7 Best Wall Colors That Go With Wood Paneling and Trim

Wood paneling was once considered to be the standard of every American home. It was homey, inviting, and the pinnacle of 70s style. Sometime around 1990, wood panels became rare and obscure. Now, they're back with a vengeance! But, there's a catch. Rather than stick to the kitschy look of yore, wood panels are now paired with better colors.

Wood paneling, or even wood trim, has its own unique needs when it comes to design. To make things easier, we are going to show you examples of each top color pairing in action.

White is a universally popular color, primarily because it is so versatile. Here, we see how a white room, paired with light (yet warm) wood paneling can make a modern statement. It also happens to be a good way to blend nature with a more techy look. Most people who use white want to expand the look of their room, and expand it does!

1. White

Sometimes, white can be too stark for a room. This is especially true if you want to create an inviting kitchen that has a homey appearance. A slight off-white, such as this eggshell cream, works well with lighter colors. If you love the Tudor look, you can also pair an off-white with a darker wood finish.

2. Off-Whites

Grays are the new "it" color for home design, especially if you love traditional and modern looks. If you've been debating getting some paint on your panels, then this is the color that you want to pick. Gray can be switched up between the traditional, the country, or the modern. Like other neutrals, it also works with everything.

3. Grays

Green is a more traditional color to pair with wood trim, especially when you're talking about darker wood finishes like mahogany. It's the type of color theme that you expect to see in an Ivy League school. It's scholarly, smart, and just a little rustic. Many might be surprised to hear that green doesn't have to be dark to work with wood paneling.

4. Greens

If you take a cue from traditional interior designs, you probably might have noticed that turquoise and wood paneling is a staple of Southwestern decor. It's a good choice for people who are looking for a more exotic twist in any room. Turquoise with gold or brass adds an exotic, palatial vibe to the home.

5. Turquoise

Blue is a classic choice when you want to make a royal statement with your wood paneling. In older homes, you might see a royal blue or cerulean hue against cherry or mahogany. It's a good contrast and will always give you a sophisticated ambiance. This is doubly true if you pair it with gold.

6. Blue

Beige (or really any sandy color) is a wonderful pick for virtually any type of wood paneling or trim. As a neutral color, anything sandy can be used in a wide range of color palettes as a "booster" color. Using beige hues with a slightly golden tone can help enhance the look of wood in a room in many situations.

7. Beige/Sand

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