7 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV

The living room is the place to go to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. That space is typically designed with comfort and entertainment in mind. Of all of the hallmark living room features, the TV and fireplace are at the top of the list.

Transform your living room into a warm and inviting space with these great inspirational ideas. From chic fireplaces to stylish TV setups, discover how to seamlessly blend form and function. Let's get started!


Black And White

Black and white make up a timeless color combination. The colors go well with nearly any architectural and design styles. With this color scheme, your TV will even match the dark hue when turned off.


All About Accents

Two walls in this room have great texture and depth. On one wall you have a fireplace, stacks of wood, and intriguing art sculptures, and on the other wall there is a TV mounted above an entertainment center that houses two sculptures. The TV and fireplace don't have to be right next to each other to have a harmonious look.


Minimalistic Design

In a minimal design, the TV and fireplace might be the few items used in the room. That's perfectly okay! The two items don't necessarily have to pull the room together. Instead, they can stand on their own and serve two different design purposes.


Natural And Bright

In this living room, the fireplace is off to the side. Let the TV to serve as a focal point in the room. The fireplace position on the side casts warmth into the room without being the main attraction.


Corner Fireplace

Arranging furniture around a corner fireplace may seem daunting. Embrace the layout! Arrange the furniture to match the angle of the fireplace instead of fighting the angle. Position the TV close to the fireplace to take advantage of the angle and allow both items to serve as focal points in the room.


Misty Grey Hues

In a room full of misty grey hues, a fireplace will certainly stand out. If your home has a fireplace design like this one, it basically serves as a piece of art along the wall. Position the furniture around it in a way that fosters conversation and entertainment. A large square coffee table completes the space.


Dark Industrial Aesthetic

Even with a dark industrial aesthetic, you can craft a welcoming living room. With dark furniture, walls, floors, and ceiling all around the room, a fireplace casts a bright, welcome color. Use oranges and yellows as accent colors to help pull the hues of the fire throughout the room. This makes for a cohesive look.

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