What Wall Paint Colors Go With Dark Brown Furniture? [5 Best Options]

Deep chocolate brown and rich mahogany furniture are popular because of their sophisticated look and practical style. Dark brown furniture is a neutral staple in home design, but it doesn't have to be boring. When styling your room around your dark brown and wood furniture, certain wall colors will bring out the best in your furniture.

These are the best colors to paint your walls in a room with dark brown furniture:

  • White
  • Blues
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Green

Picking the specific shade of any of these colors can be difficult when there are countless options to choose from. Luckily, we've put together a list of how to style these colors to match your dark brown furniture, as well as the best colors to incorporate into the rest of your room's decor.

Retro themed living room with cool furnitures and a gray painted wall, What Wall Paint Colors Go With Dark Brown Furniture? [5 Best Options]

Best Wall Colors For Dark Brown Furniture

When styling dark brown furniture, you want to use colors that complement your furniture and make it stand out. A good rule of thumb is to use lighter shades that help your furniture shine instead of washing it out. Here are the best options for your walls!

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There isn't much that can go wrong when deciding to paint your walls white. In general, it's the ultimate neutral shade that creates a clean slate for all of your changing decor ideas.

For dark furniture, it creates a bright surface that will make your furniture the focal point of the room. The white will also help bring light into a room that can become too dark if you choose to decorate with a darker color palette.


If you decide to go with blue, a big plus is that you have a vast range of shade options. Because blue is a cool tone, even darker shades will allow the warmer tones in your dark brown furniture to stand out in contrast.


For a light and airy look in a room with dark brown furniture, a pale blue will add a bright canvas with a stylish pop of color. Try this for a brightly lit dining room or cozy family room.


This blueberry shade is a beautiful relaxing blue-gray that would be perfect for a bedroom with dark furniture. It exudes a casual elegance, especially when paired with contrasting whites.


A blue themed living room with a bluish green colored couch and a zigzag patterned carpet

Navy or deep turquoise walls and dark furniture make for rich and opulent decor. Styled with gold accents or vintage artwork, this would look amazing in any den or study.


Dark themed classic styled bedroom with a pink bedding bed and dark wooden furnitures all over the living room

Much like blues, gray has a wide range of shades that will look great with dark brown furniture. Gray is a modern neutral where white and beige used to be popular. If you're looking for an alternative to white that will brighten a room but have a softer contrast, you can use a lighter shade of gray.

If you want to use a darker shade, consider the function and lighting of the room. Dark browns maintain their beauty against darker grays, but they can also darken the room as a whole. This may be perfect for a bedroom if you want it to remain a dark and calming space. However, if you want to brighten up these darker tones, you can add whites in the form of comforters, throw pillows, or rugs.


Classic bedroom with a king sized bed and a window with huge brown curtains

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Beige is another great neutral for dark brown furniture. Beige acts as a highlight to complement the undertones of wood furniture. It's light enough that it doesn't become muddy as darker brown shades would. Because these are both earth tones, you can liven up the room with bold accent colors like turquoise, purples, or deep yellows.


From lush emeralds to earthy moss, greens are contemporary and charming when paired with dark brown furniture.

Dark green themed dining area with dark ratan dining chairs and a table with blanket

Deep forest greens are refined yet daring. You can add rustic patterns and textures for a warm primitive style. Or you can add ornate golds and coppers for more elegance.

Dark painted dining chairs and table with an antique candle lit chandelier in an opaque green painted wall

Lighter shades of green are ideal for rooms meant for gathering. We associate green and brown with nature, which can have a calming and harmonious effect, according to color psychology. Putting this palette in rooms meant for a gathering can help your guests to have a calm and relaxing time, even if the room becomes noisy and crowded.

Honorable Mentions

Many more colors look amazing with dark brown furniture, but they can be a bit bolder and trickier to style.


Orange is a gorgeous warm tone that can brighten dark brown furniture when done right. Most orange shades mesh well, but darker shades, especially in a room that isn't well-lit, can become dark and feel smaller. If you want to paint your walls orange, lighter shades will brighten your room and give it a warm and energetic vibrance.

