If you are updating your living room and want a brand new look, choosing a great paint color for the walls might be the place to start.

To make things easier,  we have put together the best colors for living rooms and included pictures of them with and without furniture.

1. Blue Brilliance

The color blue is always a favorite because it pairs well with so many different decor styles.

2. Enviously Green

The contrast with the other white walls in the room is striking, and there is plenty of light in the space which makes the room appear much larger.

3. Peach Paradise

Peach can bring a lot of charm to a living area, and the room in these photos is no exception.

4. Something About Teal

Teal is one of the boldest colors you can choose for a living room, but when you pair it with lighter floors and furniture, it isn't overpowering.

5. Bold And Blue

Dark blue is a dramatic shade, and painting your living room this color will add character and class to your space.

6. Elegant Beige

The living room in these photos opts for a monochromatic look with much of the furniture and accents in the same shade as the walls.