Picking the right door color is key to your home's look. Your house color is a big factor in the decision. Remember, swapping door colors is way easier than repainting your entire house!

Discover inspiring front door colors for tan houses with our curated list!

Create a relaxing vibe for your home with a blue door, matching trim, and coordinated planters.


Elevate your curb appeal with a bold blue door and complementing light wood railing.

Suburban Charm

Add a touch of elegance to your tan house with a subtle contrast of white door and trim on your windows!

Subtle Contrast

White doors are both stylish and functional - they reflect heat in hot areas, helping to keep your home cooler.

Function And Fashion

Add a touch of desert charm to your home with a darker yellow door that complements your landscaping!

Coordinating Landscape

Capture the charm of Christmas with a picturesque combination of dark blue, spruce, and white stone!


Keep it light and airy with a matching light grey door that complements your tan house exterior!


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