15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You

A big part of decorating any room is the color and pattern combinations used on the walls and curtains. If you don't choose pairings that complement each other, your design can look too bland or completely insane. Here we have done the work for you! Below is a list of fantastic wallpaper and curtain pairs that will make your room look like it was professionally designed.

Matching wallpaper and curtains, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You

Silk curtain and wallpaper, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You
Texture of curtains close-up decorated, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You
A fabric drapery with tassel, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You
Comfortable sofa by the black and white wall with ornaments, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You
Modern interior of room in contemporary apartment, 15 Wallpaper and Matching Curtains Combos To Inspire You

1a. Floral Purple Wallpaper by Amao

Installing this succulent wallpaper should be your goal. The floral murals ooze style and sophistication on account of being colored skillfully. They utilize a range of soft purple colors that catch attention. Also, the wallpaper is fully waterproof.

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1b. Purple Curtains for Bedroom

Welcome the unique charm of purple into your interior décor with its mesmerizing look. There is no abstract design that does a better job of grabbing your attention. The dark purple should brighten up your room and invite a burst of energy that instantly spruces up your space.

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 2a. Damask Gold Glitter by York Wallcovering

Add just a tiny bit of sparkle into your room with this damask wallpaper that features on-trend glitter design with swirling patterns. People from all walks of life will surely love the alluring, shiny design. Having this wallpaper on your wall should add tons of flair into your room.

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2b. Sheer Voile Window Curtains by GoodGram

If you want to keep things simple, go with white linens because they do a great job of completing a space without drawing too much attention. These window curtains should work with nearly every color combination, more notably, the damask gold glitter mentioned above.

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3a. Non-Woven Forest Wallpaper by Blooming Wall

Why not bring the outdoors into your room? This wallpaper is an excellent choice for your bedroom, dining room, and living room and doesn’t make too much of a statement. Its red finish interspersed with white hue should add an extra dimension to your room.  The extra thick fabric is designed to last for long, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

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3b. Pink Velvet Drapes by StangH

These timeless pink velvet drapes offer the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics, adding a unique textured look of linen that dims sunlight as it tries to pierce the fabric. The curtains are available in 9 different sizes, including valance.

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4a. Euro Scenic Wallpaper by York Wallcoverings

This cartoonish euro circus is a super design that will look perfect in any setting, including nurseries, play areas, and bedrooms. The artisan’s love for Parisian culture is captured in a mixture of different colors, including red and white.

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4b. Red Thermal Curtain by Deconovo

Complement the wallpaper above with red accented curtains that will provide an ideal backdrop to the neutral color palette. If you feel that the red is a little too bold, you can look for other exciting color combinations, notably, teal and green.

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5a. Vintage Luxury Damask Wallpaper by QIHANG

The luxurious damask color motif is printed on expanded vinyl, a durable material that is known for its longevity. Gorgeous golden colors give your room a delicate makeover that should give you a remarkably feature-rich room.  The wallpaper has antimicrobial properties, which means it won’t attract bacteria and mildew growth.

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5b. Floral Embroidered Curtains by Miuco

If you want an eye-catching look to overhaul your room’s design, Floral Embroidered Curtains by Miuco is a solid choice. The semi-sheer fabric lets a tiny bit of light in, allowing you to add both privacy and natural lighting into your room. This embroidered curtain is available in three different designs.

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6a. Purple Dandelion Wallpaper by SICOHOME

This beautiful wallpaper incorporates the lovely detail of dandelion flowers. It is perfect for those looking to add more definition and texture to their interior décor. An interesting point to note is that the entire motif is featured in purple color, with the background having a slightly lighter purple hue.

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6b. Purple Grey Quilted Shams by All American Collection

These curtains feature the same theme as the wallpaper we mentioned previously on our list, and the best part is that they block almost all the light. The material of the fabric is of high quality, which should add a dimension of luxury into your room.

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7a. Blue Distressed Wood Wallpaper by RoomMates

This wallpaper is ideal for folks who appreciate rustic creativity. The distressed wood color spruces up your interior décor with an eye-catching and unique grunge effect that can match bold furniture, especially retro and vintage items. This wallpaper is 100% removable.

