15 Wall Decor Ideas For A Masculine Bedroom Or Den

There is something satisfying in a room dedicated to the masculine character; a room that features imposing decor and embraces strong themes and deep hues. Feminine-minded individuals also enjoy masculine decor and the grandeur of strong themes.

Turquoise color pillows inside a dark gray themed bedroom, 15 Wall Decor Ideas For A Masculine Bedroom Or Den

Stick To A Theme

The best way to achieve a masculine design does not simply rely on traditional themes. You’ll want to look at the colors and themes in the rest of your home to complement them.

For example, if you have floral and botanical themes in several rooms, a woodland-themed masculine bedroom with forest and earth colors will complement and fit in with the rest of the ‘garden’.

To plan your masculine bedroom or den, we’ve included plenty of inspirational pictures and ideas to help you get started. We’ve also included links to help you achieve your own striking designs.

Look at the various themes below to begin your visual journey!

1. Climbing Statuary

The Outdoorsman

If you love the outdoors, wall decor for a bedroom or den can include mountain themes like skiing, climbing, hiking, and hunting.

A wonderful example of a masculine outdoor theme is mountain climbing. These statuary set against a stone-grey, textured wall are spot-lit to create a dramatic effect. Simple wooden logs at the base of a shelf below suggest treetops below a mountain.

This wall is a dramatic background for a den or bedroom where you want a masculine panache.

With this statuary, you can easily create the above wall in a den or bedroom. Find them on Amazon.

Additional mountain-climbing poses will add to the visual interest. See them on Amazon.

2. Nautical

The Captain

If you love sailing, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a nautical-themed wall for the bedroom or den to evoke masculinity.

Nothing says nautical like a ship’s wheel at the helm of a wooden ship! This wall would be equally at home behind a bed or in a den.

The dark, wooden wainscoting suggests the helm of a ship, and the dark grey paint evokes the power of stormy skies at sea. Simple ships’ rigging hangs around the wheel to help create seafaring imagery. Ships Ahoy!

3. Sports Shirts

The Sports Enthusiast

If you love sports, there are several ways to add visual appeal and decorate a wall in the bedroom or den. You can create a stunning visual treat and masculine flair with items that are stowed away in your garage or closet!

How many sports shirts and jerseys do you have simply folded in drawers? They’re a fantastic way to decorate a wall in a bedroom or den!

In this photo, several commemorative sports shirts are framed in protective glass and make an impressive wall decoration. If you simply collect team jerseys, you can also wrap them around canvas frames and secure them in the back with straight pins.

Lightweight framing makes these sports shirts stand out beautifully.

4. Trophy Wall

Do you have trophies littering your garage and gathering dust? Display them with pride in a tasteful decorating scheme that looks fantastic in a masculine bedroom or den.

In this room, trophies, plaques, and photos are on display in wooden boxes that highlight their importance. The wood boxes are all in the same style despite their different sizes, which brings uniformity to the dissimilar collection.

A metallic wallpaper background creates additional visual appeal without creating the clutter often associated with trophy walls.

6. Maps

The World Traveler

We always want to remember our travels with photos, mementos, and souvenirs. These items can make a striking display for a masculine bedroom or den simply because travel in the past was an inherently male-dominated activity.

Almost everyone loves traveling, and maps can conjure thoughts of the exploits of Columbus and Magellan.

This stylized steel map is the centerpiece of memorable travel photos. Each photo links to a location on the map by a thin cord. Displayed above a bed or a sofa, this makes a striking wall decoration -  and an interesting conversation piece!

See it on Amazon.

7. Souvenirs

If you’re a traveler who comes home with lots of travel souvenirs, create shelves to highlight those memories.

In this photo, the shelves cover the entire wall and contain all your objets d’art.

For a bedroom, a simple set of floating shelves above a bed can easily hold travel photos, souvenirs, and other items gathered from travels - just be sure to use museum putty to hold any heavy items in place.

Shelves can display your travel souvenirs.

See these shelves on Amazon

Keep your souvenirs from tipping off your shelf! See it on Amazon.

8. City Mural

What could be more stunning than a wall that features a famous city? 

The grandeur of the city lights and the skyscrapers in this mural create a masculine feel to this den. It works equally well in a bedroom!

This mural features Manhattan at night. See this wall mural on Amazon.

9. The Study

The Englishman

For Anglophiles, nothing shouts masculinity more than the following bastions of England - the study and the English pub.

The historical Englishman’s study was the place where the head of the house managed the estate.

You can duplicate that atmosphere by building wooden wainscoting behind the bed or on one wall of the den. A few artful photos and wall sconces complete the look.

10. The Pub

Pubs in the UK have been a social gathering center for hundreds of years. Many pubs have evolved to resemble the grand and imposing family rooms in the homes of the county elite.

You can re-create this look by painting the wall bottle green or slate blue, then adding pictures of hunting, and dogs, old family photos, and classic art in heavy wooden frames. This wall works equally well behind a bed or couch.

A great painting for a pub effect! See it on Amazon.

Wonderful hunting dogs for your pub-wall decor. See them on Amazon.

11. Movie Memories

The Collector

From matchbooks to priceless art, collecting is a hobby that almost everyone enjoys. Put your collection on display in your bedroom or den to enjoy it all day, every day!

The movie industry began with many famous masculine directors, and it still has a masculine identity. So, a bedroom or den lined with movie posters can be fantastic masculine wall decor!

The movie posters in this photo are cleverly hanging to the wall like wallpaper, making a stunning backdrop for the room.

12. Collectibles

If you’ve been collecting since the debut of “Star Wars” in 1977, then a collectible wall is a perfect idea for wall decor in a bedroom or den!

In this photo, the wall decor is simple but focused. The cabinet is full of tiny figures, which could look busy, but they look like art! Back-lighting makes the case the center of attention.

Alternately, place shelves or a cabinet on a smoothly painted background wall. Use spotlights or backlighting to dramatize the effect. Don’t forget to use museum putty -above- to keep the heroes standing straight!

13. Instruments

The Musician

There are so many ways that music can be a source of wall decor, and it can be masculine or feminine!

For an incredibly cool and sleek masculine bedroom, hang wall murals printed with musical instruments. In the photo here, the mural takes center state and requires no additional decor to look fantastic! It adds a rugged and masculine air to any bedroom or den.

See it on Amazon.

14. Speakers

Those memorable days of serenading someone outside their home with a speaker have returned!

Create this speaker wall by printing pictures of various speakers and mod-podging them onto canvas frames, then painting the edges black. Hang them in a ‘stacked’ concept on a grey wall for the finishing touch!

A great product for creative ideas like the speaker wall. See it on Amazon.

15. Diagonals

The Minimalist

You might think this wall is expensive, but it’s actually made using 1 x 2 wooden slats nailed into this pattern. Then, you paint the entire wall a flat gray - or any color you choose.

The bold diagonals add visual interest and a masculine touch to this wall, which looks wonderful in any bedroom or den.

In Closing

Turquoise color pillows inside a dark gray themed bedroom

As you can see, a masculine decor wall can be fun and easy to create! Just let your imagination take you, and you’ll end up with a masculine wall display everyone will enjoy for years to come.

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