Colors That Go With Pewter For Your Home Decor

(With Pictures)!

Light Green

Light green is one of the more surprising choices for pewter accents, but as you can see here, it works well. A soft pastel green can help give your home a vintage, Victorian countryside look.

Deep Red

Pair pewter vases and decorative dishes with a bold, deep red tablecloth.


Beige, being a neutral color, can go with anything. That includes things like pewter counters and accents.

Dark Brown

If you are looking for a deeply vintage look that harkens back to the Edwardian period of England, look no further than a dark brown pairing with pewter accents.

Crisp White

When you're unsure of whether your home can handle a metal that looks as dim as pewter, pair it with white.


Pewter has a very silvery look. In fact, it looks like dark (or tarnished) silver most of the time.

Turquoise (All Shades)

The turquoise offers a bold pop of color that livens up the occasionally dreary look of pewter. It also helps warm up the ambiance of a home thanks to the yellow undertones it has.

Bright Blue

In this gorgeous illustration, you can see a pewter sink and faucet paired with a bright blue wall in the background. The blue helps give the pewter an unusual contrast.


It gives your home a unified and cohesive look. Homes that featured monochromatic looks tend to have a distinctly modern feel, even when they use vintage accents like the wall sculpture above.