Fruit Wallpaper For Your Kitchen

Design Tips & 14 Gorgeous Examples!

An easy way to spruce up any kitchen is by applying vibrant wallpaper - and one of the best motifs to use in this space would be that of fruit.

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Tips for choosing the perfect fruit wallpaper for your kitchen


One wall or more?

You don't need to cover all four (or three) walls. You could - but in many cases that could be too overwhelming.


Be careful with pattern size

Huge prints can serve as the room's center point, be sure this is the impression you want.


Fruit in general - or a specific type of fruit?

You may want to stick with a lemon-theme or a general theme. Consider this early on.

Keep your color scheme in mind

Fruit frequently has stunning and vibrant colors. Their attractiveness as a design theme stems in part from that. Here, it's important to keep your overall color scheme in mind and consider whether a full-on fruit salad appearance is what you're going for or whether you should stick to fruit that is a certain hue or shade.

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