What Wallpaper Goes With Yellow Walls?

Wallpaper has made a comeback, and we want to know, which wallpaper goes great with yellow walls? To find out the answer to this, we found out what designers are saying about a yellow wall and wallpaper combination. Here's what we discovered.

Great wallpaper patterns and colors for yellow walls involve a hint of yellow, grey, or florals. Some great styles include:  

  • A herringbone pattern wallpaper in yellow and white
  • A floral with yellow as the background and other colors mixed in
  • A bold tropical print
  • A grey patterned wallpaper
  • A yellow and grey leaf patterned paper
  • Tiny yellow shell wallpaper above yellow wainscotting

We'll look at each of these types of designs and give you images of each to see what might work for your home. We'll also talk about the blend of grey and yellow walls, what else you can do to make a yellow room look great, if there are colors that will tone down yellow, and answer the question, of whether yellow is a good color for the living room.

So please, keep reading.

modern living room yello wall with plant couch pillow table and seat. What Wallpaper Goes With Yellow Walls

Great Wallpaper Choices For Mixing With Yellow Walls

Adding an accent wall of wallpaper with a bright color like yellow is a real designer showpiece. But the type of wallpaper you choose will greatly affect the overall mood and idea of the room. So what are some great wallpaper choices to go with yellow rooms? We have some ideas for you here.

For A Subtle Play On The Color Yellow, Add A Herringbone Pattern Wallpaper

[PIN id="369576713177977523" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Choosing a subtle geometric pattern like this herringbone style wallpaper will add texture to a room with yellow walls. It's a great way to provide a backdrop for the dining table or a family room sofa. Use your wallpapered wall to highlight or dress up a wall that may be lacking in pizazz.

Use A Soft Floral Pattern With Yellows Mixed In

Interior with armchair and flowery wallpaper. What Wallpaper Goes With Yellow Walls

This sunny floral wallpaper will give a yellow room modern appeal. The stylized flowers and overall design would work particularly well in an updated farmhouse kitchen. Or maybe use this in a teen's room with a hint of lemony yellow paint on the other walls.

[PIN id="51861833197460993" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here's another gorgeous choice for a floral pattern. This time with birds, too. This elegant paper has a bit of old chinoiserie design to it. It would look gorgeous in an entry foyer with yellow walls, or maybe an extraordinarily sunny powder room.

Use A Bold Tropical Print

[PIN id="412501647127749501" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Jewel tones of emerald green, ruby, and navy look beautiful with rich goldenrod yellows. You could pair this ultra-tropical wallpaper with a deeper-toned yellow for something unique and eye-catching. This combination is not for a timid designer but for someone who's not afraid to go big.

Why Not Choose A Grey Pattern?

Grey and yellow are a surprisingly super color fit. So why not pair a gray patterned wallpaper with your yellow walls. It will give the room a soothing and modern look.

Grey and white stick on wallpaper like this is a perfect temporary accent for rental units or if you're someone who changes their mind. Click here for this on Amazon.

Yellow And Grey Leaves For A Soothing Space

[PIN id="58476495152566041" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This beautiful linen palm, ochre, and white wallpaper is perfect to pair with a creamy yellow or slightly olive or khaki yellow. It will give a dressy appearance to a dining room, living room, or guest bathroom.

Tiny Yellow Shells Above Yellow Wainscotting

[PIN id="569001734179118022" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

If you have an older bungalow or farmhouse and want to create a room that feels of the period, consider this approach. Find a wallpaper with a small repeating pattern, then match the yellow on your wainscotting. It's a look that is both modern and old all at the same time. This one has geometric shells but it could be any small repeating print for the same effect.

Does The Color Grey Go With Yellow Walls?

It sure does. Grey and yellow are a super match, and you can pair the two colors without hesitance. This can be in choosing wallpaper and paint, or simply paint as in the room below. Though, we think those inset niches are perfect for some daring yellow wallpaper.

Yellow and gray modern bedroom with double bed and niche

You can also combine yellow and grey with accessories. Whether it's throw pillows, rugs, or your furniture choices, this color combination is super.

Yellow pillows and blanket on grey sofa in modern living room interior with plants and carpet

How Do You Make A Yellow Room Look Good?

You are off to a good start simply because your room is yellow. This bright and sunny color will help keep you alert and engaged. But if you want added pizazz, there are some things to think about.

Trim Color

modern living room interior design with yellow wallpaper

Using white trim around your door casings, baseboards, and window trim will act as a highlighter for your warm wall color. We love the crisp edge, it gives the paint color and the separation between floors and wall color.

Choosing The Right Furniture

Be sure and pick pieces that will work for the overall style you're creating. You could go for a light palette by choosing natural wood pieces and light-colored upholstered pieces like in the room below.

Sofa with Yellow Wall

Or you could go rich and sumptuous by pairing a royal blue velvet sofa with a sunny yellow wall. We really love this deep blue and mid-yellow combination that gives us a feeling of royalty.

[PIN id="295548794301782225" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Add Some House Plants

2 Jungle Monstera leaves are growing with sunlight and shadow on yellow cement wall background in living room

Adding leafy green house plants will be like adding the forest to the sunshine. Think of big leafy ferns or palm trees that have structure and airiness. Choose pots that bring out the colors of the flooring and the walls or other furniture pieces. It will be like your very own arboretum.

Here's a fun ceramic planter in yellow and white. This is a great choice to use for your houseplants in your yellow room. Click here for this on Amazon.

Add An Accent Wall

This whole post has been about one really great idea for making a yellow room look great. Pick a wall and some accent wallpaper. The great thing is, there are a ton of really cool stick-on wallpapers that you can switch out or remove with ease. We think the one below would be super with yellow wall paint color.

Click here for this bold choice on Amazon.

What Color Makes Yellow Look Less Yellow?

Maybe you're not a fan of yellow but you don't have the time or inclination or ability to change your wall color. Is there a color that will help tone down all the yellow? Something you can add either through curtains or furnishings?

You can certainly use color to trick the eye into toning down yellow. Think of moving away from stark contrast that will only highlight the brightness of yellow and instead move in the direction of neighboring colors on the color wheel. 

[PIN id="558587160013699886" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

We think these sage greens, natural wood tones, and soft cremes do a wonderful job of turning the yellow walls into something more neutral.  Mix and match these colors in all kinds of ways to tone down those yellow walls.

Is Yellow A Good Color For A Living Room?

Yellow can certainly be a love it or leave it kind of color. If you're among those who adore the color yellow, then, by all means, use it in the living room. Its bright tones add to the cheery conversation and highlight any natural light streaming into the space.

For others, the color yellow may feel like too much for a living room and prefer it in the sunroom, kitchen, or bedroom.  Though it is the color of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine, and spring, it can also represent cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness. That might not be something you want to bring into your living room if you can help it.

So Many Wallpapers To Choose From!

Once you decide that you do want to add wallpaper to your room with yellow walls, the next part is choosing. Get samples if you can. Tape them up to your wall and see which one has the overall feel you're trying to achieve. Check your budget and make sure what you choose fits that parameter.

Then make the decision, decide if you're going for permanent or removable, and either install it yourself or hire a professional. 

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