Choose the right color for your home design. Turquoise can bring calm, creativity, and joy, and pairs well with many colors. Use it as a pop of brightness or the main color with yellow, pink, copper, gold, blue, grey, and more.

Discover inspiring images in this article handpicked to convince you that turquoise is the perfect addition to your home decor color palette. Keep reading for a burst of inspiration.

This living room showcases layered colors and styles. Muted turquoise walls complement the dark blue couch and gold accents. The result is a chic space centered around a marble table.

Deep Dark Blue

Turquoise and baby pink make a stunning combo for a colorful yet peaceful room. Choose lighter shades and add a deep turquoise plush blanket for coziness.


Try copper for a rustic take on gold tones. It complements turquoise furniture and can bring a room together when done right.


Neutral walls offer limitless possibilities for color schemes. Here, turquoise steals the show against the gray backdrop, thanks to its neutral surroundings.


The dining room's natural theme features turquoise, wood, and plants. Natural light brings serenity, while light wood adds brightness beyond the white wall.


A blend of light yellow and turquoise infuses energy into any space. For more vibrancy, amp up the yellow. Conversely, if you desire a tranquil space, tone down either color.

Light Yellow

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