7 Ranch House Color Ideas To Inspire You

Ranch-style homes are some of the most versatile on the market. Ranch homes come in a wide variety of architectural designs, showcasing a plain and simple layout, a more sprawling estate with interesting features and characteristics, or somewhere in between.

The broad range of ranch-style homes allows owners plenty of room for creative expression when it comes to styling their home's exterior and surrounding landscape.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Transform your ranch home's exterior with these 7 stunning colors and their unique applications:

1. All White

This home's white exterior creates a crisp clean look that blends well into nature without overpowering it. An all-white home looks clean and tidy and can be dressed up with small pops of color and intricate landscaping. Simple and elegant, white looks great all by itself.

2. Black and White

A black metal roof with black window frames pairs beautifully with this home's white exterior walls. The outdoor fireplace and large patio doors give this home an indoor/outdoor feel that is traditional of ranch-style homes. Black and white create a timeless look that is relatively low maintenance.

3. Light and Bright

White works well on stucco homes in tropical regions. This color can help to keep the home cooler and also appears light and bright, which suits its sunny surroundings. The trees and lush grass around this home complement the white color and the darker roof makes for an interesting contrast. Spanish-style homes also look awesome with red, orange, or brown clay roofing materials.

4. Baby Blue

Baby blue is a classic home color. It can be found all around the world and for good reason. It is easy on the eyes and can be a calming color to add to your home's exterior. Pair baby blue with black and white for a look that doesn't age.

5. Dark Wood Tones

This home's deep-toned, dark brown finish also blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape. Dark brown is complemented nicely by natural elements such as trees or beach fronts. Dark brown or wood finishes are unimposing, allowing them to feel more like part of the landscape than other colors not found in nature.

6. Stone Gray

It goes without saying that stone is a popular grey siding option. This home has stone mixed with vinyl for a more distinguished look and it really pulls it off. Stone has a lot of depth and texture, so it works well to pair it with basic white trim as the owners of this home have chosen to do.

7. Dusty Yellow-Green

A mix of green and yellow makes a dusty yellow that can look either green, yellow, or grey in certain lighting. This exterior color is versatile and looks nice with homes with a lot of character like the one pictured. There's a lot going on with this home's exterior, but the off-yellow color ties it all together nicely. The pop of red is an unexpected, yet intriguing touch.

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