21 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

You love going to the museum and seeing the beautiful artwork, but when it comes to purchasing things for your own home, you’re at a crossroads. What is right for your space? It seems there are so many choices out there of wall art. What are the best ideas for wall decor in the living room?

Modern living room interior with world map on the wall cozy grey sofa parquet floor and TV hang on brick wall

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Really, it all boils down to personal taste and style. You do want to think about size and scale in relation to your furniture. And the color choices you’ve made for your walls and furniture may have an impact on what you choose for wall decor, but maybe not. Art does not always have to match your sofa. Pick wall decor that both makes you happy and makes a space come alive.

We’ve got several examples for you below, highlighting various choices you can make in wall decor for your living room. We’ve also compiled them in this video. It only shows some of the designs, so make sure you read the post as well.

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Framed Nature Photographs

If you’re a wonderful photographer and have taken some amazing trips, why not frame some of your photos? It’s easy to get large sizes printed out, and frames with mats in standard sizes can be purchased without breaking the bank. A series of three is a nice balance for a grouping above a sofa.

Beautiful classic family room with cozy sofa, wooden table, tiled floor and white wall

These gold and black frames come with a white mat, cut to fit a standard 8″ x 10″ photo.


A Wall Mural Above Your Sofa

One less conventional route to take is to forgo the framed work and turn an entire wall into the visual decor. Large scale vinyl murals are available for many sized walls and are an easy way to transform and add interest to space.

Modern living room interior with world map on the wall, cozy grey sofa, parquet floor and TV hang on brick wall

This stick and peel mural is easily removable and requires no glue. It is a massive 192″ wide x 108″ tall.

Metal Gridwork with Vining Ivy

Perhaps you want a more minimalist work. This ingenious idea makes use of a piece of iron lattice, available at your local hardware store, and a bit of trailing ivy. The plant weaves its way into the grid, creating an ever-changing piece of wall art for your living room.

White room with green chair and wooden side table

Think Round – Clocks, Mirrors, Vintage Record Albums

If you love eclectic design, then you might want to think about a collection of things in similar shapes. This wall makes use of old LP albums and a similarly-sized clock to draw the eye above the sofa and stand out against the textured wall.

Smiling woman sitting on sofa near table with laptop and looking away

Why not combine both ideas into one with this vintage album clock on a David Bowie LP. Handmade and super unique, it’s a piece that will get your guests talking.

Large Scale Black And White Photos in Oversized Mats

One trick in framing artwork is to use the mat to create a specific look. The two black and white photos above the sofa have been framed artistically, utilizing extra white space in the matted area to play off of the furnishings and light fixture.

Modern luxury living room interior with white throw pillows on sofa, pictures hang on wall, stone decor, wooden coffee table, TV and carpet on parquet floor

Paper Cut Silhouettes On A Shelf

A wall shelf gives you the option of changing out your wall decor without putting too many holes in the wall. Here it’s used for a candle lantern, an analog clock, and a grouping of framed paper silhouettes in black and white. The result is something fun and fresh.

Modern living room interior with grey sofa, red throw pillows, white wall and black coffee table

Look for silhouettes when you want to get this look. This beautiful swallowtail is in a 20″ x 14″ wooden frame.

A Great Paint Job And Incredible View Can Do The Heavy Lifting

Sometimes if you have a great paint job of beautiful interior color, there’s not much more you need. This living room decor features a rich, honeyed suede wall color with an outstanding view of the water. Your artwork is right outside.

Modern classic style living room with brown walls, fireplace, parquet floors, wooden tables and cozy sofa set

Awesome Lighting and Abstract Art

The lower ceilings in this room call for cleaner lines and a visual uplifting of the eye. For this room, that’s been achieved by fabulous lighting. Can lighting be considered wall decor? Well, it’s not necessarily the same category, but it can work as a visual element for the eye.

Modern black and white themed living room with cozy white carpet on grey tiled floor

This flush mount crystal chandelier adds visual bling to a low-ceiling room where too much wall art might begin to feel like clutter.

A Large Scale Abstract Painting

Sometimes all you need is one, really fabulous, piece of artwork. This painting on canvas, therefore no frame, is bold and could easily have been a starting point for the design of the room. If you have a piece of wall decor that you love, consider making it the jumping-off point for all of your room’s design decisions.

Luxury modern living room interior with design furniture, abstract image on white walls, armchair, tables, pouf and accessories

A Gallery Hanging of Small Art Pieces

In the Victorian age, the style of hanging art was to fill a wall with a multitude of pieces from the tops of your furniture to the ceiling. If done right, it provides a real show-stopping look without it being overwhelming. Think about making your framing cohesive, varying your sizes of artworks, deciding on a balance of color to neutrals. Maybe even intersperse the wall with mirrors to reflect the room back as you approach.

