Domed ceilings, one of the most popular vaulted ceilings, are created when a dome is recessed into a flat ceiling.

Dome vaulted ceiling

Oval ceiling dome ties are oval-shaped instead of the elongated dome ties used for the elongated dome vault ceiling.

Oval dome vaulted ceiling

The cloister vaulted ceiling is comprised of several spring lines or spring points. Spring points are points where an arch begins to curve, in this case, along a wall, all arching toward the same center point.

Cloister vaulted ceiling

A series of domes connected with a smooth surface, the barrel-vaulted ceiling is more of a half tunnel or barrel.

Barrel-vaulted ceiling

Rib Vaults offered more flexibility in engineering roofs and walls in Gothic times. They were stronger, more flexible, and easier to construct than the traditional barrel-vaulted ceilings that were popular at the time.

Rib Vaulted ceiling

Fan vaulted ceilings have an unmatched unique look that consists of shell or fan-shaped structures that extend from the wall to a certain point on the ceiling, often meeting in the middle of the vault.

Fan Vaulted ceiling

With grome vaulted ceilings, you get not only the best of both worlds but also a bold and uncommon look.

Grome vaulted ceiling

Igloo vaulted ceilings, also known as lunette vaulted ceilings, basically barrel-vaulted ceilings with arches carved out.

Igloo vaulted ceiling

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