How Much Does Wall Paneling Cost?

Wall paneling can be one of the easiest ways to decorate a room's walls with patterns and designs. It can turn a bland, boring wall into an eye-popping conversation starter. Choosing the right kind of wall paneling is an important part of making sure it looks professional, and not like it was just thrown up and nailed on. So how much does quality wall paneling cost? We've researched the cheapest and the most expensive wall paneling to provide you with a price range that can fit into almost anyone's budget.

House with wooden paneling all over from flooring to walls and ceiling, How Much Does Wall Paneling Cost?

The typical cost for wall paneling is -

  • $150+ for low-budget wall paneling
  • $400+ for higher budget paneling

There's also the cost of installation -

  • $400+ for small rooms
  • $700+ for larger rooms

The project can be as low as $200 or as high as $1,300 or more. It all depends on whether you install it yourself, what type of materials you buy, and how big your area of coverage is.

Keep reading to find out more information on where to purchase materials, professional installers, and other frequently asked questions.

Where Can I Buy Wall Paneling?

Finding a great deal on wall paneling may seem like a difficult task since it is not something typically advertised. Chances are you are not quite sure who even sells wall paneling. Here are some of the best places to purchase wall paneling for your home.

Floor & Decor

Floor and decor website homepage

Floor & Decor is an incredibly vast website offering thousands of products. They offer a bunch of different wall paneling options ranging from $2.06 per square foot to $15.99 per square foot. Floor & Decor does not offer installation services but they do sell installation products. If you are getting it professionally installed, perhaps you could save money by providing them with everything they need.

Floor & Decor also offers installation/information classes for wood paneling every Saturday at 10:00am. Check your local Floor & Decor store to see if they offer it in your city. If you do not have a store near you, they have an online store where you can order materials and have them sent straight to you.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is one of the leading home improvement giants in the nation. With store locations almost everywhere, there's a great chance you live close to one. This is a major perk because getting to choose from different wall paneling in-store is always extremely helpful. This way you get to see how it looks in person and on a wall, instead of having to imagine it while waiting for it to arrive at your house, only to decide you don't like it. Seeing it in-store allows the process to speed up exponentially.

Another added bonus to buying your wall paneling from The Home Depot is their vast array of options to choose from. It makes sense that The Home Depot would have a large selection of products seeing as how they are a titan in the industry. You can expect to pay anything from $5 per square foot, all the way up to $20 or more depending on the quality you're going for. Different stores have different items in stock so you can either order online or go to one of their stores and see what they are currently offering.


Lowe's website homepage

Lowe's is another household name when it comes to home improvement. It's no surprise they have a huge selection of wall paneling. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate and focuses on simplicity so you can find what you want quickly without the hassle of a complex website.

Lowe's search engine customization lets you choose the type of material you want (for example, wood), the length of the paneling, the style of the materials, and more. This means if you know what you want, then you can optimize your search to show you just the products that interest you. If you are curious about all the other types of wall paneling, you can search through everything as well. Lowe's online store provides an easy, seamless experience that cuts out all the extra stuff we all want to avoid.

Where Can I Get Professional Installation?

Professional installation is always the way to go to ensure you get the job done right the first time. Here are a few professionals who you can rely on to install your wall paneling.

Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman website homepage

Mr. Handyman prides itself on excellent service. They have locations all over the United States, so finding one in your area is very likely. They come straight to your house and install whatever you need. This frees you up to maintain your busy schedule without the hassle of doing home improvement work all by yourself.

They offer tons of services and have served almost one million customers. In their "Why Hire Us" tab, they go into great detail about their business and process so you can feel secure in who you are inviting into your home. Mr. Handyman is a fantastic, all-around company who will work hard to make sure you're satisfied with the results.


Houzz website homepage

Houzz is a platform where people who have home improvement needs can connect with professionals and hire them to get the job done. Houzz lets you search through thousands of professionals to find one in your area who can complete the task at hand.

If you need wall paneling installed, Houzz makes it simple by narrowing down all the people who can install wall paneling and then giving you the option to choose one of them based on your chosen variables. They ask you what type of work you need, where you live, when you would like it done if you provide the materials or not, how much you would like to pay, and more. Houzz is the perfect way to vet and hire a reliable professional.

Is Paneling Cheaper Than Drywall?

This all depends on how much you are willing to spend on wall paneling. There are certainly wall panel materials you can purchase that will end up being cheaper than some drywall, but for the most part, drywall will be much cheaper than wall paneling. The average cost of drywall is $1.50 per square foot. Wall paneling is certainly more visually appealing, so spending a little more on paneling is to be expected.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Wood Paneling With Drywall?

All in all, probably around $500-$1,000 or more, depending on the size. Assuming you hired professionals to do all the work and haul away unwanted materials, it would probably cost a little over $100 to remove wood paneling. This is assuming there is a single wall with wood paneling. If it were an entire room or house, the cost would go up dramatically. If the cost to install drywall is about $1.50 per foot, then add in labor and you're probably looking at another couple hundred if its a room or large wall.


Wall paneling provides the rustic look seen in many homes today. It can be an affordable centerpiece to a room and take it from plain and average to a whole new level. At the end of the day, home improvement projects can be as affordable as you make them. You can make your home look incredible using wall paneling whether your budget is tight or loose. All it takes is doing the research and finding great deals.

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