Your bedroom is the one room in your home that is all yours, and it should represent your personality and style. Dark wood floors can add tons of character to your space, creating a classy, modern look.


Elegantly Lit Room With Black Hardwood Floors

The ultimate in dark neutrals, black wood floors will add some class and elegance to any space. Black flooring combined with lighter colored ceilings draws the eye upward, making your ceiling appear higher.


Blue High-Rise Bedroom With Smoky Grey Floors

Deep grey floors look modern but also have a rustic touch, giving them a distinct look. Light furniture accentuates the deep shades of grey on the flooring and adds some bright color to the space.


Narrow Neutral Bedroom With Grey Oak Wood Floors

Grey oak is an excellent dark-colored choice for wood floors. This wood flooring is comprised of several different shades that add a softened look to your flooring.


Warm Neutral-Toned Room With Dark Oak Floors

Deep orange browns like dark oak wood floors combined with creamy neutrals tend to create a warm inviting look. Wicker and warm wood accents coordinate with the warm oak tones to add some detail and dimension to this look.


Brick Accent Wall Bedroom With Dark Hardwood Floors

A brick wall can give your bedroom an urban feel and a subtle textured look. Rich chocolate brown is a beautiful color that creates a warm welcoming feel in any home.


White Shiplap Wall Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark brown hardwood floors pair beautifully with white shiplap in any space. Shiplap walls can add a soft textured look and a subtle accent to any room.


Vaulted Ceiling Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

High vaulted ceilings can create a striking look on their own. Wood beams are typically found on vaulted ceilings, adding an elegant, detailed look to any room.


Decorative Accent Wall With Espresso Brown Floors

Espresso is darker than most browns but not entirely black. These deep brown floors can add balance to a room with a uniquely accented wall.


Minimalist Bedroom With Espresso Wide Plank Floors

Using a lighter-colored wood for the bed frame gives this room some detailed definition and helps to soften the look. Minimalist decor allows this alluring flooring material to become the focal point of this space.


Loft Style Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

Deep shades of brown can create a sleek modern look in your bedroom. LED lighting can be strategically placed under a bed for a contemporary touch.


Pastel Nursery With Dark Hardwood Floors

Deep shades of brown make the perfect warm contrast to the pastel colors of a nursery. The combination of soft youthful tones and toasty brown wood creates a welcoming ambiance.


Geometric Themed Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

A unique look can be created on your floor using geometrically placed wood flooring planks. Deep brown hardwood planks placed at angles create an eye-catching look to your floors.


Soft Luxe Room With Dark Angled Floors

Angled wood planks combined with intricate molding create a luxurious feel in any room. A bedroom floor can be transformed by simply turning wood planks on an angle, creating an ornate look.


Elegant Jewel-Toned Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors add a sophisticated touch to rooms with bold colors. Teal is a jewel tone that can easily overwhelm a room.


Navy Room With Multicolored Hardwood Floors

Navy blue is another bold shade that can overtake the look of a room, making it appear smaller. Using several shades of hardwood can draw attention to the floors and away from the dark-colored walls.