11 Fun Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room Feature Wall

Living rooms are one of those parts of your home where you get to be as experimental as you want with your ideas. That includes choosing the right furniture, going for interesting art pieces, and even getting a little crazy with the walls. A common way to show your artistic flair is to paper up a single wall as a statement wall or feature wall.

Getting the right paper for your feature wall is a must if you want to give this hot trend a try. Of course, the hard part is finding a wallpaper (or, in some cases, wall decal) to suit your room's unique needs. Thankfully, we did a little digging to find some wallpapers that work wonders in a wide range of styles. 

Interior of a small living room with a blue floral wallpaper, brown sofa, and an arched window, 11 Fun Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room Feature Wall

1. Brushed Concrete

Two blue small chairs with a white end table in the middle and a floor lamp with gray wallpaper on the background

Sometimes, you don't need a wallpaper that has a pattern, per se. Rather, the wallpaper is more about texture. In this case, the designer decided to go for a statement wallpaper that looks a lot like brushed concrete. This gave the room a very rugged, industrial look that brought out the colors of this look beautifully. 

If you have a home where you want to do a rustic look or love the warehouse chic look, then brushed concrete is definitely a thing you should consider. It's popular for a reason.

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2. Leaf It Alone

A small gray loveseat with gray throw pillows and a small glass coffee table

Leaf prints are the newest trend among wallpapers, and they're popular because they add a healthy gardener's touch to any room they adorn. The look can be tropical at times, or just modern like how this designer did up a beige leaf print. Either way, it gives your home a look of garden freshness without the hassle and tussle of actually having to raise plants in your area.

Fans of modern green looks will love this vibe, especially if it's done up in green or beige. The best part of this is that there are so many different ways to work with green walls; it's amazing. To make this feature wall pop more, add some planters of fresh greenery to your home.

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3. Wood You Do This?

A spacious contemporary living room with a decorative wall design, indoor plants and trees, and a huge metal framed window on the background

Some of the most popular prints for people who enjoy the natural-modern look involve wood prints. In this case, the designer used a wallpaper print that resembled wooden slats to create a classic, natural dojo look inside the home. This gives the room an open, airy, and slightly Asian vibe.

The look is fresh, clean, and airy, all while walking that line between traditional and new. Will you jazz this look up or keep it feeling like a tea garden? It's up to you to choose!

4. Almost Bricked

A modern contemporary themed living room with a brown sofa, brown coffee table, brown carpet inside a gray living room

This designer took their time searching for wallpaper or even went so far as to ask for a custom-made wallpaper. This wallpaper has a distinctly brick-like look without the definition of a typical brick wall. They made it happen through the use of carefully-placed brush strokes and a light gradient look. 

The brushed look gives this home a genuine (rather than faked) look on a wall, all while keeping that Manhattan loft look alive. It's not a bad choice, especially if you can get it in a gradient. 

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5. BrickOut

A long gray sofa with gray throw pillows, a round dark gray coffee table with books on top, and a brick wall on the background

While the brushstroke look tends to be more genuine, there's something to be said about a room that has a look of exposed brick. It's industrial and works with almost every look you could imagine. On the one hand, it could look industrial like the picture above. On the other hand, it could be a perfect backdrop for a motivational poster

Brick walls are an ideal backdrop for just about every single type of decor out there. When choosing your wallpaper, make sure it's a 3D type. It's the only way to get the full realism you want out of your wallpaper. 

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6. Cherry Blossom Fest

Sometimes, you don't always need wallpaper that is meant to go from wall to wall. If you are a fan of wall decals, you might want to get a peel-and-stick mural that helps add to the wallpaper that's already there. That's what this designer did. He (or she) had a textured wallpaper as a baseline, then added a stick-on cherry blossom tree decal to create a mural. 

The cherry blossom look gave the feature wall an urbane yet exotic look and could even be used to help frame certain photos. That alone makes it a great example of quality wallpaper coordination. 

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7. A Midcentury Modern Make

Midcentury modern wallpapers are known for having heavy-handed takes on geometric looks, quite like what this wallpaper does. The wallpaper might have a retro look, but it adds a serious burst of color and works well with several different styles. While this particular look works well with retro vibes, it also has a distinctly tropical look to it too, hence ferns decor. 

This look works well for people who want something timeless yet colorful. Just make sure that this is a choice for a statement wall, since trying to make this an all-around paper might be too much for most peoples' eyes.

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8. Gently Geometric

Geometric prints have an elegant yet easy-to-work-with look that makes them super popular among younger designers. This aesthetic complements a lot of styles, including modern, Scandinavian, bohemian, and more. The trick to making this look work with so many options is choosing a geometric print based on soft, neutral colors like the one this designer chose. 

While there's definitely a very modern tint to this look, the overall vibe is one that you can make match any ambiance you want to achieve. This is doubly true if you want a fancy home office that you can also double as a living room!

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9. All Striped Up, And Nowhere To Go

Interior of a gorgeous beige colored living room with beige furnitures, two brown accent chairs, and a white center coffee table

Stripes are a favorite among interior designers, and it's easy to see why. Stripes carry a certain vintage elegance that is hard to achieve with other patterns and is timeless in its own right. Think about it. You won't be able to tell striped paper from the 60s from modern striped paper. It's all the same and still carries that quirky charm that people love.

Striped wallpaper is a good choice if you want a statement wall that carries two or more colors and keeps things more traditional. We suggest it for country, traditional, and European-inspired looks. 

10. Going For That Gold

Gold is one of those colors that always makes a statement, which is why it's a common choice among designers who want a feature wall in a living room. This is doubly true when you have a shade of gold that reflects and has that metallic sheen people love. Here, we see how gorgeous metallic gold accents can be. 

This wallpaper gave the room a unique textured look that also had a little more dimension than a typical wallpaper would. That makes it a perfect pick for people who want something that stands out on their feature wall. 

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11. A Mural Choice

Murals are always a great choice for a feature wall, primarily because unique paintings are designed to grab attention. Thankfully, you no longer have to hire an artist to get the mural you want, nor do you have to stick to stone effect wall murals, either. A booming industry is entirely devoted to helping people get true-to-artist looks at a fraction of the price.

Admittedly, this is a look that is bold and is meant to be bold. If you are looking for a truly jaw-dropping addition to a room, this is it. Otherwise, you might want to go for a more subtle vibe.

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