Eye-Catching Green Living Room Ideas

Green re-emerged this decade as a popular design color due to the thriving bohemian and naturalistic trends. Whether it be through wall color, furniture material, or decor, expect green to stick around for a while.  If you're looking to use more green in your home, one of the best places to incorporate green is in the living room!

If you're having trouble deciding what type of green and accent colors to use in your living room, you're in luck! Here are beautiful examples of green living rooms to help you narrow down the process.

This picture displays a beautiful example of using the same color on the wall, furniture, and decor without overdoing it. The dark velvety couch adds texture to the room and makes the lighter green walls feel soft and soothing. Additionally, the plants add a zen-like atmosphere to the room.

Monochromatic Wall, Wainscoting, And Couch

Attain a green living room without changing the paint color or furniture by incorporating hanging wall gardens. Hanging wall gardens look fresh while also promoting better air quality.  The use of the color green with real plants provides the ultimate rejuvenation space.

Hanging Garden Wall

The best way to display two different green shades involves painting the wall one shade and the wainscoting another. This look portrays movement, which is great for a living room used for hosting guests regularly. Similarly, using a green with yellow undertones amps up the energy.

Two Tones Of Green On The Wall And Wainscoting

Break up a monochrome color scheme of green walls and furniture by showcasing a brick accent wall. An exposed brick wall looks modern and industrial while also contrasting the green decor with red tones. If you don't have a brick wall already in your home, think about using a peel and stick textured wallpaper.

Green Walls With An Accent Brick Wall

Consider painting a piece of furniture like a console table or bookcase the same as your walls. It helps to blend in a piece of furniture that may otherwise stick out in the space in a negative way. Instead of looking disjointed and jumbled, your living room will look cohesive. And you'll save money by using leftover paint from the walls.

Vibrant Green Wall And Blended Console Table

Eye-catching green wall art looks great on a green wall in your living room. It creates texture and dimension while also drawing the eye in a particular direction. This hack works great for spaces like a kids' play area or a storage area opposite the wall with the art.

Green Walls With Green Wall Hangings

Dark forest green walls look fabulous with a contrasting pastel couch. Use a dusty rose, burnt orange, or canary yellow couch for the best effect. This type of color combination works great in a bohemian, vintage-chic, or mid-century modern living room.

Dark Green Walls With A Contrasting Couch Color

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