When you first think of a sofa, red probably isn't the first color that comes to mind. But in reality, red sofas can have a bold, luxurious look that can elevate your living space

To give you some creative guidance, we created a list of awesome red sofa color schemes. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Cream And Teal

The coolness of the teal wall, chair, and pillows balances the warmth of the sofa.

White And Shades Of BrowN

The warm richness of the hardwood flooring pairs perfectly with the red sofa.

Brown, Tan, And More Red

The blues in the artwork pop against the warmer hues in the room, creating some visual balance.

Cream And Royal Blue

The focus on lighter cream tones helps lighten what would otherwise be a somewhat stark contrast between the red sofa and the blue wall.

Exclusively Red And Cream

Not only do these colors simply look great together but from an ambiance perspective, cream tones help visually cool down the fiery red of the couch.

Dark Blue, Neutrals, And Pops Of Green

Neutral grays pair exceptionally well with a red sofa. And when you throw in some dark blues and a couple of strategic pops of green, the result is spectacular.