Unique Living Rooms With Plants  [Design Inspiration!]

Want to add plants to your living room but have no idea where to start?

We've got you covered!


Sunshine And Rainbows

This beautiful living room takes advantage of the space to the maximum. There are hanging plants, draped plants, and standalone plants. The rainbow really takes the spotlight here as well.


Ivy Accents

This unique room uses a mixture of green, pink, brown, and yellow to create a fresh design. The plants featured in this image are hanging ivies in the corners of the room.


Bookshelf Buddies

One cool way to showcase an ivy or draping plant is by placing it on a bookshelf! This is an amazing idea for any living room. Not only will it reflect your interests but it is extremely practical.


Earthy Entertainment Center

Similar to the bookshelf buddies, the entertainment center is a practical living room piece. Plants can sit on top of the furniture piece and drape down, just like the inspiration picture.


Fun Shelves

Another way to place plants in the living room is by giving them their own little shelves. The ones pictured are hexagons, and they create a nice dynamic look over the couch.



We know this may not be everyone's style, but some of us seek that maximalist look. The couch pillows match the color of the planters. There are also gold accents hidden around the room that give the room a hue of warmth.