Living room interior with cozy yellow sofa, coffee table, parquet floor and graphic art decors on black wall

Birds are always in style, and this fun vintage-inspired wall mirror is a handy 11.25″ in diameter and can be hung with the chain or without the chain.

Can A Television Be Wall Decor?

This room has several things going on, the coffered ceiling, the large bowed windows with floor to ceiling curtains, a few larger pieces of furniture. It’s an instance where you might want to hold off on the wall decor. And really, the only wall space is above the mantel. And it’s where you want your television. But your TV doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Use a wall-mount adapter, frame it with some simple vases, and it will blend into the background thoroughly.

Large classic family room with fireplace, TV, cozy sofa and wall of windows

A simple well-rated wall mount like this one allows for the attractive installation of a flat-screen television.

Skinny Mirrors For Narrow Spaces

If you have a narrow wall, consider a long thin mirror. Mirrors are great as wall decor because they reflect light and other items in your living space. Frequently these skinny spaces feel like a dead zone in our design plans, and a mirror is an excellent solution.

Interior of furnished living room with cozy sofa, large windows and brick wall

At 12″ x 48″ this long and narrow mirror will work in many different decors. The wooden overlay breaks up the surface of the mirror and creates something both reflective and interesting.

Starburst Mirrors For Your Wall

This couch placed opposite the window is the perfect place for a starburst mirror. It provides an interesting conversation piece and reflects the natural light from the window. Interesting lamps and lighting balance out the visual extras for this room.

Elegant living room with red sofa, fireplace, TV, carpet floor and many windows

This 21.7″ diameter bejeweled starburst mirror is a fun accent piece for the colors in the room above.

A Collection On The Mantel

You love your smooth walls but still want a little zhuzh. Why not try a collection of small things on your mantel place? Here we see a single painting, candles, and a couple of simple vases with natural elements.

Elegant living room interior with black fireplace, white candles, wooden coffee table, pink couch and parquet floor

Small Collections On The Walls

Your style is more traditional, and a large piece of abstract art doesn’t suit you. Consider taking some of your smaller pieces and making collections. These draw the eye in as a larger piece would, yet still allow you to have your favorite pieces all in one space.

Elegant beige living room with small TV, parquet floor, large sofa, house plants and large window

These metal flowers, similar to the ones above, add texture and dimension to your wall decor.

Entertainment Center As Wall Decor

Why not frame your entertainment center? Here, clever use of molding to copy the look and feel of a frame sets off the flat-screen TV and adjacent shadow boxes for bric-a-brac and additional electronics.

Cozy bright modern living room interior with TV, parquet floor, large glass windows and baby crib

Find A Room Divider Screen And Hang It As Art Work

Sometimes it helps to think outside of the box. If you have a large space and want to make a statement without breaking the bank on an original painting, there are options. Rugs, tapestries, and room dividers are clever ways to have a larger wall piece and still keep things affordable.

Classic rustic living room interior design with fireplace, sofa set, tiled floors and glass windows

This 3-panel screen made from walnut with decorative cut-outs would serve double duty as floor art or wall art.

A Large Clock Above The Mantel

The cut-out nature of this wall clock elevates it from merely a functional piece to a decorative piece. If you’re not going to put the television above your mantel, consider a timepiece such as this one.

Classic brown and white living room interior with hardwood floor, fireplace and wall poster

We found this very similar wall clock that allows your paint color to shine through.

A Stairstep Of Small Botanical Prints

Lovely and delicate botanical prints can be found throughout the history of wall decor. Whether prints or small etchings or pages from antique books, there’s something about the gentle nature of a leaf that looks great in our homes.

Bright living room with sofa, throw pillows, wall poster and wood table

This set of four botanical prints are reproductions of originals. They come unframed so that you can choose the perfect frames for your space.

A Mirror Above The Mantel

Things are common for a reason. Because they work! And that is undoubtedly the case with putting a large mirror above the mantel. It’s a way of reflecting all that light, artwork on other walls, and yet it blends in without causing a fuss. Consider a mirror for the space above your mantelpiece.

Beautiful modern living room interior with firepalce, carpet floor, mirror, wooden table and red accent chairs

Monochromatic Artwork In The Colors Of Your Furniture

Though not everyone feels that wall decor should match your sofa, some people prefer to keep things simple. Choosing a piece that will go with all of your design elements gives your room a spark, without detracting from the overall look.

Beautiful modern living room interior with brown leather sofa, wall art decor, parquet floor and glass window

There are so many great options for wall decor. Paintings, collections, mirrors, and thinking outside the box will make your search for the perfect something extra fun. But please don’t leave without checking out these additional style guides from Home Decor Bliss below:

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White room with green chair and wooden side table
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