14 Awesome Wall Decor Ideas for Your Kitchen

Many kitchens simply don't have the space for decor. In order to meet the need for functional preparation space and the necessary storage space that every kitchen needs to have, you'll need a creative solution.

One way to solve this problem is to combine function with decor. There are tons of kitchen decorations that double as functional items. This allows you to make the absolute most of the space.

Modern and cozy studio apartment kitchen

If you've struggled to make your kitchen into an aesthetic space, have no fear! We're going to show you some kitchen wall decor inspiration that'll get your creative juices flowing.

1. Fancy Fixtures

Beautiful modern kitchen with island table, hardwood floor, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances

What is there left, you ask? The functional items themselves! The cabinets, the countertops, and other installations like the island are all things that can be decorated or stylized to function as an item of decor. You can do this by selecting a fancier style of woodwork or by painting the cabinets you already have.

There are also a number of different things you can hang on the walls that double as functional items, such as a cast-iron trivet for your hot pans, pots, and casserole dishes.

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2. Colors And Clocks

White scandinavian domestic kitchen interior with wooden floor, yellow fridge and large glass windows

One of the perfect items that nicely combines function and fashion is a clock. Take a look at the colors you are already using in your kitchen, and then go in search of a clock that compliments or matches them.

Take a look at this kitchen. It has quite a number of different shades of red and pink, which makes quite a unique color pallet for a kitchen. This makes it simple to know which colors to look for in decor. Especially for walls in neutral colors, shades of red and pink will stick out nicely, which means that you won't have to incorporate large numbers of decoration for it to be noticeable.

3. Stags And Shelves

Warm and cozy scandinavian style attic kitchen interior in a loft apartment

This kitchen has a rustic, weathered and natural look. The skins on the wood floor and the exposed weathered beams help contribute to an almost cabin style look. The white walls, hanging lights enclosed in wire, and barstools all add an additional modern, almost industrial aesthetic to the room.

Each of these styles of decorating is represented by items that are hanging on the walls. Remember, items can be decorative while serving a functional purpose as well.  This rule of decorating has been incorporated well here. The rope and wood shelving on the wall is quite obviously rustic, and so is the deer head centered above it. The exposed wood beams coming down the wall create an industrial feel.

Check out some more industrial kitchen inspiration!

4. Floating Shelves

Modern kitchen interior with island table, sink, cabinets and glass window in a new home

Throwing in some variety when it comes to your cabinets is an incredibly easy way to add some decor to your walls without compromising on function. For example, this kitchen utilizes both floating shelves and a unique take on cabinets.

Many kitchens will only use either shelving or cabinets, so the decision to use both will immediately capture attention. Replacing the cabinet doors with windows was a great way to not only make it seem like the kitchen opens up more than it actually does, but also to add some unusual variety to the kitchen.

5. Simplicity

Modern kitchen interior with dining table

Sometimes, function is all you need. Having a purely functional space and choosing your wall items based on function leaves an impression all of its own. This kitchen only uses purely functional items on its walls, leaving you to focus not on the walls, but on the function of the kitchen itself.

6. Stencils

Modern kitchen interior design in a black and white themed luxury villa

Using very few decor options on larger walls is a good way to draw attention to it. When there is room for more, but you intentionally decide to use less, you use one of the principles of minimalism. The person who decorated this kitchen intentionally decided to only use a single vinyl decal, leaving a very tasteful impression. Check out some more inspiration for minimalist kitchen ideas.

7. Vinyl Decals

Modern black and white kitchen interior with parquet floor

One of the most popular and customizable ways to decorate one or more of your walls is with a vinyl decal. Vinyl decals are essentially decorative stickers that can be used in many different ways and colors to achieve the desired effect. You can use it to put quotes up on your wall that you love, or even patterns that strike your fancy.

This kitchen has incorporated a mirrored pattern of leaves, flowers, and vines that immediately draw your attention to the kitchen wall. The black decal against the white wall beautifully matches the rest of the kitchen with its black, white, and silver cabinets and stove.

