Are Wallpaper Borders in Style or Are They Old Fashioned?

Wallpaper borders can certainly be appealing. If you found an attractive design that matches your room, you may be wondering at this point - are they still in style? Or will be creating an old-fashioned look by using one? We were wondering the same, so went out on a quest to find out the answer.

The bottom line? Wallpaper borders are making a comeback! While they did lose grace for a while in the early 2000s, they are now returning with a vengeance.

Are Wallpaper Borders in Style or Are They Old Fashioned?

Let's take a look at how wallpaper borders went out of fashion a couple of decades ago and

When did wallpaper borders come into fashion?

Wallpaper borders were extremely popular in the early 1980s and garnered a lot of interest in the 1990s. However, they started to lose popularity towards the beginning of the 21st century.

Wallpaper borders started out as simple paper borders, a cost-effective option for designing children’s rooms without breaking the bank. For more serious use in interior décor use, people opted for other options such as vinyl decals and painted border, or completely discarding the potential use of wallpaper borders at all.

But how about now?

2019 is a great year for wallpaper border thanks to cool new designs afforded due to new technology that provides a wide range of options in terms of design and color when decorating. Wallpaper borders allow you to personalize your walls with your choice of inspirational quotes, monogram letters, tasteful artwork, or simply a diverse choice of color palette to overhaul your walls. And no, you don’t have to apply wallpaper borders in the middle of the wall as a divider.

How to use wallpaper borders in 2019?

From completing your styled interior design with an eclectic touch to your space to wrapping the doorways to sprucing up the sofas, wallpaper borders still have a place in eclectic interior design. The best part about wallpaper borders is that they are mostly self-adhesive, which makes it super easy to experiment with them.

On the Stairway

A chic way to make a statement through wallpaper borders is by applying them on your stairway. All you need to do is cut each wallpaper border to the size of your stairs and attach on each riser. Every time you or your guests walk up the stairs, they will be greeted with a beautiful design. Just don’t go overboard with weird designs. Choose a theme and stick with it.

In the Bathroom

If the backsplash of your bathroom is not stimulating enough, why not give wallpaper borders a chance? They can add an extra pop of color and personality, something to helps it stand out from other rooms in your home. Make sure to choose a product that is breathable and resists moisture because the last thing you want is for mold and mildew to find another place to grow.

In Children’s Bedrooms

Wallpaper borders initially started out to match the interior design of the children’s room with exciting pops of color and designs. You can add wallpaper borders midway on the walls, on ceilings, or on the baseline – whichever option adds more flair. Wallpaper borders are a great way to make your child love design and colors. A good idea is to let them pick their own designs and explore creative potential.

The bottom line is that wallpaper borders add dimension and character to your room without the risk of splurging too much. They allow you to add more charm to your walls that feature lackluster colors and designs, adding a layer of excitement that is bound to catch your guests by a delightful surprise.

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A few suggestions for cool modern wallpaper borders

To help you pick some cool wallpaper borders, we’ve rounded up our favorite products that will spruce up your room and impress guests.

1. Moose Bear and Elk by York

Bring the wild outdoors into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom with this chic wallpaper border. It features silhouettes of moose and elks against a vibrant jungle. The artist does a good job of capturing the mystery of wildlife.

The border dimensions are 15 feet long by 6 inches wide, and the pattern repeats itself every 36 inches.

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2. Kitchen Wallpaper Border by the Blonder Co.

A cool design featuring kitchenware and an assortment of fresh produce, this wallpaper border is designed to make your kitchen look more like a kitchen. The wallpaper borders are pre-pasted for easy application. Maintenance couldn’t get easier because you can easily wash the wallpaper without damaging the fabric thanks to a durable vinyl coating that is designed for longevity.

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3. Sunflower Floral Wallpaper Border by Norwall

Featuring lovely sunflower in full bloom with a healthy splash of the surrounding greenery, this wallpaper border provokes feelings of calm and peace. We love the small touch of local wildlife, which ranges from the tiny ladybug holding tight to a leaf to the bee getting ready for pollination. This picture is designed to make your room look more inviting to guests who will be impressed.

Application is super easy, simply dip in water and apply on your choice of area for best results.

