There are many ideal places to position your flowers in the living room, which can help reinforce an interior design style in particular or just personal preference.

For your convenience, we put together  10 great suggestions  for flower placements in the living room.

Coffee Table

This is the most common place to decorate with flowers in a living room. That’s because coffee tables are frequently positioned in the exact center point of the room.

End Tables

This makes end tables very ideal for flowers, which will emphasize the gorgeous symmetry of the furniture.

Fireplace Mantle

You can brighten up the area by placing flowers on the mantle above, which balances out the flames with soft, natural contrast.

Console Table

This is a unique piece of furniture because it’s so narrow. Generally speaking, console tables are used for hallways or foyers, which is just another name for an entryway room.

Window Sills

The sunlight will always look attractive when it blankets flowers because it’s a universally understood relationship.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves can be sold in a larger variety of styles than traditional furniture like tables.

Hanging Flower Pots

This will cover enough of the pot and make your hanging flowers appear more intentional. That way, you don’t have to worry about using specific kinds of flowers or pots.


You can use plants both on top of a smaller bookshelf or even inside a larger one. There are fun little additions going around called book nooks, which are little dioramas that recreate the scenes of their neighboring books. Flowers could be paired very nicely with these nifty decorations.

Neighboring Countertop

The flowers can form a perfect bridge between a bright, airy kitchen and the living room. While this countertop is usually used as a bar, it can spring to life with some flowers on either end.

Rolling Carts

These interesting additions are available in many different sizes and styles and are usually used for extra storage.