11 10X12 Living Room Layouts To Explore

Suddenly Spacious

This image looks very spacious at first! At a closer look, you can see that nothing is separating the kitchen, dining room, and living room from each other.

Mount The TV To The Wall

By moving something bulky like a TV to the wall, you save a lot of ground space. This image is very minimalistic, but you could have a small couch or ottoman in the room as well.

Living Room For One

The couch in the image is a perfect couch for someone who lives alone or with one other person. Sometimes, what makes a living room look good is using what you have to its advantage.

Small Couch, Small Chair

What this room does is incorporate both a good length couch and a single seat chair. From this point of view, we'd be standing right where the TV is.

Comfy Corner

If you have two windows in the corner of your living room, consider styling it like this cozy corner. Think of it as a sunroom for the working class! What you'll need here is a couch that can be placed in a corner or two couches that can be perpendicular.

Coffee Table

If you eat in the kitchen or dining room, then the food can stay in the kitchen or dining room. If that's your kind of rule, you might like this idea—no coffee table in the living room.

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