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4. Floral Décor on Walls

This room packs a ton of flair in a relatively tiny space, featuring vibrant green walls topped off by the golden floral pattern. It perfectly demonstrates how useful wallpaper borders have become thanks to modern technology.

5. Patterns of Life

A neutral wall with boring colors and lack of design can be stylized to your choice of texture, coating, and patterns thanks to modern wallpaper borders. What impressed us most are the chevron patterns, available in different colors ranging from gray, pink, blank, blue, and red.

6. Spiderman Self Adhesive by Spiderman

Comic book fans, especially children who love Marvel superheroes will instantly fall in love with this design. It features several comic book heroes, including of course the iconic Spiderman. The best part about this wallpaper border is that it can be removed and repositioned with ease, allowing you to experiment multiple times before choosing your favorite position.

There’s no need for glue or paste, making this the ideal choice for children who love experimenting.

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7. Floral Pattern Wallpaper Border

What makes this wallpaper border stand out is the colorful choice of different flowers, each bringing their own charm into the room. A subtle thing to note about the wallpaper is the chic patterns in blue, essentially becoming a border in its own right. There’s something very retro about this wallpaper that many people will appreciate.

8. Cheerful Bears

Who doesn’t like colorful bears playing with toys and being helpful toward each other? This bathroom is a great example of the versatility of wallpaper borders and the near-limitless number of surfaces they can be installed on. Most people will appreciate how chic the ‘wallpaper’ border looks when applied below the sink.

9. Wallpaper Border Featuring Cats

This artwork is heavily inspired by the classical old West, complete with that cool looking western font that feels more authentic. Fans of feline will definitely love to bring that wallpaper border into their living room, especially because it is easy to install and doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. Simply dip in water, activate, and voila.

The material is vinyl coated, making it highly durable for rough use. This wallpaper border is built to last.

Click here to buy it.

10. Cartoon Wallpaper

Taking one glance at this wallpaper border should make it abundantly clear who it is marketed at, small children who love cartoons. The white backsplash is deliberately chosen to make each little character on the wallpaper border stand out. There’s monkey swinging off a vine, owl vibrantly bouncing around, a giraffe, a lion, and an assortment of other animals that should spark your child’s curiosity and inner creativity.

11. Floral Pattern with Bird by UUTAG

This wallpaper border is as classical as you can get, featuring floral patterns and a peacock snugly sandwiched between two layers of geometric colors. It is best to fit this wallpaper in your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms that contain high levels of moisture.

Furthermore, this wallpaper border is fully feature rich, being waterproof, moisture proof, and dust proof. Thanks to the PVC material, it is both durable and long-lasting.

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12. Purple Flowers by genariswallsticker

This wallpaper border features cute purple flowers against a yellowish background that should add a ton of value to your room. You can position the wallpaper border at the top of the wall, below, or at the middle. Another great idea is to arrange the borders in vertical stripes to create something more different.

13. Mosaic Pattern Wallpaper Border

This lovely faux-tile border should add plenty of details to your room, creating great artistic value that guests are sure to appreciate. The PVC material ensures durability for several years after installation. The wallpaper border measures as 20 by 500 cm, which makes it somewhat of a cross between wallpapers and wallpaper borders. It is available in 6 different color combinations.

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14. Floral Wallpaper Pattern

Here’s an assortment of flowers that are bound to impress your guests. The blue backsplash brings forward the lovely simple designs of leaves and flowers. The flat simple design is very fresh and up-to-date and would looke great in a nursery, kids room or even kitchen or bathroom. Floral patterns are known for their ability to make boring places look more energetic, and this wallpaper border isn’t any different.

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15. Retro Color Square by UUTAG

This wallpaper border features four layers of squares in different hues of brown, gray, and orange. It should go perfectly with your kitchen and bathroom walls. The PVC fabric is designed to resist moisture, dust, and rough use.

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Try these Wallpaper Borders for your Living Room (7 Illustrated Suggestions).

Get a fresh look with wallpaper borders!

We hope you enjoy the suggestions provided here. They are meant to inspire you and show you just how fresh and stylish wallpaper borders can be in 2019! Happy decorating!

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