Your living room is where you spend the most time with your family, so you want it to be comfortable but also functional.

You want to make it kid-friendly, but you also want it to look nice,

We have some great advice and pictures to get your inspirational juices flowing!

Cube Storage

One of the best features about cubbies is that they are stackable, making them customizable to your living space.

Hanging Baskets On Wall

You can clean up your living room in no time by organizing items in hanging baskets.

Window Seat

Not only is it a great option for extra storage but it will be another comfy seat for the kids to enjoy.

Ottoman With Storage

A storage ottoman is an excellent choice for a family-friendly living room because of its versatility. You can easily hide away books, blankets, or games while it also serves as an extra seat.

Furniture Slipcovers

This is essential in a family-friendly living room so as not to ruin your furniture with food, spills, and accidents.

Round Coffee Table

Rounded edges naturally save space versus sharp edges on a square or rectangle coffee table. It makes your room look larger than it is by creating a little bit of extra wiggle room.