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7b. Floral Embroidered Teal Wallpaper by Miuco

This curtain carries a sentimental meaning thanks to its floral murals. The excellent choice of fabric offers the best combination of good looks and light blocking that we’ve seen yet. This curtain is available in three different popular sizes.

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8a. Rust Red Brown Wallpaper by Yancorp

These wallpapers carry a lot of natural detail, texture, and stunning color, making it possible to personalize your room with ease. The texture depicts aged brick which has an accented rusty appearance, showing age. The wallpaper is suitable as a backdrop to your living room or kitchen.

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8b. Airy Gauzy Window Treatments by Grace Duet

If you want a stylish curtain that blocks just the right amount of sunlight, then the Airy Gauzy Window Treatments by Grace Duet gets the job done. They’re some of the most feature-rich looking curtains we’ve seen, maintaining both privacy and letting sunlight in. The light fabric even offers extra properties such as noise resistance and energy efficiency.

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9a. Fresh Floral Birds by Blooming Wall

Brighten up your room with this vibrant wallpaper featuring a sophisticated combination of birds and flowers into your room. The white backdrop offers a brilliant contrast reinvents your spaces effortlessly.

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9b. Bird Curtains by Anady Top

Complementing the wallpaper is this blackout curtain which doesn’t allow any speck of outside light indoors. It’s perfect for privacy and to overhaul your room’s interior design.

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10a. Large Starry Mural by wall26

Capture the starry night sky and its subtle luster with this modern wallpaper, made possible only by modern digital print technology. It is available in two different sizes.

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10b. Children Blue Blackout Curtain by NICETOWN

Available in six different standard sizes and more than 7 different colors, this elegant curtain features a unique starry-skied pattern, giving the illusion that the stars are falling. It goes especially well with the Fresh Floral Wallpaper.

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11a. Wallpaper French Damask by Norwall

The gold tones add prestige, elegance, and warmth to your space. Offering contrasting design is the gray backdrop which opposes the artisan’s narrative. It has an eye-catching design that will become the center of attention in your room.

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11b. Vintage Floral with Brown Pattern

Pair the wallpaper with this floral themed curtain set against a brown rustic backdrop. It is available in six different standard sizes, including valance. It blocks 96% of the sunlight and 100% of UV light.

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12a. Bohemian Orange and Blue Wallpaper by RoomMates

Enjoy the bohemian feel of this wallpaper that has two color combinations. The light blue color is set against dark orange in a creative way. The wallpaper allows for endless experimentation on account of being 100% removable.

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12b. Emily Sheer Voile Curtain Panel by No.918

This curtain complements the wallpaper amazingly well due to its transparent orange hues that allow just the right amount of light in.

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13a. Stained Gray Cement Look by Home Deco

Featuring minimal design and a plain gray color palette, this wallpaper should allow you to pair various furniture and accessory combinations with minimal effort. An important selling point of these wallpapers is that they are breathable, making them ideal for humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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13b. Navy Blackout Curtains

Available in four different sizes, these Navy Blackout Curtains can block around 90% of sunlight and 100% UV. They go well with gray colored wallpapers as well. Make sure to pair them with the 13a.

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14a. Forest Yellow Green Embossed Wallpaper by Romosa Wallcoverings

This wallpaper is a thing of beauty. It’s got green-hued textures that breathe stillness into your room while adding texture and real depth to create an amazing set piece to greet your eyes. The color scheme should fit most interior decors.

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14b. Ivy Leaf Embroidered Panels by TIYANA

White panels against green leaves that perfectly complement most room designs, especially if you have a green wallpaper to greet them. These panels are available in 9 different sizes, so you’re bound to find something that fits your spaces.

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15a. Mediterranean Tile Wallpaper

If you love blue colors and intricate geometric shapes, this wallpaper by RoomMates is exactly what you need. It is 100% removable, making it possible to experiment endlessly without destroying its fabric or print.

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15b. Modern Blue Vertical Striped Curtains by Riyidecor

Pair the last wallpaper with this striped curtain, featuring blue and light colors that alternate each other. Available in three standard sizes, make sure you select the right one.

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