10 Best Color Schemes For Music Rooms

White And Wood

The white walls and wooden floors in this image illustrate that you don't need to make too many changes to an existing room in your home to transform it into a music space.

Classy Beige

This image illustrates how you can use the architectural features of your home to create a music space. The colors of the two-toned wall work well together and complement both the floor and the piano.

Dark Neutral

The shade of grey chosen for the walls does a good job of opening up the space while being dark enough to match the tone set by the type of equipment and instruments housed in this room.

Brown And Grey

This space utilizes a similar darker grey than the previous image but takes a different approach by lightening up the space. The light wood floors, grey and brown carpet, and honey brown trim warm up the grey walls and make the space look larger.

Shades Of Wood, Pop Of Color

This space again exemplifies how you can use a current space for your music area. This room is colored very simply with light walls and a dark wood floor. Decorative accents are different shades of wood with some pops of color.

Textured Greys

This room likely started out as a basic bedroom. However, the creative application of paint on the walls elevated it to a rock music studio. A technique called splatter painting can help you achieve this effect

Rock Greys And Browns

This image uses different colors to create an interesting rock music atmosphere. The floors and rug are dark-colored but the bright lights brighten the room.

Black And White Contrast

You don't have to be a design expert to create a rock-style music room. Replace this bedroom's bed and add some chairs, and the room in this image would be a perfect music space.

Coffeehouse Jazz

This image is a toned-down version of the similar rock-inspired room we discussed earlier. Lightening the wall colors using a darker floor completely changes the final look. The additional instruments and "jazz" wall art take you out of the edgy rock mood and place you in a more smooth, mellow jazz mood.


It can be difficult to style a brick room, but this image shows how elegant and modern a brick room can be. A grey-hued floor, metal light fixtures, and a neutral rug elevate this room from a cold, empty space to a contemporary music room.

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