.

Showcase Floating Shelves

20. Focal Point

Classic hallway with green walls, flowers and rug

Pick a spot along the hallway to serve as the focal point. From there, create a stunning hallway display. A tall dresser fills the space well and adds depth to the room.

Position a piece of artwork that matches the room’s style and situate decorative items on its top.

21. Utilize The Space

A contemporary home entry hallway foyer with bathroom and interior front door

Utilize every nook and cranny of your expansive hallway. Create multiple cozy nooks. For one, install a gorgeous mirror and place a bench full of throw pillows and blankets underneath. For others, place planters or vases with faux or real plant life.

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