11 “Wow Factor” Wall Mirror Ideas

A wall mirror can be one of the easiest ways to change the whole look of a room. They can brighten and liven a room. Mirrors reflect light, and as a result, make even the smallest, darkest room seem inviting. Tired of feeling like you're living in a closet? If so, then a big wall mirror might be just the trick.

We've compiled a list of helpful tips from home decorators. Picking the perfect mirror for your room isn't that hard, but you will want to consider some factors like the shape, size, and frame material. Once you've determined the right mirror for you, then we've got a great list of unique selections. There's something for everyone here, so keep reading to find your path through (or to) the looking glass.

A decorative mirror above a golden plant leaf in a dark luxurious apartment interior, 11 "Wow Factor" Wall Mirror Ideas

How To Pick A Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to open up even the dimmest, dingiest room. Because of their light-reflecting properties, mirrors can make any space brighter. They also, visually, trick the eye into thinking that there's more space behind them. There isn't the limiting feeling or sense of boundary that a wall creates. 

However, picking the best mirror for your space will require you to answer a few simple questions. When you know the answers to these, then you'll know what kind of mirror you need.

The Size

The bigger the mirror, the more impact it has in a room. Don't be afraid to go big, but be sure to leave enough space on the wall to handle it if you do so. You don't want to squeeze a large mirror into an already busy wall.

Determine just how much room you have, and also establish how much of it you want as a mirror. There's nothing wrong with letting a mirror be a small accent piece or, conversely, letting it be a focal point covering most of the wall. 

The Shape

If you want the mirror to be the center of the wall, it may be obvious to pick a rectangular mirror proportional to the wall. On the other hand, square and rectangular mirrors are the most common. While this isn't bad for traditional decor, you may also prefer a more edgy shape for a contemporary style.

Oval or round mirrors are less conventional but still within the limits of convention. For an even bolder style, then try a quirky shape like a moon or a diamond.

The Frame

The desired style will be achieved, mostly, through the frame. Traditional and conventional looks are primarily metal or wood frames. However, consider other materials for a distinctive look.

Pick a color that works with the room, and remember that dark frames will box the mirror in. Conversely, lighter frames will make the mirror seem bigger and also allow it to blend with the wall more.

Some mirrors don't have frames at all. Use these when you want to avoid a heavy, constrictive look. If your goal is to broaden and expand the room, then aim for all mirror and little or no frame. 

1. View From The Window

Large windows make a room feel more open and airy, even when it's just the illusion of extra space. Being able to see outside extends the "feeling" of the room's depth. It also lets light in for a brighter, more expansive vibe.

If you want to make an area feel grandiose, then you don't have to go for an expensive remodel and new windows. Instead, go for a similar effect with a mirror that looks like windows! And for maximum effect, put the mirror across from a real window, if you can. The repeating reflection between the wall and mirror will, as a result, create an amazing visual. 

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2. The Mariner's Mirror

This one has a bit of an unusual look just thanks to the round, broad mirror shape that might remind the viewer of a ship porthole.

But for a real punch and a look that is distinctly your own, consider using an unusual material as well. Who needs a boring mirror with a standard wooden or metal frame? A cool, stylish frame like this nautical one is a quirky and offbeat way to personalize your mirror.

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3. Old-Fashioned Sensibilities

For a more classic vintage look, this oval mirror is a great fit. It's tall, which will help elongate the walls and make the ceiling seem higher. This is a great trick for a small room. And, a light white frame lets the mirror seem to flow right into the wall. Again, this visual effect of making it look bigger will carry through to the rest of the room as well.

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4. Macra-mirror

Macrame, the old craft trend that saw its hey-day in the 70s, is coming back in style. Modern macrame accomplishes combining the aesthetic of boho-chic and classic vintage. As a result, it creates a memorable look and one of a kind. If you're looking for a mirror that stands out, this is a great pick for free-spirited decor.

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5. See Yourself In A Book

If you're a bookworm at heart, then this mirror can give you that personal touch. This piece tells guests a little more about who you are, a touching way to pay homage to your favorite past time. The frame is crafted out of metal and handpainted to appear like a collection of classic books. This is a fun and unusual chance to bring your own brand to your home decor.

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6. In A Tight Spot?

The best part about this piece is its small, flexible size. This is actually four separate tiles, each only 12 inches by 12 inches. As a result, you can place the pieces anyway you want - vertically, horizontally, spaced out between other wall art, and more. It can also be squeezed into spaces where a traditional mirror wouldn't fit because it has such a small footprint. If you've always wanted a full-length mirror but lacked the wall space, then this may be your dream solution.

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7. Venetian Mirror

While not a true Venetian mirror, this stylized call-back adds a sense of grace and beauty to any room. The smooth finish and rich detailing are great for an opulent or luxurious look. The pattern adds texture and visual interest, for an art deco style that complements both classic and more modern styles.

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8. At the Beach

This mirror has a shabby chic style, great for a more relaxed look. The colors are fitting for a beach or modern cottage theme. The frame is made from solid, distressed plank wood. If you want a casual but interesting accent piece that draws the eye, this is it.

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9. Scalloped Sight

Beveled mirrors have specially cut edges that automatically create an antique aura (whether it's true or not). The edges reflect light and act as a prism. For a gloomy room, the easiest way to brighten things up is to use a classic beveled mirror like this one. It makes any room appear bigger, brighter, and more spacious.

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10. A Regal View

This mirror has a posh and elegant look that will make anyone using it feel like royalty. The ornate frame will complement an antique decor or historic home naturally. The glass is high quality for a clear image and no distortion. This means that it's not just pretty; it's also practical. 

This mirror is an ideal anchoring piece for a small room. It will add depth and warmth and really ground the space. If you're trying to make a very small space feel bigger, don't be afraid to go for bold, enthusiastic pieces like this.

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11. Leaf My Sight

This metal mirror evokes the classic imagery of leaves but keeps it modern and trendy with its stylish silver metal frame. Small crystals throughout the frame reflect more light. As a result, this mirror brightens any room and really lets the piece shine - literally. While this piece is rather contemporary, the simple style will suit most rooms and decor.

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In Closing

Mirrors are an easy, convenient way to update the look of any room. Especially if you're trying to make it seem brighter or larger, mirrors are an inexpensive way to change the vibe of the room. You can avoid costly and inconvenient remodeling and make the room appear larger with a well-placed mirror. Consider a frameless mirror, or one placed across from a window, to maximize the reflective properties of a mirror in a small room.

As a focal piece, try unique shapes, sizes, or less traditional frames for a look that draws eyes and attention. Frames with layers or elaborate details can also add texture and depth to a plain or boring wall. Mostly, pick a look that complements the style of your room. And have fun!

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