8. Wallpaper

Modern and cozy studio apartment kitchen

Once you have specific colors or patterns in mind, one of the ways you can decorate your walls is with wallpaper. Wallpaper, with its wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, is an effective way to not only cover and protect your walls but to decorate them as well.

This wallpaper coordinates well with several of the items in the kitchen, like the baseboards, the oven mitt, and to an extent, the wood used in the floors and countertops. This kitchen hasn't covered the whole wall with wallpaper, which adds variety. A cute sign hangs on the half without wallpaper, so it isn't bare.

9. Metal And Wood

Luxury remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances

Kitchens that have different kinds of textures and colors incorporated won't need much in order to decorate them. The different colors and textures that they have already add enough interest to the kitchen, so ideally, any added decor should be minimal to prevent the kitchen from seeing too busy.

This kitchen uses cabinets that have had the front panels replaced with glass. This makes them something more like display cabinets, which adds a new dimension to the space that can be decorated. A final, larger decor item is added above the sink. Placing something in this location helps ground the kitchen, and it centralizes the focus.

10. Small And Simple

Luxury kitchen interior with island table and glass window

Minimalism is a respected, efficient way to decorate. Where other styles of decorating can focus on different colors, patterns, and materials, minimalism focuses on the impact, meaning, and importance of the item itself. This decorating technique is especially useful for areas that don't have as much space for many decorative items.

This kitchen, even though it has plenty of wall space that can be utilized, only has one item hanging on the wall. While we don't know the importance behind this item, having a singular piece of decor hanging on a larger kitchen wall just draws your attention to it, which is the purpose of all good decor.

11. Picture Frames

Luxury domestic kitchen interior with rustic elements

When considering the different ways you can decorate a wall, there is a tried and true way to decorate them that immediately comes to mind. Pictures! Using pictures with their variety of frames, and of course, a variety of contents makes them an easy and clear choice when it comes to decorating walls.

Versatility is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to decorating a kitchen, which is typically where decorating space becomes limited. Specifically, when it comes to kitchens that utilize lots of wood, such as this one, you will have a much, much easier time finding picture frames to match your already existing decor.

12. Small Murals

Interior of bright modern kitchen with painting on wall

Not all wall-bound decor needs to be drastic. It also doesn't need to be something small, like the way tiles get organized in a backsplash. Though it may not seem as obvious at first, there are several ways in which you can accomplish a solid middle ground.

For example, the canvas on this wall does a great job blending several elements of the kitchen together. The blocky shapes are reminiscent of the bricks on the wall behind it, and the muted colors that are contained in the whites and greys can all be located on different objects around the kitchen.

13. Tile Edging

Interior of a modern kitchen sink with light tiles on wall

Not all wall decor has to have something to do with adding something like a picture, a tapestry, or some kind of metal configuration. This kitchen setup uses the attention drawn by the sudden halting of the tiles behind the counter as a form of decor.

The mismatched marble pattern of the tiles helps make them somewhat closer to an art piece than a solely functional backsplash. They are attached to the wall in a diagonal manner that exposes the corners in an aesthetic way. It is slightly out of the norm, which is what draws the attention.

14. Using Height

Elegant house kitchen interior with island table and black leather chairs

This kitchen, like many others, doesn't have much free space for hanging any kind of decor items. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't any options at all. For example, this kitchen utilizes the highest spots of the kitchen walls, which are some of the only free spaces available.

Now, to be clear, just because you have an open space, this doesn't mean that it automatically needs to be filled. You can say just as much with a space left empty intentionally as you can with a space that you intentionally fill. This is actually one of the key concepts behind minimalism.

This kitchen uses and executes simplicity quite well by only hanging a star above the door and an additional decoration centered above the window. They are not particularly noticeable or bold, but they're effective because they take advantage of empty space.

White scandinavian domestic kitchen interior with wooden floor yellow fridge and large glass windows


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