If you're looking for a more modern take on orange walls and dark furniture, you can mix white or light wood pieces into your decor. You can also add mid-wall trim and paint the top half orange and the bottom white to take advantage of the dynamic orange while not going overboard.


Although reds and dark brown furniture look elegant, it can easily become muddy if you use wood with red undertones, like cherry. The red paint will wash out the red undertones, so it's best to use dark chocolate browns if you will paint your walls red.

Much like orange, deep reds can make already dark rooms appear smaller. Brighter reds and burgundies, especially when paired with white trim or gold accents, will be a vivid contrast against dark furniture.

What Is A Good Accent Color For Brown?

Accent colors are an easy way to dress up your furniture without the time and effort it takes to paint the room. Here are some outstanding accent colors for you to try.


Fuchsia is a daring accent color that can liven up any room. This reddish-purple color adds the right amount of fun contrast to classic dark furniture. Adding this in small touches like throw pillows or large doses like a settee, this color invokes maturity, confidence, and sophistication.


A dark wooden paneled wall with a mirror and blue upholstered furnitures

Gold is a gorgeous accent color for dark brown, but it's also a perfect accent color for green, red, and blue. If you choose one of these colors for your walls, you can accent the dark brown furniture with gold frames, side tables, or mirrors.


Scandinavian themed living room with a yellow couch and a blue brick wall on the background

Yellow is an incredibly versatile accent color for rooms with dark brown furniture. You can use muted yellows as small hints of color or use mustard or golden yellow to add rich, eclectic vibrancy.

How Do You Brighten A Room With Dark Brown Furniture?

When paired with deeper wall color or in a room with little to no natural light, dark furniture can quickly become drab and dreary. Here are some ways to brighten up a room with dark brown furniture.

Bright Walls

A cool rustic themed living room with a white painted wall, wooden flooring, and a light blue colored couch

Light-colored walls are the most obvious way to brighten up a room with dark furniture. It not only helps the room to appear larger and more open, but it also reflects light into the room better than darker-colored walls.

Colorful Throw Pillows

Adding washes of bright colors into the room will help to counter the darkness of the furniture. An easy way to do this is with bright throw pillows or throw blankets. You can also use a colorful rug or other accent pieces to bring color into the room.

Add Lighter Furniture

A dark green painted wall in a living room with white beddings on the bed

Don't be afraid to add furniture in different colors or materials to help brighten a room up. A simple white side table or metal bar cart can go a long way in contrasting the darker-colored furniture.

What Color Curtains Go Best With Dark Brown Furniture?


A small coffee area with two small chairs, a small coffee table and shades on the background

Most neutral and earth-tone curtains, light and dark, will look great with dark brown furniture. Whites will provide a clean and airy look, beige will bring sophistication, and dark greens give a hint of color while remaining earthy.

Warm Tones

Warm-tone curtains will add cheerfulness and spirit to a room. Colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and rust will bring out the warm undertones in dark wood colors and brighten the room's entire vibe.

Cool Tones

A gorgeous contemporary living room with windows on the background, a dark gray couch on the wall, and blue throw pillows on it

If you're looking for a more calming color scheme, cool tones will be a relaxing color palette to try. Light blues, purples, and cool grays are beautiful against dark browns.

In Conclusion

Dark brown furniture is an elegant choice for any room. It can take on any style you wish, from fun and vibrant, to dark and sophisticated. Whatever look you are trying to achieve can be reached by adding paint and accent colors to make the most of your furniture.

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What color brings out brown furniture?

Earth tones, such as olive green, beige, and tans, are an excellent option to bring out the warm tones of brown furniture. Other complementary colors include navy blue, deep red, and orange.

What colors compliment brown?

Green, blue, pink, purple, orange, and yellow all look great with brown.

What colors go best with brown wood?

The best colors with brown wood are green, yellow, orange, and red. These colors will create a warm, inviting look. You can also pair brown wood with white, gray, black, and navy blue for a more modern look.

Does grey go with brown furniture?

Yes, grey can be a great complement to brown furniture. It can help create a cozy, calming atmosphere and a nice contrast.

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