15 Wall Decor Ideas For Laundry Room

Laundry can be a daunting task, especially if you’re responsible for doing laundry for your entire household. However, there are ways to make your laundry room a more enjoyable place to be!

One of these ways is sprucing it up with some wall decor. Wall decor can be just that and used for decoration only, or you could double up and make it stylish but functional as well. From shelves to cute signs, there are a plethora of ways to give your laundry room wall new life. 

So, how do you know which wall decor to choose? Well, we’ve come up with 15 great wall decor ideas for you to see that just might give you the inspiration you need to vamp up your laundry room. We’ll show you some image examples and explain why each idea might be a good choice. Let’s begin!

A stylish room interior with modern washing machine and drying rack, 15 Wall Decor Ideas For Laundry Room

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1. Potted Plants To Bring Some Life

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Potted plants and coral color wall on laundry room

Sometimes laundry rooms can feel isolating, but if your laundry room has a window or a lot of natural light, why not try adding some potted plants to liven up the space?

A coral wall and three rows of hanging plants in this laundry room help create a cheerful disposition. Besides, it’s been proven that having indoor plants can improve your mood!

2. Built-In Multipurpose Shelves 

Clean and tidy washroom

If you’ve got the space, built-in shelves can double as a room focal point and a functional asset. You can get creative with how you decorate the shelves or keep it simple and opt for some fashionable storage totes instead.

This example keeps it monochromatic with white plastic and wired storage bins, but you could choose a more organic look and go with woven baskets instead. 

3. Framed Photos For A Picture Wall

Framed photo on the wall in the laundry room

A simple way to liven up the wall is to add some framed photos. Choose the smiling faces of your children or some pretty scenery to take your mind off the chore.

Frames are inexpensive, and if you’re not much of a handyman, they can be easily hung with picture hanging strips instead! You can choose identical frames or mix and match styles and colors to add more dramatic visuals. 

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4. Rustic And Refined With Wallpaper And Decor

Interior of a modern kitchen with glass and white walls

This is a color combination you might be surprised to see, but doesn’t it look stunning?

Rustic wooden shelves and framing paired with modern black and white wallpaper and fabric laundry baskets create a stand-out visual for this laundry room. This example proves you don’t need a ton of space to create a great-looking laundry room. 

5. Lost Socks Sign With Clothes Pins

Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to get all of your socks into the washer and dryer, you somehow always manage to have a few odd ones?

If you haven’t given up hope that the odd socks might at some point be reunited with their missing counterparts, then this sign might be the perfect wall decor for your laundry room. You can attach the odd socks to the jute rope with clothes pins. 

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6. Lost Socks Sign With Basket

If you have more than a few odd socks, then a sign with a basket might be a better option. The basket will hold a lot more socks than the previous example, but it might be more difficult to see what odds socks you have if they aren’t hanging.

There are certainly pros and cons to both types, but they can both still be a fun addition to your laundry room. 

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7. Shiplap Walls For A Coastal Feel

White laundry room with a mosaic tile floor and shiplap wall

If you want to give the entire wall a makeover and you feel confident in your DIY skills, then you could try adding shiplap. Shiplap is often used in rustic, coastal, or farmhouse designs.

It offers a crisp, clean look while adding texture as well. It’s been extremely popular over the last few years, so you’re likely already familiar with the style!

8. Cute Frames And Glass Storage

Interior of a laundry room with rustic and refined wallpapers and decors

If you already have shelves in place, then you can easily decorate them with some cute signage. Additionally, all of the plastic containers that come with laundry detergent can be unsightly. In this example, the homeowner opted to transfer their supplies to stylish glass containers instead!

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9. Attached Storage Baskets On A Faux Brick Wall

Wicker baskets and white shelves in the laundry room

For a more creative storage option, you can try attaching storage baskets to the wall to act as makeshift shelves.

In this example, black wire baskets are used, but you could opt for a different color or style.  With a drill and some nails, the possibilities are endless. This example also uses wallpaper to create a faux brick wall and completely change the feel of the room. 

10. White Crates As Shelving

modern white laundry room with white crates used as shelves

Here’s another take on the previous example. In this example, wooden crates have been painted white and attached to the wall to create a dynamic storage system in a farmhouse style.

This design also uses several of our other examples such as plants, glass storage, and canvas prints showing you can mix and match to create a design perfect for you!

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11. Fun Stamped Paint Shapes

Geometric black and white shaped walls and white shelves

If you just want to liven up your laundry space, why not try giving it a new life with a fresh coat of paint. In this example, a sponge cut to the shape of a herringbone is used to stamp a fun pattern onto the wall behind the washer and dryer, but you could also opt for a different shape.

In this and our last example, a wooden countertop has been added to make the laundry room even more functional. You could also add shelves that match the countertop for even more storage options. 

12. Industrial Shelving And Metal Accents

Modern industrial shelves

For a more rustic, industrial style, you can incorporate piping into your design. These shelves sit upon metal poles. And you could purchase shelving that already comes with this, but to further incorporate the aesthetic, this designer added a pole for hanging too.

You can also see another example of shiplap being used in this design. Though industrial and shiplap aren’t often used together, this design pulls it off really well!

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13. Ironing Boards And Hooks

A simple row of hooks can change the function of a room. It can give it a more organized sophisticated feel. This design also allows the ironing board to become part of the decor by having it hang on the wall instead of keeping it tucked away in another closet.

By hanging your ironing board on the wall, you can free up closet and floor space. 

14. Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Decals

Another simple idea you can do is apply vinyl wall decals. There are a ton of designs and styles available from cute and quirky to stylish.

They are typically easy to apply and easy to remove which might be a good choice if your tastes change quickly or you rent your home and are not allowed to make drastic changes or modifications to the room. 

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15. Drying Racks

Drying racks in laundry room

Our final suggestion is to add wall-mounted drying racks. They are available in an assortment of colors and styles, so you’ll likely be able to find one that fits your aesthetic without any trouble. These are great if you have laundry that needs to air dry instead of going through the dryer.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve given you 15 great ideas for what you can put on your laundry room wall, so hopefully, you’re leaving this article with a better sense of what you can do in your own space.

Whether you choose to keep it simple and add a few framed photos or a vinyl decal or whether you choose to completely transform your wall by adding in some new storage options, we wish you luck with your design!

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